“Pants and peaches” unlimitedly popular red water peaches wear sexy underwear to attract big V crazy biography

Recently, many big Vs on Weibo are forwarding a picture of “the most sexy peach in history”, which has attracted many netizens to shout, but at the same time, it has continuously reposted, and “pants and peaches” quickly became popular on the Internet.

Not only did the peaches wear all kinds of sexy underwear, but also named “peach mature”. It is said that this creativity comes from the hands of a fruit online shop owner in Nanjing. At present, this fruit shop owner has applied for the appearance patent for these peach panties.

Big V exposed “pants and peaches” to quote netizens like it

It is reported that this group of pictures first came from a large V in the field, and was reposted by multiple large V. Peach on the screen wore a variety of light and light underwear. I thought it was underwear. Take a closer look, it is a peach! Some netizens like it.

This kind of peach is expensive at a high price of 498 yuan. “We are the first.” Mr. Yao, an online shop owner named fruit hunter in Nanjing, said that he applied for a patent for the peaches wearing underwear as early as a month ago.

It can be seen in Mr. Yao’s online shop that nine peaches are lying in a pink box, priced at 298 yuan. Mr. Yao said that his peaches are produced in Wuxi Yangshan, and underwear is customized from a well -known underwear brand in Wuxi. It uses special materials developed by this brand. “Each one is put on peaches in person.”

At present, “pants and peaches” are selling well in Wuxi, and Nanjing has received a lot of orders.

Regarding Weibo reposts in Beijing and Shanghai, in a announcement issued by a store, the company has proposed to the Intellectual Property Office to deal with patent infringement disputes.

Expert: belong to sex hint marketing

Hu Yiqing, an associate professor of communication at Nanjing University, said that using underwear as gimmicks and using many familiar videos as a product name. This kind of online marketing belongs to a typical sexual hint marketing, which is a selling point with sex and caused the topic. This is widely used in the foreign advertising industry. In recent years, it has been used in China and has been repeatedly used by several major condom brands.

Professor Hu also said that the scale of such topics does not clearly stipulate abroad. In addition, it is generally targeted at specific consumer groups. From a creative point of view, such marketing is understandable. As for high pricing, it contains creativity and communication costs.

Prestigious review

“裤子蜜桃”无节操走红 水蜜桃穿性感内裤引大V疯传

: As a marketing method for merchants, the appearance of “pants and peaches” is actually understandable. However, any marketing means of merchants must not only consider legitimacy, but also should consider social impact appropriately. After all, “peaches are mature”. The propaganda is suitable for adults, but for minors, it is a bit uncomfortable.