Top long -term scandal for many years? There are many kinds of Chinese styles in the entertainment industry, and the actresses with a good history of love are too scarce

In the big dyeing tank of the entertainment industry, the temptation that has been touched every day is endless. Even the actors themselves have said that playing those emotional dramas every day, it is difficult to do it.

However, there are always a few people who are “out of the mud without dyeing”, and those who coexist with their face and strength can be called a clear stream in the entertainment industry.

Let ’s take a look at the 6 years of their own debuts for many years.


, Yang Xue

From a delicate little white flower, finally blackened into a big villain big BOSS that killed the characters in the whole drama. ,estimate

Should it be the one that impresses the most?

Look at

“Little Fish and Flowers Nothing”

At that time, the woman with a weak appearance and a fierce heart was stunned. After many years, when thinking of this drama, the protagonist did not remember clearly. Instead, Jiang Yuyan played by Yang Xue was still vivid.

It may be Yang Xue’s acting skills, or it may be scared by the fierce plot inside. Instead, he is more interested in Yang Xue.

Yang Xue later starred in many film and television dramas such as “What I Love You” and “The Rights on the World”.

At the same time, he won with superb acting skills

Many awards.

However, when the wind was mixed, Yang Xue resolutely gave up her career, chose to get married and have children, and lived the life of the husband.

Yang Xue’s husband is a talented art designer, called called

Zhao Hai

Essence He has served as a dance design of many film and television dramas such as “Song of Everlasting”, “The Rights on the Earth”, and “Ji”.

Yang Xue was attracted by Zhao Hai’s artist’s atmosphere, and in an interview, it broke the news, and he took the initiative to pursue and confess.

It is said that women chase men’s partition veils. Yang Xue eventually married her husband and retired from her career at the peak of her career. It can be seen that true love is undoubtedly.


After the marriage, Yang Xue was low -key and rarely had her dynamics, but occasionally, she could see her husband Zhao Hai’s love for her and her love with her family.

2. Li Xiaomeng

In 1985, Li Xiaomeng was born in an ordinary family in Tianjin.

Li Xiaomeng has not only obediently obedient, but also very versatile.

When I was 15 years old, I participated in the performance


Feng Gong, Lu Liping


Starring movie

“Who said I don’t care”

, To formally debut.

Feng Gong also confessed Li Xiaomeng as his daughter after filming after the film was filled with Li Xiaomeng’s performance.

It is said that under such conditions, Li Xiaomeng’s performance opportunities and resources will only get better and better in the future. However, Li Xiaomeng said early that he would never kiss the scene, and he would leave to his husband after the first kiss.


You know, the kiss show must exist in many TV series, but Li Xiaomeng has her own persistence, and she has a lot of opportunities to participate in.

But this did not hinder her development. She also starred in many TV series such as “Kim Taro’s Happy Life” and “Ordinary World”, and also appeared in many dramas.

In 2020, she participated as the first guest

“Cross -Border Song King Season 5”

The sweet singing and sincere interpretation have made many audiences re -understand this versatile girl again.

Although her acting experience is very rich, her emotional world is very simple.

Wang Lei


It was Li Xiaomeng’s first love. In 2005, he met with “Big Bath Girl” in 2005. Wang Lei’s humor and enthusiasm and a righteousness attracted this simple little girl. The relationship between the two was dark.


After 7 years in love, the two had a wedding in Beijing. After the marriage, the relationship between the two continued to increase, and Wang Lei also guaranteed that he would not kiss the show in the future to give his girlfriend.

From love to getting married to having children, the two have no scandal in this mixed entertainment entertainment industry. It can really be said to be the cleanest couple in the entertainment industry.

3. Chen Hao

Recent, 42 years old


Wearing white T -shirts, linen long skirts, Su Yan appeared on the street.


At the age of 42, she has a good face, fair skin, and gentle temperament.


Chen Hao, born in Qingdao, Shandong Qingdao in 1978, has been a “fan” since he was a child.

1998, participated in the performance



“” “”


That mountain, that person, that dog

And officially debuted.

After her debut, she starred again


“Heroes of the Chaos”

The corner of the most miserable maid “Yun Jiang”, who was deeply affectionate and encountered, allowed the audience to re -understand this loyal beautiful little girl.

Two years after graduation, Chen Hao participated in urban dramas

Pink Girl “

The corner of the “10,000 people” of “Ten Thousands of People” quickly became popular, and won the Golden Eagle Award for the most favorite actress award.

Later, she starred again


“Tianlong Babu”





As well as


“Three Kingdoms”

The prosperous beauty

Mine cicada

Waiting for many artistic images.

She almost became the spokesperson for “style stunners”.


Although in the play, she has a variety of styles and graceful style, and often walks between various men, but in real life, Chen Hao is clean and self -contained, and he is unique. It is a clear stream in the entertainment industry.

Chen Hao husband


Liu Haifeng


He was a financial person. At that time, after seeing Chen Hao’s photos, he had to call through various channels. The two began to contact. During the understanding process, Liu Haifeng gradually became good at Chen Hao, so he began to chase his wife.


After 4 years of dating, Chen Hao disclosed his mysterious boyfriend to the media until 2007.

In 2009, Chen Hao married Liu Haifeng. After the marriage, the two ushered in two lovely daughters. The family lived low -key and happy.

Chen Hao gradually withdrew from the public’s sight, returned to the family, and accompanied the children.

In 2013, Chen Hao admitted to the Master of Performance of the Central Academy of Opera, stayed in school to teach, and became a university teacher.


She rarely goes around now, but from very few drips, we can also feel the happiness and satisfaction of this beautiful “all fans”.

4. Zhu Yin

The Zixia Fairy, who said that “my intention is in the world, one day he will wear a golden armor and a colorful clouds to marry me.” It took 3 years to forget the heavy love, It took another 20 years to choose to forgive someone.

The love of Zixia Fairy and Supreme Bao is like the lines in “Journey to the West” saying “I guess the beginning, but I didn’t guess the end.”


The Fairy Zixia failed to wait until Supreme Bao drove her colorful clouds to marry her.

At that time, there was a long period of relationship between Zhu Yin and Zhou Xingchi, but because Xingye’s is away, Zhu Yin couldn’t stand this kind of relationship that was always underneath, which eventually caused two to break up.

Because the tango between the two was too deep, for a long time, Zhu Yin couldn’t forget the little bit of the two, and even had some fatigue about feelings.

Until 1998, Zhu Yin finally met someone who could accompany him for a lifetime-

Huang Guanzhong

On one occasion, Huang Guanzhong’s home was lost in his house, which was picked up by Zhu Yin. When Zhu Yin returned, he accidentally found that Huang Guanzhong lived upstairs.


The two gradually met, and then Huang Guanzhong moved Zhu Yin with his talents, love, and solidity, and the two chose to be together.

At that time, Huang Guanzhong’s fame was not as famous as Zhu Yin, which caused Hong Kong media to be optimistic about this marriage. However, the marriage was not suitable. Only two people knew that Huang Guanzhong and Zhu Yin held up huge pressure and walked together for decades together.


After the two were together, Lieutenant General Huang Guan was petting Zhu Yin into a little princess. If there were any problems, they would be grabbed in front. Even during Zhu Yin’s pregnancy, they deliberately made a small mistake, so that Zhu Yin had a venting window.

Zhu Yin was not proud of her pet. She cherished her man who was full of her eyes, and the two supported each other for half a lifetime.

In Weibo, we can often peek into the dynamics of the goddess. She often sends some good times that get along with my family. We can also deeply appreciate the happiness of the goddess from the lines.


Since marriage, the two have no scandals again. All scandals come from the love between the two.

5. Jiang Qinqin

Speaking of Jiang Qinqin, my first impression is

“Kangxi Micro -Service Private Visit”


The elegant and refined beauty “Zhu Yunqiao” was shocked at first sight! What is this value?

Jiang Qinqin, born in 1975, is an authentic Chongqing girl.

Jiang Qinqin was very beautiful when he was a child, because his father went to learn Peking Opera.

Occasionally, she won the movie with her solid Beijing opera skills and good looks.

“Mei Guanyin”




This performance opportunities made Jiang Qinqin began to fascinate the performance, and later obtained the Beijing Film Academy.

In college, she encountered the same talented

Li Dawei


But the two of them were separated by the bad yang.

Later, she encountered “cheeky” again

Chen Jianbin

The two are in the same place

“Qiao Family Courtyard”

With contact, when Jiang Qinqin killed the youth, Chen Jianbin even said that he wanted to put his head on the legs of Jiang Qinqin and Ni Dahong. At that time, Jiang Qinqin was particularly strange that this person would make such rude requirements, but because of everyone’s face, it hindered everyone’s face. I endured it.

After killing the youth, Chen Jianbin took the initiative to chat with her. When she learned that Jiang Qinqin was going to Japan, she proposed to ask her to help buy a hat, so she had to leave her mobile phone number.

The connection between the two began to increase slowly.

Until one time, Jiang Qinqin’s father was sick and hospitalized. Chen Jianbin took this opportunity to express himself and moved Jiang Qinqin with his heart.

Chen Jianbin likes literature very much, loves poetry, and often wrote poems to her for Jiang Qin, and Jiang Qinqin expressed it very useful.

Subsequently, the relationship between the two gradually heated up and established a family.

After marriage, the two were still low -key and there was no scandal.

Jiang Qinqin once said: “Love to me is not the skin of the skin, not a vegetable and a meal. It is an immortal desire and a heroic dream of a tired life.”

And Chen Jianbin was fortunate to be the hero worth appreciating and worship.

6. Xie Na

Recently, some media photographed


Zhang Jie


Xie Na

At the photo of the airport, the two people in the photo were strictly wrapped, and their fingers were closely linked. They looked at each other from time to time.


Netizens have said that it is too sweet.


Zhang Jie and Xie Na are well -known singers, and the other is a well -known host. She has been married for many years and has attracted the attention of many fans.

The two were introduced by He Yan at the beginning. At first, Xie Na Gang’s five -year love long -distance running was in the stage of not faithing in love, and he was not accepted. Later, under the cooperation of He Yan, the two slowly came into contact before they began to be familiar. Essence

In 2007, “Happy Boys” at 4 in 3, Xie Na insisted on helping Zhang Jie and Zhang Jie danced in the show. Although the ending was not satisfactory, Zhang Jie boldly confessed Xie Na: “The person I want to thank is the person who wants to thank you … Nana, because she gave me a lot … “


This true confession may be the best return on Xie Na!


Later, the two held a grand century wedding in the beautiful Shangri -La.

After the marriage, the two came out from time to time to sprinkle dog food, making many fans full of eyes.

Xie Na confessed Jie Ge many times in public, saying that she was Jie Ge’s little fan girl.

After the marriage, Xie Na converged her once -ruthless personality in order to maintain this marriage, and began to become mature and stable.

Only in front of Zhang Jie, Xie Na can always be a carefree child, maybe this is the most beautiful look of love -spoil you as a child.

After the marriage, there are few scandals. They can be described as a pair of stars in the entertainment industry.

It is not easy to maintain the “innocence” of the emotion in the entertainment circle with a lot of temptation and a lot of temptation.

However, there are such people. They wash their lead and walk through prosperity. They can still maintain themselves and keep the bottom line.

Are these 6 actresses that coexist with strength and strength, do you like the one you like?

(Movie Rotten Tomato Editorial Department: Love Xiao Nuan)

, Yang Xue

“” “”

As well as


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