Song Hye Kyo finally changed the style, wearing a loose shirt + denim shorts, short hair cut temperament has changed

Song Hye Kyo is not only in the national high degree of Korea, in China also has many fans, she became very low profile in recent years, the daily also like to go out to the concave shape by casual style,


This time she was wearing

Loose black shirt with denim shorts debut, also chose a handsome baseball cap

, Simplicity will show a deep sense of high-level, then let’s designed to unlock more of it!

① black is the most wild colors

Black is the fashion industry’s most classic color, it’s very inclusive, and all can be the perfect blend of style, no matter how wear will not go wrong, so if you do not want to go out every day too stressed, then you could safely choose black Huang black crush, do not worry.

② loose shirt very inclusive

Daily go out, a shirt version of the type that is more lenient to go, because it’s soft fabric, we are able to bring good drape and cover meat Slim played the role very inclusive, black itself a very thin color, then bind together and naturally very friendly to female extra baggage.

③ denim shorts fashion sense is enough

Song Hye Kyo lower body chose a short section of jeans, the version is also slightly loose, it’s a strong sense of fashion, you can show off slender legs straight, and highlights the youthful style, often choose younger women, so in in the crush can use it to concave shape to make them look more by age.

④ choice of accessories

For actress concave shape, usually choose to compare the color of small accessories to be with, like baseball caps will be able to play a good shielding effect, and as you modify a lot, let you down style showed a high degree of consistency, not people feel very awkward, you can also add a fashionable Western style charm.

Song Hye Kyo outfit can really be said to be a template, a person’s temperament is very important, if your temperament is very good, no matter how simple it can wear clothes sense, T-shirt + jeans but also with a different kind of style.


→ various jeans with a T-shirt +

1. The combination of shirt and shorts

In time with a shirt,

Denim shorts appearance rate is very high

, Small details can be the right mix to make you up out of color, such as


Pale iridescent suit

In the body combined with some rich colors, bright colors look very rosy, let your temperament may be raised,

And against the background of a more matte finish to the skin.

College Wind shirt is very sweet,

The younger girls for

In fact, many girls still in school can also choose it,

Doll shirt with collar and tie design very dignified

, But also against the background of British style,

Simple loose shorts summer better choice.


2. The basic models can also distribute style

Although many shirt design, but in normal life, we still liked

Basic paragraph

Because it


Although it looks ordinary, but simple and advanced

, Purer also loose version of the type brought by gentle temperament,


Just with jeans


You can emit years of quiet good female charm.


This is too simple style of temperament more selective


You only have a good temperament to control the firm.

3. dark lines printed shirt

If you are not very confident of their aspects, then it can


Select shirt dark lines to play a role weaknesses


Appropriate printing amorous fusion energy

Enhance the overall design of the

, We can

Choose according to their actual situation

, When jeans outfit,

To trouser legs rolled up slightly


To give a fresh and neat visual effects.

4. gorgeous princess wind shirt

White shirt can also be combined with the princess style,

Like Puff is no better choice

, It can bring comparison


Fluffy visual effects

Make you look gorgeous, and block the arm lines, even if your

Arm micro-roughened can also rest assured that choice.

Blessing layered ruffles can also enhance the overall sense of depth

, Appropriate integration

Hollow elements embellishment,

You can make a whole showed a more delicate texture,

With jeans can bring excellent results.

5. “lower clothes missing” worn

Comparison of short stature of women can appropriate combination “

Under clothes missing

“Worn by

Show their slender legs straight

It can blocking your thighs, but yet the visual center of the crowd shifted to on your lap,

So if not particularly thin, then you should choose carefully.

In front of a screen crush or fat or thin, tall or short, or, for the style is not the same, so we must clearly understand their own position, efforts piercing star style.

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Song Hye Kyo finally changed the style, wearing a loose shirt + denim shorts, short hair cut temperament has changed