Diamond ring style picture big new model 2022 beautiful diamond ring style picture

The 47 “I Love Diamond Network” brand popular diamond ring, luxurious, simple, exquisite, various styles, different budgets to meet various preferences. For details, please refer to the following diamond ring style picture Daquan.

钻戒款式图片大全新款2022 好看的钻戒款式图片

① Classic Eternal Series

钻戒款式图片大全新款2022 好看的钻戒款式图片

I believe that everyone often sees, setting six claws and four -claw diamond ring, is a classic atmosphere. The diamond ring style that will not make errors in closed eyes, and the inlaid is firmly embedded. The diamond ring is more secure to wear.

Suitable for any hand type, the six -claw classic crown diamond ring is more loved by everyone

② Designer series

钻戒款式图片大全新款2022 好看的钻戒款式图片

Fashion does not hit the money, such a special wedding diamond ring must plant grass in one second ️ 18K double -color gold design, simple and unattractive design, fashion and exquisite, full of gas.

Especially suitable for sisters who like fashion design diamond ring.

③ Xingyao series ☆ (group inlaid large diamond ring)

The effect of a budget reached double zoom diamond ring!

The style of the precepts is a white 18K golden circle inlaid with a circle of natural small diamonds. It enlarge the effect of the main stone and is also very shining. It is a classic but unconventional diamond ring style.

圆 The fleshy hand and cone hand shape are very suitable for styles ~ If you like sisters who are inlaid with large diamond ring styles, just collect it and set aside

④ Yao Shi series (car flower diamond)

钻戒款式图片大全新款2022 好看的钻戒款式图片

Exquisite and high -level, seemingly simple, but the design is very large, the car flower craftsmanship and the dense inlaid of the diamond, the visual is large diamond, the effect of the use is exquisite and not exaggerated.

You can get in about 1,000 yuan!

钻戒款式图片大全新款2022 好看的钻戒款式图片

⑤ Coronation (ruby) series for love

The eternal diamonds of true love, such a romantic design, choose a diamond ring to make your life promise, and he will like each other to get married diamond ring. She will definitely like it! Suitable for the 50 -point wedding diamond ring style for post -95 couples! Very specific romantic meaning.

⑥ Luxury Diamond Ring

钻戒款式图片大全新款2022 好看的钻戒款式图片

The noble and luxurious diamond ring styles are shining brightly and unlimited.

Whether it is a classic circular diamond diamond ring or an alien diamond diamond ring that pursues individuality, it can meet your needs‼ ️The atmosphere, shining enough, wearing the most shiny star in the crowd.