Elegant women love silk scarves, especially after the age of 60, watch these silk scarves, exquisite and generous

After a woman is 60 years old, dressing should pay attention to layered effects. It should not just wear some classic items to make the style look too simple. It can be properly paired with silk scarves, because this item is more temperamental, and it can make it allowed Wear brocade to create more new styles.

Many people are not good at matching and do not know how to use time to make the dress look more attractive. If you don’t know how to match the silk scarf, I believe that after seeing the following points, the match will have a clue. It is recommended that temperament is not bad. Outstanding people, learn quickly, improve your style of dressing!

Basic style matching series

Light -colored silk scarf+knitted top+skirt

Women in their 60s can try the simple style of style. Although this style looks a bit monotonous, we can match a light -colored wet towel, such as knitted tops with a half -body skirt, combined with a light -colored silk scarf, which can be able to. Make wear more atmosphere instantly. The main thing is that this kind of matching method can achieve age reduction effects.

Black top+khaki pants+printed silk scarf


There are many types of silk scarves, but the most common types must be a scarf based on printing patterns. This silk scarf style is more atmospheric. With some basic fashion, it can make the style more temperament.

For example, khaki pants, with black tops, combined with printed scarf, can make the dress look more attractive. If you don’t know how to create your own image, you can follow this way of dressing More attractive.


Round pattern silk scarf+black top+high heels

Each kind of scarf has its own fixed style. We can follow the style of the silk scarf and make the match look more attractive, such as choosing a black top, with a skirt and high heels. With a round scarf with a round pattern, I believe that your style of dressing immediately has a new interpretation.

Elegant wear series

Color silk scarf+black suit+black pants


For women in the workplace, there are not many items suitable for trying in their 60s, but we can choose a classic black suit suit to match the color -fighting silk scarf.


The reason why this kind of matching method is recommended is that the silk scarf can make the dress look more layered, and it will not make the dress look too monotonous. If your body is full, you can follow this combination. , Achieve the effect of significantly and thin.


Hat+khaki dress+blue scarf


Dress is a single product that many women like. You can choose a khaki dress, with a hat, combined with blue scarves to make the match look more attractive. Image.

White top+khaki pants+geometric graphic silk scarf

The matching in daily life always makes us feel boring and ordinary. In fact, you can try a white top, match the pants of Khaki, and choose a geometric scarf. Simple and generous, it can also reflect a good temperament.


Rice white dress+scarf+boots

The style of the silk scarf itself is mainly based on the style of gain. We can try a beige dress, with a silk scarf and boots. This matching method is more romantic and the temperament of the whole person is more elegant.

Daily leisure match series


Printing silk scarf+white top+black pants

The daily casual style is a must -have style. You can try print scarves with white tops and black pants. This combination will make people feel more atmospheric.

Rice white top+color -fighting scarf+khaki skirt

The color -fighting scarf can make the dress look more fashionable, with a beige top, combined with the Khaki skirt, this matching method can make your dress more tasteful.


Rice white top+high -waisted straight pants+silk scarf

The simple daily style must be done through basic items. We can try the beige top, with high -waisted straight pants, and combined with silk scarves, which can make the dress look simpler and quality.

If you are 60 years old and you do n’t know what kind of dress is more suitable for you, you must try such items such as silk scarves to make the matching more fashionable and attractive. Which of these combinations, which one do you like best?

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