Wear less white shoes after autumn! Stars prefer to wear “small feet pants + boots”, fashionable and thin

The current temperature is suddenly cold, and it is the season when the boots “dominate” on the street. There are countless styles. Not only are the height height and the shape of the boots, it can also use different materials to shape more changing dressing shapes. Come. In addition, the choice of boots in matching is also very diversified. However, if you want to follow the trend, you might as well wear the scriptures with the stars, and choose the combination of “small foot pants + boots” ~

The reason why the “small feet pants + boots” are favored by stars this autumn is mainly because the height of the boots is generally higher than the ankle position. When pairing with small feet pants, it can be stuffed into the mouth of the boots. Avoiding the problem of pants on the upper, it can also greatly limit the proportion of lower body. Therefore, I will introduce 4 sets of small feet pants and boots with boots to see how the stars are matched with the sisters. Intersection


1. Small pants + knight boots


As the “star item” of the boots industry, the heat of the knight boots in this autumn has continued to rise. Its boots design is relatively tough, with inherent handsomeness, and the height of the boots is in the position of the knee. It can be perfectly wrapped in the calf, paired with tight -fitting small foot pants, and can easily hide the calf defects easily. Yang Mi has a soft spot for the knight boots. This shape is wearing a pair of black strap Knight boots and cigarette -gray denim foot pants. It can show the perfect leg shape without reservation.

The effect of Knight boots with knee length, the effect of lengthening the calf lines is significant, but if you are a girl with bending legs and thick thighs, you need to work hard on the selection of money and choose the boot port. The more loose style of the design can make the fat and thin contrast between the legs less obvious, and naturally can also show straight legs and legs. If it is a woman with perfect legs, there is no need to worry about so much. Girls with long legs such as He Sui can directly challenge the knee tight knight boots. With black leggings, they can get two meters long legs in an instant.

Second, small foot pants + velvet boots

Wearing leather boots? Then come with a pair of fluff boots. Its delicate and soft velvet fabric is different from the leather material. It not only has a certain breathability, but also greatly enhances the advanced texture of the boots. The items in one body are also suitable for small foot pants with different styles. Yang Mi wore a denim small foot pants with fluffy high boots, and then put on a splash ink denim jacket. In addition to being capable, another street was handsome.

Although the black fluff boots are versatile, but if you want to become more eye -catching, other color boots are the brighter existence in autumn, whether it is low -saturated bright color tone, It is still a fluorescent color that is very easy to have a sense of visual impact, which can make your autumn style fashion full of fashion, highlighting a bit of personality youth. Qi Wei, the airport look, chose a military green fluffy short boot, with a cowboy pants with a hole -breaking design.

Third, small foot pants + black short boots

Although over -knee boots have a good tolerance for the leg shape, but the wild boots are better than over -knee boots. Its boots are generally located at a position of no more than 3cm above the knee, which can be larger and can be greater. The legs are exposed, and the classic pure black tone is adopted. No matter what color and the small foot pants made of the fabric, it is not easy to have a sense of violation. For example, Song Qian wore a tight -fitting pants with black short boots, and then wearing a white suit jacket in the upper body. The entire look is very handsome and sexy.

For girls who are not in the same and poor figure, you can choose a look of “Black Foot Pants + Black Boots”. Come to wear unique visual extension effects in the same color, even if you are five or five, you can wear a golden ratio of three or seven points. Yang Mi once used black pants with black short boots. Even if there was no protruding waistline position during the wear process, he could still highlight his long legs.

Fourth, small foot pants + pointed boots

As the most commonly wearing boots that fashionables, the popularity of pointed boots can be said to continue from spring to winter. Its toe design is more “sharp” than conventional boots, and can visually pull the foot shape to pull the foot shape. It is more slender, and naturally it can improve the proportion of the lower body, which is high and brought to the modern city. Song Qian’s boots are a typical pointed boots, with tight leather pants with the fabric,




Full of feeling.

Wear less white shoes after autumn! Stars prefer to wear “small feet pants + boots”, fashionable and thin. Whether it is small foot pants or boots, there are not a few types. If you have difficulty in choosing, you can directly wear the few sets mentioned earlier, and you can easily help you go out of the street.


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