The mystery of 1984

The old Soviet -style red roof, the snow quietly melted and loosened, gathered a lot of bonuses, suddenly slipped from the slope roof, and hit the ground under the eaves again. The New Year’s Day in 1984 was here. We wore Tibetan -colored men’s clothing and light blue women’s school uniforms, and began to replace the standard of military, military caps, and military schoolbags. They gathered in Hengyang Stadium and greeted the sunny New Year with the chorus.

The wonderfulness of 1984 started from the Spring Festival Gala. A song “My Chinese Heart” makes people surging like a tumbling Qiantang River tide, “Ah Mochou, Mo Chou” is gentle as a lady: Mo Chou Lake walks, spring light is full of branches, flowers are shameful, and blue water is also. Gentle, Jiangshan Xiuxiu Beauty. At that time, the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, the host also gave the audience across the country: “One generation of heroes, Kyushu raw color”, asked to embed the “eight” and “four”, and a prize to collect an embedded word federation. My classmates and I were in the dormitory, on the playground, and Tian Yan, and I talked and guessing excitedly, trying to make up a perfect subordinate.

That was a period of time when I had the most thoughts and a lot of youthful passion in Jingjing campus. The ten -year Cultural Revolution was abundant, and Liu Xinwu’s “Class Teacher” in the library and Lu Xinhua’s “Scar” slowly faded out of the field of vision. In the Spring Festival of that year, I bought a collection of poems of North Island and Shu Ting. I read innocent and hot love, sincere and firm feelings, and appreciated the tall and stubborn heroic temperament. The exquisite and vivid language, unique and fresh association, pure and beautiful mood, move people’s heart string, the fields of poetry become more open and lush. After the rest of the raids, the rest of the life made people particularly cherish. There will always be an unexpected warmth, and hopeful hope, inadvertently appear in my life. Because at that time, we had dreams, about literature, about shy, hazy film and television love, expectations of moving into higher education institutions, the impulse to walk around the world, and traveling through the world.

At that time, there were countless exciting first for the first time: the first time we don’t have to overheat the enemy platform and the tape to humans the song of Deng Lijun who lifted the ban. The tight jeans, for the first time for the beautiful love of Xingzi and Guangfu. For the first time, I planted themselves to watch the national football team in TV and the Saudi Cup in the Asian Cup. “Magazine contributed. At that time, there were many charming scenery and excitement. The live broadcast of the Summer Olympic Games, we cheered for 16 gold medals, and excitedly broke the light eggs for Xu Haifeng’s hundred steps to break through the Yang eggs, and spit for the women’s volleyball team. In the 35th anniversary of the National Day, the banner of “Xiaoping Hello” made me make me the banner that made me make me. I admire the Tianjiao of Peking University. From the Hong Kong drama “Huo Yuanjia”, to the Japanese drama “Smart Again” and “Blood Suspicious”, it only broadcasts every Saturday night. The theme song spreads across the country. Someone sang “The Great Wall Never Fall” at any time, “It is necessary to commit to the National ZTE” because the society suddenly woke up from the turbulent mud of the Cultural Revolution, which coincided with the demands of people and women who lived in a good life. The young and old are intoxicated, and they are looking for a television with only nine -inch sizes. The peers Cheng Lin scratched the whirlwind with a song “If the wine is not sold”, which made us fascinated. At that time, we were easy to be content and easy to be happy.

There are auxiliary lines of three -dimensional geometric topics during the class. In the setting sun, “Red and Black” discussed on the bedside. In the evening, you can also read the flashlight “The Nineteen Graves in the Mountain, the Nineteen Grabs”. Combining Ji Yu’s poem “The Song of the Romance”, we seemed to see a group of hot and heroic youths holding the assault rifle, stunned in the tropical jungle of southern Xinjiang, and squatted in the narrow cat cave. While chewing lunch, we listened to Wang Gang’s radio drama “Harbin Under the Night” as hungry. The “contract responsibility system” and “reform” are undoubtedly the popular vocabulary of the year; the “Third Inspur” in the bookstore is very popular. topic of. On the street, riding a bicycle to go to the night school and take the self -examination, and squeezed the bus to the library to apply for a borrowing certificate. It is a new fashion after flared pants and a foreign language trademark toad mirror. Reading the verses of “Puyang will send the header to the guests, the autumn leaves and the autumn leaves are blossoming”, we often can’t help but think about the “1984” embedded words of the Spring Festival Gala.

On the days of Chunyu Xiaoxiao, we crossed the river by the ferry; abandoned the boat ashore, and the hills on the side of the Hengyang Aircraft Ping were raising fire. The raw rice of the pot. After the rain, it was sunny, sitting on the ground, imitating the Hong Kong and Taiwan song stars and singing popular songs, reciting the poems of Pushkin and Shu Ting, and performing the Jet Li -style Shaolin martial arts. “The notes that fluttering are warm and full of love.” The lyrics, combined with the soil gas, flowers and grass flavor, and picnic firewood. I am used to the three famous dishes (carrots, cabbage, orchids) on the menu of the cafeteria. The big bucket of shampoo soup floats with a little green onion and oil star in the large barrel. We still walked out of the back door of the school with enamel rice bowls, chatting while walking, turning a large circle on the road, and returning from the front door. The titles on the football field, the applause of the side of the volleyball court, the scarcity of the school games, the laughter between the rapeseed flowers makes people miss the youthful, natural, natural, and fresh.

Before the beginning of the late self -study, there were always people in the classroom on the classroom. Spring Festival Gala popular songs, Taiwanese campus songs, and Guangdong music, like the trickle in the spring night flowing gently in the heart field, gently stroking the heart in the silent night, can iron the human anxiety. The sky is blue, clear like washing, no haze, and high visibility. On the school’s playground, you can see the towering mountains in the distance. Some people say it is Nanyue Mountain, and some people say it is Fengfeng. In the summer breeze, in the blue sky in the autumn, I watched my partners living a dragon on the playground. The watch in the darkness helps and talks, and I really hope that all this can be eternal.

It was an era when we started to accumulate energy and brewed great changes. During the National Day, “Kyushu Fangyuan”, which was broadcast for three consecutive days, “Kyushu Fang Yuan” mainland original music, exquisite, novel organs, ups and downs, changeable electronic music, beautiful and timeless melody, hitting people’s hearts, penetrating bit by bit, penetrated into the infiltration of them, penetrated into them little by little. The memory gap of hundreds of millions. The singing of the clouds and the sky, inspirational patriotic songs, lyrical chanting, giving people hope, imagination, vitality, and letting people open an openness. Many beautiful new things have continued. No one can go right in the future. We appreciate the beauty of all things in the world, draw fresh support, let our hearts empty, fade ours, and increase our minds. The friendship between students is also deepening and condensing. We brought the simplicity and innocence of our bones to the present, without many temptations, pollution and hormones.

We read early in the morning Xi, and wrote silently in the quiet night. I felt that there were strong, vigorous, and stubborn aura on the body. The never -dreamed of dreams seems to enter the over time of the wings. We have the poetry of looking up at the starry sky, and we are also studying firmly. After a long night, walking through the darkness, staying at dawn, seeing the sun, and finding hope. The classics of that era were still Enze. “Unforgettable Tonight” is still the end of the Spring Festival Gala.

Why is such vibrant and unforgettable immortality? In 1984, a good drama began from the Spring Festival Gala, and the golden years of the growth of the festivals. The rushing days are affectionate. Essence

On the occasion of the Spring Festival in 1985, CCTV announced several award -winning couplets collected. One of them was: one generation of heroes, Kyushu raw color, eight parties, and enlarged all over the world. “The Mystery of 1984” finally settled.

Everything is unforgettable, and everything will pass away, and you will die with time. Youth is used to miss. When we go to the leafy season, youth is no longer a mystery. Such memory is perfect, such a life is very textured, such a festival lights are clear.