This computer dealer went to the bones and went to the bones. This configuration even received 4,000 yuan, is it black?

Hello everyone, with the development and progress of science and technology,

The computer has entered millions of households.

The popularization of computers has greatly promoted the accelerated development of the electronics industry and increasing the development and renewal speed of electronic products. Then we will have two situations.

The first situation is to assemble new computers to eliminate old computers. The second situation is to choose to upgrade the computer.

Recently, I met a problem that a friend responded in the chat,

The main content is because I do n’t understand the computer. Buying a garbage computer at 4,300 yuan is a trivial matter and sells its old computer to the computer merchant at a price of 180 yuan.

What I want to say is:

Customers are not fools. Don’t take the customer’s trust in you as air. One day the customer no longer trusts you, your business is ready to go down.

Let’s talk about the experience of this friend

The original old computer configuration was:

The old computer configuration in his mobile phone

CPU: Speed ​​Dragon II 860K

Memory: Aneng 4G-DDR3-1600

Hard disk: WD1T mechanical hard disk

Motherboard: MSI A68M-E33

Graphics card: Yingtong R7-240-4GG5-128bit

Case: Hangjia Star

Power: Great Wall 3000

Display: 17 inches

The configuration of this computer was collected at a price of 180 yuan. I was an outsider and maintained the industry image. At that time, I was worried about the feeling of this friend, so I didn’t say anything, but I felt a pity in my heart. For this, this was for this. Friends feel regrettable.

How to sell this set of consoles without buying 180 yuan, what do you want to say? Does this mean that the owner of this computer dealer is doing business? black? Or is this friend stupid? honest?

I want to say that this friend does not know how to do and trust this computer owner very much.

According to this friend’s description, I judged that the hard disk was broken, but it was said that I would re -assemble a computer directly. It is also possible to assemble a new computer. After all, the configuration above can not satisfy the game on the market.

But there is no problem to meet daily needs.

Let’s take a look at this friend

4300 yuan in the computer configuration of his home improvement

,as follows:

Configuration of the new computer

CPU: Intel Core i3-3240

Heating: RGB fan

Memory: Shi 8G-DDR3-1600*2 = 16G

Motherboard: H61

Hard disk SSD: Kingston A400-120G

Hard disk HDD: WD2000G mechanical hard disk


Graphics card: MSI 710-2GD3-64bit

Power: Hangjia GS400

Display: Meiang DF324-32 inches

RGB: 4 colorful fans, 2 lamp bands.

Case: I don’t know what brand of this case, the value does not exceed 80 yuan

This is a friend I met today. Since the one he installed was closed today, he moved the computer here to solve the failure. question.

Friends who don’t understand the computer will be more than three in the future


What I see generally does not say anything in person in person,

The above old computer configuration is also seen from his mobile phone. The configuration list given him before

Essence I think if I want to say that the first is my immoral. Secondly, I think the owner of this shop should be uneasy. The third is that once there is a problem, the responsibility is not running away, so everyone will pay attention to it, when you Normally, no one dares to tell you when it is pitted by others.

Therefore, after seeing my article, you can pay attention to it.

Remove the memory bar and light it on my test machine


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