What are the category of infant laundry liquid?

Infant laundry fluid should have the following characteristics: pollution -removed ability, bacterial removal ability; whether handle and not hurting the skin; smooth and cleaning care; clean and easy to overwhelm; safe and environmental protection, quality assurance. What are the categories of infant laundry? Which baby laundry solution is better? Xiaobian takes you to understand and master the method of choosing laundry solution.

婴儿洗衣液有哪些分类 婴儿洗衣液哪种好

1. Love baby laundry solution: designed for washing baby clothing, environmentally friendly and gentle formula, without phosphorus and fluorescent whitening agents, does not stimulate skin and damage clothing, choose high -quality anion surfactants and non -ion surfactants, Can quickly wash the sweat stains, milk stains and dirt on the baby’s clothes. Natural plant extraction essences make the washed clothes soft and smooth, warm and long -lasting, anti -static, easy ironing.

2. Royal baby baby laundry liquid: does not contain phosphorus, aluminum, alkali, and other harmful ingredients. The formula is mild, the formula is soft, making the clothes soft and not irritating to the delicate skin. Specialty to remove the surface active agent that does not hurt the skin, making clothes white and gorgeous, super concentrated, excluding additives, thickeners.

3. Canadian Qibas baby laundry liquid (sterilization type): environmentally friendly phosphorus -free formula, excluding harmful ingredients to the human body; mild nature, does not stimulate the skin (product inspection by the quality inspection department, is safe and reliable). Glucosate, coconut oil, anion surfactant and bacteric agent refined by natural plants. The cleaning power is strong, and the clothes are as clean as new, which does not affect the original color of the clothing. (Except for the dyeing without clothing) The product is completely dissolved in water, without residuals, and has no secondary pollution to cleaning clothes. Smoral sterilization factors can remove common bacteria while cleaning clothes.

4. Weijieshi baby laundry liquid (peach fragrance): use 100%natural cleaning agent, which can quickly dissolve various stains such as milk stains, fruits, sweat stains, etc.; Actif to remove a variety of pathogenic bacteria and odors, prevent secondary pollution during laundry, and protect children’s tender and weak skin; it is easy to rinse water to avoid children’s skin discomfort caused by residual chemical components on the clothes.

5. American Seventh Generation All Natural Baby Laundry: Non -toxic; Biodegradation; Biodegradation; Non -Stimulating; Ultra -concentrated; Animal Tests; Animal Components; Optima or cleaner; chemical non -chemical factors; Phosphorus -free; safe decontamination. (This stink treasure is currently using this. After washing the clothes, it was super soft. Even the newly bought autumn pants was soaked twice, and it was as soft and comfortable as washed a few times.))

6. Pigeon (original) Japanese baby laundry solution: Do not stimulate the skin’s plant -like washing ingredients, with “coconut” as the raw material, high decomposition, not polluting the environment, and the bottle cap uses a reflux design, poured into the bottle cap in the bottle cap If the amount is too much, it can be poured back, not a little bit of a drop.

In short, the baby should be laundry through the mother’s hands in advance, and let the mothers judge them with both hands!

What are the category of infant laundry liquid?