Xu Lu really understands fashionable wear, the down jackets on the bad street with sports suits, high -level and foreign

In winter, down jackets are the choice of many girls. It is precisely because of this that down jackets have become bad street products in winter streets. This item is very warm to wear on the body, but it is not easy to wear a sense of fashion. The female star Xu Lu wore a black rotten street down jacket and walked the airport.

Xu Lu’s styling analysis:

Black down jacket -low -key and simple


Xu Lu really understands fashionable wear. The down jackets on the bad street with sports suits are advanced and foreign. Xu Lu uses the basic black design of this down jacket on the design of color to show a low -key and simple color matching effect. In daily wear, this basic color upper body rate is the highest. It is very strong, and there is no problem with the inside of the basic color or the inner color of the bright color.

Light -colored hooded sweater

When Xu Lu was wearing a black down jacket, she was paired with a clean and sweet light -colored hooded sweater inside. The color matching method of light and dark combination in the upper body was used to present a sense of visual richness and layering. The colors are full of girlishness and not too exaggerated. The hooded sweater is a very typical age -free item. It looks girlishly worn on the body.



It is paired with a basic light -colored sports suit in the black down jacket. A low -key and light sports sleeve looks very clean on the body. In the low -key, it can show a little sense of plumpness. We are very friendly, and at the same time, the combination of sports suits can also show sufficient comfort.

Loose down jacket -wear out comfort

Xu Lu’s down jacket on the design uses a very loose design method to present sufficient comfort. The young ladies and sisters who are more comfortable in pursuing comfort can try more loose styles when choosing down jackets, but Such a loose clothing and silhouette designed by Xu Lu’s body are easy to lower the height.

Black hat


In the color matching of the body, we must know how to use the refreshing color to wear a sense of cleanliness, but also to wear more stability through a reasonable combination of black and gray. The black hat and hat can be combined with the down jacket on the body to achieve the echo in color matching and it can play a very good warmth effect.

Xu Lu’s other styling analysis



Blue flower top+black spouse pants


Xu Lu’s skin tone is a very typical cold white skin. In addition to the basic color when wearing, you can also use some bright colors. The bright colors can be seen on the upper body. The combination effect of highlighting the advantages of the skin color, the flower element with a very strong three -dimensional sense can also show more refinement. The lower body is matched with the basic black spouse leather pants, which increases the stability in color matching. At the same time Design methods to increase fashion.

Sweater stack+fishing net stockings

In the matching of the upper and lower body, you can use the key matching method to emphasize the superiority of the body. Although Xu Lu’s height is not very superior, the figure is very good, the figure is very superior, the leg shape is very slim and straight, and it is very very very straight. The slender, the upper and lower body matching the white T -shirt on the upper and lower body to present a sufficient sense of layering. The lower body is matched with fishing net stockings, bold and sexy.


Khaki loose top+same color wide -leg pants

The color matching of the upper and lower body can use the basic color system to achieve a visual extension. This can reduce the difficulty of color matching. The style of the upper and lower body is very comfortable. It is often not very friendly.

Xu Lu’s fashion control ability is really unusual. Even the down jackets on bad streets can wear enough fashion and high -level sense. This is a woman who really has good clothes.

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