Newly released the Airwater A3S humidifier, and the first negative ion function was introduced

Airwater A3S humidifier engineering machine (silver version)

秒新发布AirWater A3S加湿器,首次引入负离子功能

In September last year, the newly released the Airwater A3 humidifier was officially released. The combination of high and low compatibility with the previously released A5 humidifier was a small volume and intelligent linkage. On the basis of this, A5 further increased the amount of humidification. And water tank volume.

After a year, the newly released AIRWATER A3S humidifier of the A3 series of humidifier products was officially released. The new products did not make too many design changes in the appearance and overall structure, but added new color matching and some details upgrades. If you are interested in the appearance, control method, and main structure of the product, you can first look at the evaluation made by titanium media before: a humidifier with zero air pollution, Airwater A3 humidifier evaluation | titanium ge Figns

The overall structure has not changed

The new color of the Airwater A3S humidifier replaced the silver external filter. Compared with the pure white appearance, it has a more technological sense. At the same time, the silver filter is more integrated compared to pure white filters, and the front and rear splicing structures are more integrated. Even if there is a small asymmetric gap during installation, it will be covered well.

秒新发布AirWater A3S加湿器,首次引入负离子功能

In terms of performance, the Airwater A3S humidifier focuses on the amount of humidification and negative ionic function. The humidifier of the previous generation Airwater A3 humidifier can already reach 1200ml/h. The new product uses a digital frequency conversion DC motor with a speed increase of 15%, so the air discharge speed after humidification increases and increases the peak humidity to 1400ml/h, which is related to the humidification of 1500ml/h, which has a higher positioning of A5 products at home. almost.

Compared with the humidifier of other humidifiers

If the performance comparison with the common humidifier on the market, you can see that whether it is the Airwater A3 that was previously released or this A3S, it is the moisture performance of the current first echelon. At the same time, the new product also continues the water injection structure of the previous generation products, and it is enough to add directly from the top. The ring lamp at the top will indicate the current water level. The 5L volume is completely enough for most families.

秒新发布AirWater A3S加湿器,首次引入负离子功能

In addition to the upgrade of humidification, the Airwater A3S humidifier also adds negative ion function, which adds negative ion transmitters inside the machine. Previously, many products using ultrasonic humidification principles on the market would take the lead in adding negative ion functions. Instead This feature is relatively rare.

Increased negative ion emitters

The technical reasons behind it are mainly because high -end products have previously solved the problem of secondary pollution caused by the air pollution caused by the principle of ultrasonic humidification. The cost is mainly invested in the development of new structures and technology. The low -end humidifier products are all applied with very mature ultrasonic humidification principles. Its meta -device and structure have been very mature, and the cost is relatively transparent. It requires a lot of extra characteristics to attract consumers to buy.

In seconds, the technical exploration of evaporate humidifiers is very mature, and the cost management capacity of each component is also strengthened. Therefore, more new technologies can be added to products with similar pricing to improve the overall humidification Experience. In addition, the Airwater A3S humidifier also optimizes some of the details of the previous products that are not complete. For example, the UV sterilization link. The previous generation of UV sterilization is mainly concentrated in the water circulation system, and there is a certain dead end of the water tank.

UV irradiation area increase

The problem that may occur is that after the water in the water tank is placed for a long time, bacteria may be breeded outside the irradiation area. Although the water will still have sterilization when the humidifier starts to enter the circulation system, the water tank is used after a long period of use. The wall will feel “greasy”.

秒新发布AirWater A3S加湿器,首次引入负离子功能

The Airwater A3S humidifier expands the area of ​​UV sterilization to the entire water tank, and as long as the machine is in power, it will be continuously irradiated. After a long period of use, there is no need to worry about breeding bacteria in the water tank. The above are basically upgrades of performance or functionality. The new products still have small changes in the structure. For example, the water tank increases the filter support structure to maintain the amount of humidification.

秒新发布AirWater A3S加湿器,首次引入负离子功能

A3 filter (left) A3S filter (right)

The water pump module replaces the previous screw fixed structure with a pressed structure. If the user wants to clean up the water tank a thorough cleaning, it will be more efficient. The Airwater A3S humidifier will be listed on September 9th at a price of 2599 yuan. This price is still increasing from the price of the previous generation product A3 2199 yuan. Its comprehensive experience is still worth the price.