Want to wear “coat” out of a sense of high level? Others can be ignored, but the boots should be carefully selected, it is particularly aura

The weather in winter is getting colder and colder. How can we wear clothes to keep warm and have a sense of fashion and high -level sense? It’s better to choose a coat.

If you want to wear a coat out of a high -level sense, you can ignore it, but the boots must be carefully selected. Choosing to wear a dual -suitable for you can not only increase the entire wearing aura, but also have the characteristics of being thin and high.

How to choose? Let me recommend a few boots suitable for coats.

1. Martin boots

Martin boots have their own unique features and styles compared to other boots. Its boots are mainly flat boots. The soles are thick, but the entire boots seem to have no thickness.

The height of Martin boots is based on the height of the boots in front of the boots. The more holes are, the higher the height of the boots. Most of the Martin boots are mainly short boots, and of course there are some mid -boots.


The design of the lace in front of the boots makes Martin boots look neutral and handsome.

Martin boots are mostly black. Of course, there are also some brown, gray or white Martin boots.


Most of the colors are mainly neutral colors, and the neutral style version makes Martin boots simple and generous

There is a neutral style and leisure style.

2, socks and boots


The most significant feature of socks and boots is that it effectively combines socks and boots. The bottom part of the boots looks like boots, and the boots and boots are wrapped tightly on the feet and ankles like socks.

Most of the socks and boots are mainly low heels, so that they are more in line with its appearance, making the boots look more elegant and sexy.

Socks and boots are suitable for girls with thinneys to wear, especially with skirts and wide -leg pants, which are very beautiful.

3. Naked boots

Naked boots are one of the boots that are often seen in autumn and winter seasons, and are also boots that everyone often wear.

Most of the nude boots are mainly short, to the position of the ankle. This length of boots is not easy to pick people. Even girls with short legs and shorters are equally suitable to wear.

Naked boots have both flat -bottomed models and thick -heeled and low -heeled versions. No matter what kind of nude boots, it is simple and generous to wear. Compared to the naked boots with square heads and round heads, the pointed nude shoes are more likely to show long legs.

4. High heel boots

In winter, wearing double -height shoes will have great advantages in terms of height, especially for girls with shorts, they prefer to wear high heels to make their legs look longer.

Of course, if you want to make your dress look good, have a sense of high -level, wearing double -heeled shoes is also a good choice.

High -heeled boots are not the higher the boots, the better the effect of wear. The thick and low -heeled high -heeled boots are comfortable and easy to show their temperament. The aura is strong.


5, boots

If you want to wear warmth in winter, you may wish to wear double boots. The long boots at the top of the knee will wrap the entire calf tightly, which can effectively protect the cold, but its only disadvantage is that it is easy to pick up body and leg shape.

For girls with thick legs or short legs and shorts, they are not suitable for wearing double boots.

For a tall girl, wearing double boots, no matter what kind of clothes are matched, it is good and the aura is strong.


Boots+cropped pants+coat


How to match the naked boots in the ankle is appropriate? The most suitable clothes are cropped pants.


The length of the nine -point pants is exactly the position of the ankle, and it is appropriate to match the short nude boots.

Girls with thin legs can wear tight pants with nine -point length. Girls with thick legs may wish to wear nine -point tapered pants or straight pants. The long and long coats in the outside parts are fashionable, generous and qi.

Martin boots+sports pants+coat

Martin boots want to wear a sense of fashion and casualness. The most suitable pants with all kinds of casual pants are the most suitable.

Like sports pants and work pants are the preferred items, especially on the foot of the trousers, with martial arts pants, with Martin boots, handsome and long legs


Essence You can choose the same casual style of matching on it. Wear casual sweaters. Is it full of aura?

High -heeled boots+skirt+coat

The most suitable for choosing to wear double heels is to match the long skirt.

A part of the toe and heels are exposed at the skirt, and the legs are easily lengthened.


The outside is shorter than the skirt coat, which exists a part of the skirt. With this match, it can easily wear the coat out of fashion and high -level, but also shows good temperament.

The coat wants to wear a high -level sense, how to match it? Maybe everyone knows the matching with pants and skirts, but it is easy to ignore the matching of the shoes. In fact, it is also important to choose a pair of correct shoes to match the coat. The pairs of boots above and their matching methods, everyone may wish to try it, fashionable and strong.