When buying a moisturizing cream, it is recommended to store these 4 models.

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Recently, I have shared a lot of creams, but Xiao Yan found that many sisters said that the price was high, and it was about to celebrate the New Year immediately, and the expenses would increase.

Therefore, Xiaoyu will take a look at a few moisturizing creams within a hundred yuan today. Although their prices are not expensive, the effect is still good. Basic hydration and moisturizing can be done, so that your skin is moisturizing the New Year.

1. Reference price of the first cream: 35RMB/40G

Although this cream is a baby cream, it is also very stunning.

Xiao Yan feels that their battery life is not enough in winter with many moisturizing creams, and the skin is easy to have a sense of tightness. but

It is the high moisturizing power and durability of Qichu. If you want to repair the barrier more effective, you can choose the double moisturizing model.

But the premise is that you are not acne muscle.

The composition of the cream is relatively mild, after all, it is a baby cream.

Contains horned sharkane, wheat germ, plant ingredients, without adding alcohol, it is not easy to stimulate the skin, it can also thicken the keratin. Skin with thin skin and insufficient water lock ability can be selected.

The texture of the two versions is very comfortable, but it will be thicker, and the oil will be higher.

, Suitable for the desert Mogan skin, the moist version is lighter.

The moisturizing effect is very good, and there is a little baby flavor of milk fragrance, and the fragrance is quite cured.

2. Cerave C cream Reference price: 168RMB/340g

The genuine large -price bowl is simply the true love cream of the slum girl.


This cream has good moisturizing and repairing ability, contains

3 heavy neosamide and MVE gradient slow release technology


From the root cause

Fix the skin barrier, and can continue to hydrate the skin to improve the moisturizing ability of the skin.

The cream has no components that are easily sensitive, will not cause burden on the skin, and sensitive muscles can be used with peace of mind.

The cream is the texture of the ice cream,

The ductility is relatively high, and the face will not have a greasy skin feel

Essence But Xiao Yan personally felt that it had a little astringent skin, and the smoothness was slightly inferior.


However, the moisturizing effect of using this cream is still good, and dry skin and mixed skin are OK. flat

It can also moisturize the skin as a hand cream and body milk, and it will not distress.


However, it is relatively large jars. Xiaoyu personally recommends that the sisters are dug out to use clean spoons to pack and use it. After all, the use of the big can for a long time, so it is not easy to pollute the cream.

3. Reference price of Chunjuan Big Cream: 86RMB/50G

Old domestic products are not as popular as some popular domestic products and simple appearance, but its price and effect are really fragrant.

In addition to the basic moisturizing and hydrating ingredients, the big cream

Add seaweed, beet -alkali, and 5 types of neurotide

And patent invention enzyme division technology, is

Big pheasant peptide extracted from the big pork,

Small molecular activity,


Repeate multiple plant ingredients,

It can enhance the skin’s barrier, repair damaged skin, and is similar to the effect of the previous C cream.


The skin feels very comfortable, refreshing and not greasy,

Push smoothly, and the absorption speed is fast. It is also acceptable to the skin that can also be accepted by oily skin and oil.

And it is also it

No preservatives are added


, Reduce the probability of allergens


, Sensitive muscles can be used with confidence.


In addition to the worse desert skin, other skin types can still be satisfied.

4. Chunjuan Astragalus Frost Reference Price: 39RMB/30G

It is still their cream, but this one is known to everyone, and the classic cream in domestic goods.

It focuses on moisturizing and yellow, contains astragalus original liquid, which is very friendly for sisters with dull skin tone. They sweep the yellow gas on the face and make the skin state more spiritual.

Of course, sisters can also rest assured in moisturizing. It

Contains avocado tree fruit fat, safflower essence and purple grass extract

It is very suitable for autumn and winter. The moisturizing effect is not disappointing.

The light pink texture, the paste is still relatively moist, and the push is smooth, suitable for neutral and mixed muscles.

Basic moisturizing cream does not need to be too expensive, and cheap moisturizing creams can also surprise you and escort your skin.

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