Which facial cleanser is best for you? 34 facial cleanser is not selected, your face is washed in vain

One of the easiest steps when many fairies just started learning skin care is to wash their faces.

How many people spend a lot of money to buy lotion or essence, but the facial cleanser is casually selected by a bottle. When I found that the skin care products are not absorbed well, I still complain that there is a problem with the product itself. I didn’t realize myself at all


The most basic “facial cleaning” is wrong


Washing your face is not right, and all maintenance is scrapped.

Pick a facial cleanser that suits you and use the correct scientific method, and many skin problems can be solved at the source.

It is also very important to choose a facial cleanser that suits you!


The following is the editor for the fairies

Recommended 34 facial cleanser



Flifang silk facial cleanser

Reference price: 149 yuan/100 grams

The fighter in the cheap facial cleanser, I have three empty bottle! It is very delicate to foam directly with my hands, and the amount is very savvy. Sometimes I accidentally get into my eyes, and I will not be spicy. It will feel strange when you use it at first, just get used to it!


Ortili Big Grape Clean Mousse

Reference price: 140 yuan/200ml

The squeezed is the foam, a faint grape fragrance, the consumption speed is fast, the bottle is used up in a month, the use is very refreshing, no tension, the cleaning force is medium, it feels that dry skin oils are suitable for use, and the use is finished. The bottle can also be used as a bottle, and the foam is particularly dense.

Kana Bao Enzyme Washing Fan Powder

Reference price: 130 yuan/32 capsules

This one is also a net red product! Powder -like, one -one -one -one, one can be used twice, the cleaning power is enough, and it also has a lost effect on the horny of the mixed oil skin, but the sensitive muscle is still carefully selected. , The skin horn is thin, and this kind of clean power cannot be used frequently ~


ELTAMD facial cleanser

Reference price: 125 yuan/207ml

The texture is like a sticky lotion, the natural and fresh cucumber tastes, the foam dense like cream, it is particularly comfortable to apply on the face, it is not tight and slippery after rinse, it is very similar to Fulfangs. Coormine the facial cleanser, often deduct the solidification and then use it!

Snowflake Show Shunye Cleansing


Reference price: 195 yuan/200ml

Aminic acid cleansing, light yellow liquid, Chinese herbal medicine, the amount of one pump at a time, the foam is not very rich, but the cleaning power is very good. Acne will become smaller! Go to yellow, it doesn’t feel much!

Clarins Mild Foam Clear Cream


Reference price: 185 yuan/125ml

The main fighting of the Clarins is mild, pregnant women are available, the paste is milky, faint floral fragrance, a lot of bubbles, really gentle, the obvious cleaning effect can also be seen in the t -zone. Neutral skin is highly recommended!

Estee Lauder Red Pomegranate Cleansing


Reference price: 280 yuan/125ml

The texture is a bit like cream, very fresh fruit flavor. This is two -in -one effect. It is both a facial cleanser and a cleaning mask. The favorite is its yellowing effect, insisting on the use of whiteness!

The source of Yuemu has a facial washing milk at one point


Reference price: 155 yuan/150ml

If you get two birds, as the name suggests, the cleansing is in place, and the moisturizing is not dry. This paste is relatively hard and thicker, the foam is rich, the fragrance is very good, and the oil control effect is very good. Dry, dry skin will feel tight!


La Mer’s Mysterious Skin Milk Milk Washing Milk

Reference price: 750 yuan/200ml

Facial milk with luxurious packaging, tall, no foam milk, a faint fragrance, it will not be used to the first time, but it will be smooth after washing. Dirt can be rinsed free of water, suitable for all skin types of sensitive and fragile skin.

Dai Ke Exquisite Cleansing

Reference price: 650 yuan/200ml

The lady’s cleansing is that it is best to use a cleansing. The amount of a pump is enough to use the whole face, transparent texture, and you can rub out a rich foam with his bare hands. The cleanliness is great, the big love of the dry skin is not tight, and the amount is super expensive and expensive!

POLA Black BA cleansing

Reference price: 610 yuan/100 grams

One of the true love cleansing! It is an paste, a faint fragrance, and it can be brushed! Squeeze the size of the rice grains to rub out a sufficient amount of foam. Ah! Very soft, the moisturizing power is great, and it is worth buying if the budget is enough!

The ginza facial cleanser


Reference price: 480 yuan/130 grams

It is also a net red cleansing! Polarized oily skin is worth trying the soap -based facial cleanser! The cream shape, the faint grapefruit fragrance, the foam is very rich, elastic, and the washing is very clean. It’s almost the same as the Black BA, but this price is more favorable!


Daikeyyao Future Cleansing Milk


Reference price: 235 yuan/130 grams

Soap base cleansing, facial cleanser is pale purple! Super beautiful! The amount is also very available, squeezing a little bubbles, clean and not tight. This price is about three months or so, the cost performance is quite high, which is quite high. ! Oil skin mixed skin is definitely a good heart, there is no problem all year round!


After WHO, Gongchen enjoy the face washing

Reference price: 218 yuan/180ml

The soap -based facial washing milk, the taste of Chinese medicine, it smells very comfortable, the paste is pale yellow, it is easy to foam, very dense, and easy to rinse. Pressure, 180 ml can be used for more than half a year, and sensitive muscles can also be used

Shiseido Yuewei Cleansing

Reference price: 200 yuan/125ml

I use the No. 2 moisturizing type. The paste is white with pearly white, mixed with orange particles, and slightly exfoliating, but it is actually very gentle. The upper face is basically grainy. , Mixed Oil Skin is okay as a morning cleansing, which is more suitable for dry skin mixed!

Lifang Spring Special Annochotic Monastery

A must -have cleansing for sensitive skin, as long as it is squeezed out, you can make a lot of foam feel is also good. There is no membrane feeling. Generally speaking, it is a very gentle cleansing. The allergic period can be prepared during the period, and the sensitive muscles will definitely be repurchased!

面 Lei Shi Soy Facial Milk

Reference price: 330 yuan/150ml

The faint fragrance is not a foam -type facial cleanser, but the cleaning power is good, and the makeup remover effect, but I generally use makeup removal first, and then use this facial cleanser. Mother’s mother, pregnant women can also use it, suitable for all skin types !!


CHANEL Mountain Camellia Facial Washing Milk

The blue version is moisturizing and moisturizing, suitable for mixing the skin, the flavor of the camellia, it smells very comfortably! Each time the amount of soybeans squeeze soybeans, you can have a slightly dense foam moisturizing effect. Sliding, as a facial cleanser, it is quite good!

Lancome Qingying Softening Cleansing Milk

Reference price: 320 yuan/125ml


The sense of use is not bad, the foam is very delicate, and it will not be pulled dry after use. After washing, there is still a touch of matte texture, soft and slippery, but it is too difficult to foam. It is easy to rinse, and it will not be used in winter, I do n’t feel dry, I do n’t like it, I do n’t hate it!

BOSCIA Bobe Qian leaf amino acid cleansing milk

Reference price: 240 yuan/150ml

这款洁面清洁力度中等,一般是晨问使用,因为早上洗脸不需要清洁力度很强,泡沫不算多,洗掉之后有一丢丟不难受的保护膜感,皮肤滑滑的,嫩嫩的, Recommended for dry skin around me and said that it was very comfortable!

SK-2 amino acid cleansing

Reference price: 460/120ml

一般作为晨间洁面,玫瑰花香味,非常好闻,泡沬稀薄,温和弱碱性,洗完不会有紧绷感和搓皮的感觉,适合所有的肤质:痘痘肌,干皮, It can be completely controlled, but for this price, I think the cost -effectiveness is average!

Shiseido Time Glory Cleansing Milk


Reference price: 380 yuan/125ml

The packaging is very high -level, gradient, elegant floral fragrance, contains anti -aging ingredients, suitable for mature skin use, soft and moisturizing and easy to foam, clean Japanese soap bases It is suitable for summer, be careful of sensitive muscles, and the cleaning strength is too strong!


CPB cleansing cream moisturizing type

Reference price: 350 yuan/110ml

The famous CPB cleansing! It feels a bit strange, but it is used to it after washing. After washing, the face is not dry. The bubble is not legendary. The fineness of the foam will also be better than SK-!

Minon amino acid foam facial cleanser

Reference price: 119 yuan/150ml

Pressing the pump mouth, you can press the foam directly by pressing it. The foam is quite rich. It feels very gentle on the face. There is no special feeling. Sensitive muscle, don’t try the big oil field

Laneige Four Effect Facial Milk

Reference price: 110 yuan/180ml

A bottle of cleansing sunscreen and makeup on a facial cleanser. The blue is a refreshing version with small matte particles. It is suitable for paper paper that is usually applied to sunscreen cream. Oil skin mixed oil skin, dry skin is not recommended!

Dr. Harino facial cleanser


Reference price: 108/120 grams

The oil control cleaning effect is great. It is recommended to mixed skin oil skin. It is especially good for the foam and glutinous foam that can be rubbed out of the foam.

REN Rose Bubble Cleansing

Reference price: 108/150ml

Ren is a niche brand. Organic is not added. Pregnant women can also use it. I will use it to make morning cleansing. Every time it is about four or five pumps, the squeezed foam is a bit soft. The taste is a bit of rose. The washing feeling was mild, the consumption was particularly fast, and it was not durable, but fortunately more than 100.

Cetaphil Sitetfan facial cleanser


Reference price: 100 yuan

The net red in the cheap price! It is really gentle, and the type of soaking is not enough. For me, Cetaphil’s cleaning power is a bit insufficient. I always feel like I do n’t wash it. It ’s not suitable for mixed skin and oil skin!


NUXE European tree honey gel cleansing

Reference price: 99 yuan/200ml

It contains a thick texture of honey, and the fragrance is a bit heavy … not very good, low foam facial cleanser, do not dry, it also has a 400m version. I heard that you can wash the whole body as a shower gel, but there is a one. A little attractive!

FANCL Fang Ke Jie Yan Fan


Reference price: 159 yuan/50 grams


It takes two months to finish it. The amino acid cleansing stratum corneum is thin and red bloodshot can be used with a well -foam ball. The gospel comes, that is, the main feature is not added, so the guarantee period is very short!


Yisi snail face milk

Reference price: 69 yuan/150ml

One tube feels that it can be used for a long time, the washing is clean, not tight, because it contains snail mucus, has a repair effect, has a certain effect on acne marks, dark yellow To the acne marks faded, but the nor can the acne marks be expected to the facial cleanser


Curel Kerun Bubble Cleansing

Reference price: 90 yuan/150ml


It also belongs to the foam cleansing. When you squeeze it out, you can go directly to the face. The foam is a bit like a curel marshmallow. It is suitable for cleansing in the morning. Type bubble cleansing, I prefer Ou Tili!

Yue Shi Feng Yin Green Tea Facial Milk

Reference price: 55 yuan/150ml

A cheap and easy -to -use cleansing is really a big one. It has a faint green tea fragrance. The cleaning effect is also very good. The foam is not rich but delicate. Wipe water milk, suitable for student party and mixed skin!

Facial Washing Milk Washing Milk


Reference price: 35 yuan/120 grams

Internet celebrity products! Washing specialties can be said to be very hot. People around me have basically used it, but I personally think that it is very ribbon and the cleaning effect is very good, but the face will be very dry after washing the face. The feeling of stabbing.

In addition to choosing the right product, you have to pay attention to these when washing your face.

Warm water cleaning


Don’t believe any more cold and cold, alternate your face! It is easy to stimulate the skin. Stick to warm water to wash your face is the best choice.

Cleaning time

In fact, in the same part, it only takes 20 seconds. The easy -to -dry cheeks can be brought directly for 10 seconds.


Dry in time


If you do not dry it in time after washing your face, the water evaporation is easy to take away the water on the surface of the skin. Gently press the face with a face towel or clean the towel in time.

Reference price: 200 yuan/125ml

Reference price: 330 yuan/150ml