Denim shorts are too ordinary? Obviously you won’t go well! 69 yuan/piece, take the entire wardrobe

Sisters, there is nothing in summer?

—— denim shorts! It is convenient for versatile!


Also thin waist, hips, long legs!

It is the charm of any girl with a figure!


Looking at Naza, the black top echoed the short boots. She was paired with a casual denim shorts, which was very cool.

The big cousin Liu Wen’s wearing demonstration does not need to mention it again. The simple black and white striped shirt is enough!


He Sui even killed passers -by, a T -shirt with high -waisted jeans, looks like a youthful female college student.


Singing the mildew in the period of rural music is very much loved by denim shorts, and it is also a Denim, which is American.

So let’s pick up the versatile and meaty shorts today ~

Summer denim shorts must be soft!

The hard and thick material, once sweat, can’t wear it and can’t get rid of it.

As soon as I sat down, I felt that my legs were alive. Can you know this pain?

And wearing this denim shorts today, you can squat easily and freely. It feels great without restraint!

It’s so comfortable that I want to squat.

The trousers are naturally rolled up with a layer of+drawing.

It looks so refreshing!

In summer, you can also look with all slings, short sleeves, shirts!

Except the shallow

Sea salt blue


, There is also a dark color


Denim Blue

Both colors are super positive.

The sharp -eyed sisters may find that this pants are not the same as the excellent X library?


That’s right, not only the pants came out of a factory!

The most absolutely,

The excellent X library costs 99 yuan, and this one is only 69 yuan!


Sisters, really picking up cheap, don’t forget to call your girlfriends if you buy it ~

Identify the QR code and buy immediately

Uniqlo same factory, version super nice

I think the most important of jeans must be a version.

It can be founded, but must be positive!

Like this, although there is no pattern, you are very refreshing and comfortable at first glance.

The whole is a small A version 小️


The A version of the wide -leg pants is really a good friend of our legs, the honey juice modifies the leg shape ~

I belong to the kind of thick legs, and the tight -fitting shorts will look thick legs, so the small wide version will visually create the illusion of loose legs and thin legs!

And it is still high -waisted+wide waist seal design, a bit of meat on the waist can be properly disguised.


The upper body hides the flesh on the belly instantly,

Can be called “small belly stealth”!

The waist and behind are also very well designed. It is strongly recommended that girls with thick thighs and widths try.


Anyway: Believe me, at least it will not be gray!


As long as you like to wear shorts, you can buy it!


The fabric is soft and soft, breathable and comfortable

The fabric is also super comfortable and practical!

Cotton fabrics have excellent feel.

It can obviously feel more textured than ordinary jeans.


Soft but not lost.

Strong rubbing does not deform, and the quality is enough for you to wear it for several years.

The breathability is not boring, and it can be kept cool and comfortable in summer.

The details of various tailors are also very delicate. Let’s talk about the wrinkled position of the waist, evenly delicate, without any reason, it is more comfortable to wear it ~

The wiring process of the pants is also very good, flat and uniform.


One is to be comfortable to wear, and the other is more durable and not easy to loosen ~


In summary, whether it is comfort or wear resistance, you can rest assured ~


It won’t be wrong when you enter two in summer ~

It is enough in summer, one piece of wardrobe is set up to the entire wardrobe

To say which point I love denim shorts, it must be versatile!

The simplest and convenient method is to choose a suspender vest. The refreshing suspender with light -colored denim shorts looks like summer.

Put on a simple black suspender, there is a natural sexy, like such a simple match is really a style that everyone can try ~

In addition to the suspender vest, this year’s spring and summer are more popular with the design of the chest. It is also very eye -catching with denim shorts!

The fold element looks like a “narrowing ratio” visual effect, which will make the upper body look shorter, and naturally the lower body will look long.


One is a gentle white shirt, and the other is a playful and cute shorts, which can also collide with a natural fashionable effect.

Simple and generous, it is very fashionable to match items such as short sleeves, vests, shirts and other items.


Plus today

69 yuan/piece,


The excellent X library is the same factory, the fabric is comfortable and the meat is thin and thin.


The size is also put on everyone,

80 ~ 140 catties


Sisters can find the right number.


In addition, the pants are drawing rope design. If you like loose, you can shoot a little bigger ~

For the little fairy who is tangled in style, you can directly enter two colors!

After all, the cost performance is also placed here, it will never be idle ~

Identify the QR code and buy immediately