Litang in Sichuan: Highland has an oxygen health industry

People’s Life Network Ganzi News (Ye Qiangpingwen/Picture)

On January 5, 2021, the first plateau -produced enterprise in the Plateau in Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province was put into production in Litang County.

The average altitude of Litang County is 4300 meters, and the oxygen content is only 60%of the mainland. Over the years, the masses of cadres have suffered from hypoxia, which also made some tourists want to see Damei Ponds. As a pilot demonstration construction of the Plateau health industry project of Litang County, it is an important project for improving the layout of the people’s livelihood and the altitude of the plateau in the Plateau in Sichuan Province. It is also one of the key projects implemented in Sichuan and Guangdong.


According to Wen Bingwu, the general manager of Zhitang County Zhuheng Oxygen Supply Equipment Co., Ltd., Zhuhai Huiyu Medical Technology Co., Ltd. seized the opportunity to set up Zhuheng Oxygen Supply Equipment Co., Ltd. in Litang County. The total investment of the project is 120 million, with a construction period of 2 years, covering an area of ​​about 41.53 acres. The oxygen -making product technology park created according to the standard of 3A scenic spots will officially start on May 31, 2020. Planning and construction of exhibition centers, experience centers, tourist reception centers, R & D centers (product research and development and plateau disease research), etc. (product research and development centers). Mainly produce civil portable oxygen cylinders, medical oxygen cylinders, portable oxygers, diffuse oxygen makers, household oxygen making machines, medical oxygen makers, microchemic oxygen tanks, vessel temperature detectors, medical microwave treatment instruments, medical microwave therapy instruments, Medical intermediate frequency treatment instruments, medical sub -temperature temperature treatment instruments and other products. The product mainly serves local people and tourists. Three years after the project was completed, the average annual output value was about 70 million yuan, the average annual sales tax and additional 600,000 yuan were added, and the average annual value -added tax was about 7.35 million yuan.


The trial production of the alpine supply health industry project in Litang County marks a new breakthrough in the health oxygen industry of Sichuan Province, and it is also a new starting point for the health oxygen industry in Sichuan Province. The successful completion and production of plateau oxygen health industry service projects will solve the problem of thin and hypoxic oxygen oxygen at the plateau, which greatly improves the living environment. At the same time For new technology projects that integrate medical equipment production and tourism development, the project will definitely add new impetus to the economic development of Litang County.