Come to the aunt? I saw the black and white photos bleeding in the middle of the night, what should I do

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Foreword: I saved a girl who was married, and took her to walk together …

From the chat, I learned that she was still in junior high school. Later, her parents married her to a dead person who had died for many years.

Then late at night, she accidentally saw a horrible face in the mirror, overturned the ashes in horror, and ran back to her family.

That night, everyone’s family was dead, and only she was okay. And every time she wakes up, she finds that no matter where she falls asleep outside, she will eventually wake up in this ancient and horrible ancient house.

When I heard it, I felt creepy, and my heart was a little scared, but looking at the Qian Kun sword in my hand, I also had some courage.

Unconsciously, it was night. Although the relationship between the two of us was ambiguous, she was a rural girl after all, not so open, so she went to sleep separately, but she specially found two rooms next to each other next to me. In the place, the two of us only have one wall, and because it is ancient ancient wood, we can even chat across the wall.

When she talked in the middle of the night, she had no sound unknowingly. I called a few times and found that she closed her mouth after she didn’t respond, and looked at the beam of the room.

When I was thinking, I heard a weird voice …


“Wow …”

It seemed like the sound of the chain rubbing on the ground, and the sound seemed to be spread out of my bed.

My heart was even more scared, swallowed, and groped the Qian Kun sword in the darkness, but I couldn’t find it. He was my last hope. Only by holding it could I feel at ease.

So I became a little anxious and quickly groped. Suddenly, I accidentally hit the sword of the Qian Kun sword, causing him to fall under the bed.

In the darkness, I hurriedly rolled out of bed, and suddenly felt a coolness behind my back. I turned around, didn’t see anything, and looked up at the black and white photos on the wall.

It doesn’t matter if you look at it. At first glance, I saw that the photo was bleeding, and there was a large bloody hole in the middle of the forehead. I hurriedly bent down to pick up the Qiankun sword.

Just bending over the Qian Kun sword, I saw a bloody face. His forehead was penetrated by a hole, the chain penetrated his throat, and drilled out of his mouth and hit a knot.

His lower body was even more scary. The chain was inlaid directly in his flesh. The blood continued to surge. As soon as he struggled, the chain on his body tightened a point in his body, which was particularly cruel.

It seems that he is not a ghost, but a living person, but I have been scared by the bloody eyes.

Suddenly, he struggled violently, and the blood on his body sprayed madly, even if the chain rubbed crazy in his body, the blood and the flesh foam splashed him, and looked behind me in horror …

I slowly turned back …


The moonlight shot into the room from the window, shining brightly behind me, and the white light fell on the girl in front of my eyes.

Meng Ke’er covered his lips and looked at the bloody man under the bed in horror, and when I was stunned, the person under my bed struggled violently, as if seeing something terrible.

Meng Ke’er was scared and crouched on the ground and cried. I saw the pity, holding Qian Kunjian and walking in a hurry, holding the girl’s shoulder, and whispered; “Not afraid, it’s okay!”



At this time, there was an abnormal noise from the bed, and the man in the bed cracked because of his severe struggle. He reached out and pointed at Meng Ke’er, his mouth and nose spit blood, and made a whine …

I frowned, I don’t know what he meant. At this time, he shouted heartbreaking, a chain was like a electric drill, drilling from his head, blood splashed, watching it, watching it. My dead soul risks.

That man, no, it should be a male ghost, and he was weakly collapsed. A pair of bloody eyes stared at me wide openly, looking at my heart.

Under the gaze of me and Meng Ke’er, this male ghost was like summer snow, and it melted quickly, and no trace was left.

I turned my head and stared at Meng Keer, whispered; “This … what’s going on?”

“I … I don’t know, I’m so scared …” Meng Keer whispered, the crisp sound made me very unbearable, and finally pressed the confusion in my heart, hugged her coquettish body, whispered; “It’s okay, I’m here!”


Her pale face raised, looking at the beautiful and beautiful face, I moved in my heart, couldn’t help but make her face and kissed her lips.


I can clearly feel that Meng Ke’er’s little hand holds the clothes behind me, my nails scratch my skin, obviously she is very nervous.

This is the first time I have kissed the girl’s lips. It feels very soft and cool. It feels very good. The strong pleasure made me close my eyes and carefully felt this wonderful touch.

My chest was softened, my heartbeat began to accelerate, and the unknown flame began to burn in my heart. At this moment, I seemed to be hit by a lightning electricity, my mind was blank, and my body seemed to not be dominated by myself.

I kissed her, swallowing saliva, trembling and slowly moving on her coquettish body, like a little thief who secretly drilled into the resident’s house, and carefully explored the mysterious place I had never seen …

Finally, my hand opened the buttons behind the girl. It seems that the book is right. The button is behind …

I stretched out my hand and pulled down the girl’s white dress. Her white Shengxue’s large skin was exposed to my eyes. The pair of rounded and full moonlight was like crystal agate under the refraction of the outside moonlight. Dazzling, my abdomen raised an unknown fire …

Suddenly, a drop of cold liquid dripped on my arm, and I opened my eyes confused.

I saw a dark figure, looking up along the figure, I saw a rotten face, countless maggots crawling on the face, the big hole on the forehead was slowly dripping blood, dripping off Fall on my arm …

“Ah!” I screamed, hugging Meng Keer hurried back.

“Ah …” The corpse twisted his head, and he walked slowly at me again, walking, and the crispy bone sound of a click card in his body. I immediately grabbed the Qian Kun sword and pointed at the ghost above.

I never encountered ghosts before, but since that night, I will meet this terrible thing no matter where they go!


“Wow …”