The problem of large pollution of port ports in winter, smart spraying systems to solve

In winter, a large amount of dust will be generated during the operation and storage of the port. Especially when encountering heavy winds, the dust spreads to a farther surrounding area, which seriously pollutes the atmospheric environment in the surrounding areas.

In order to cooperate with the comprehensive management of air pollution in Hong Kong and Airlines in autumn and winter, it helps to prevent the pollution prevention and control of port terminals to a new level, and arterial intelligence will launch the port smart spraying system.

The system is based on the “Internet of Things+Internet” technology. It consists of a water source system, automatic control system, pipeline system, spray gun head, controlling solenoid valve and protective equipment. , By sprayed with water mist and suspended coal dust adsorption, aggregation, and settlement in the air, to achieve the purpose of eliminating dust pollutants. The electromagnetic valve, leakage valve and other equipment are installed on the water supply pipes. After the belt machine works, it automatically opens the water leak valve for spraying operations to reduce the dust pollution caused by the loading and unloading.


Putting port work mode

When the belt machine runs at the landing mouth, the smart spraying system of the landing mouth is automatically turned on, and spraying data such as the number of water spraying, water spray time, water spraying, and water spray pressure are collected. Smart gateway uploads real -time data to the platform.


remote control:

The smart gateway performs the corresponding actions by receiving the control instructions issued by the server. As long as there is a network, users can open and close the operation of solenoid valves and pumps without leaving home, which improves work efficiency.


Automatic control:


This mode associates the spray gun to the device, and sets the appropriate threshold by reading the induction current of the device to achieve automatic control. Intelligent.

Manual control:

Under the accidents such as power off the equipment and arrears, you can open the spray dust to prevent dust and reduce dust and reduce the dust and reduce the dust.


Mobile phone operation

The system uses the IoT technology to collect the spraying point, spray duration, the number of spray times, and pipeline pressure of the front -end hardware equipment. The induction information is transmitted to the computer client of the monitoring center through the 5G wireless communication network. At the same time, the smart spray is developed System mobile phone app, the operator can view the status of the spray device and remotely control the spray gun through the mobile app, and develop the functions of automatic pop -up window alarm, problem -closed disposal, spray data analysis and other functions. Real -time intelligent supervision. It has greatly improved the level of environmental protection and intelligence of ports, and the dust supervision of the port terminal is more accurate, efficient, smart, and fast.

Smart spray benefits

After the smart spraying system is enabled, the spraying facility can be opened and automatically closed according to the specific conditions of the production operation. It effectively avoids basic problems such as the lack of timely spraying facilities and insufficient spraying time. Ensure the dust suppression effect, and saves water resources and human costs.