Kamen Knight empty me: Why did Rose Sister Ning was shot and killed by a police officer, and did not fight back?

Original author: Han Xin. Qin Louyue

Sister Rose is a very critical role in the plot of the Kamen Knight, because the responsibility represented by her identity is to promote the progress of the “Kikiru” game. After all, at the straightforward understanding level, the Gulangki family can be understood as a super -ancient man who has become a puppet.

Because the games performed by Gu Langji are just to determine the strongest and inherit the extremely dark power to complete the destruction of the world. Although this sounds more outrageous and horrible, it is proud of the inside of the Gulangki family, and Various categories of Gulangki are also for this goal. Essence

And the rose sister is different, the meaning of her existence is not fighting


Among all Gulangki, only the La Group of the Rose Sister and the slave group belonging to the pepperfish does not need to participate in the battle. But this is not to say that these two groups of Gu Langji are not good, but the functionality they exist beyond the combat ability. For example, the elderly of the pepperfish is not only a repairman of the Gulangki family, but also the only and designated weapon manufacturer. Because of his existence, the “Kikiru” game has more possibilities. This is better than when we play the game. When we brush the monsters to a certain extent, some gold coins will be harvested, and these gold coins can buy equipment such as weapons such as NPCs that sell equipment to improve our ability.

As the organizer of the game and the supervisor at the same time, Sister Rose is like the NPC that guides players to make the task stronger in the game. Therefore, her existence was not pressured by the game, but she was carrying the elimination of the weak, and the potential Gu Langji entered the next round of the game.


However, in terms of power, Sister Rose is responsible for the strongest Gu Langkida Cuba. She guided other group Gu Langji to participate in the game in order to find Gu Langji, who can inspire the ultimate power, and through the final decisive battle to help the contestants or the successful Da Cuba to complete the active activation ( Or upgrade).

The final fate of Sister Rose is still going to perish, but the form is more elegant

The positioning of Sister Rose is in the “Kikiru” game, and there are functions similar to witch or priests. That is, at the necessary stage of the game, in order to progress to the next level in order to smoothly go to the next level, Sister Rose is prepared to be sacrificed and perish at any time. Because the way of Gulangki’s ability to upgrade is to complete the evolution of the game to get the belt. Although Sister Rose has the ability to inject energy, it does not rule out that she has been sacrificed during the semi -finals to improve the ability of the winner.

Just in the form of death, Sister Rose is more elegant than other Gulangki. After all, other Gulangki, the game did not complete the time due to the expiration of time. It will also explode because I can’t resist it, the empty me or from a stronger blow from a companion. Sister Rose does not need to go through these, because if she needs to be sacrificed, she will basically not resist. As long as the opponent’s ability can end the rose sister, she will not be restored.


In the plot, it was injured in the early stage, and Sister Rose recovered instantly. Even the attack of the strong demon bats in the enhanced form is an instant wound healing. It was not until the end that it fell into a police officer’s nervous burst. After all, the power of this bullet was temporarily fainted by even the unicorn.

Of course, facing the attack of a police officer, Sister Rose was completely capable of avoiding or fighting. But it is not necessary for her. The first is that you do n’t participate in the game, you ca n’t do it to humans anyway. Secondly, the “Kikiru” game at this time has completely ushered in the finale, because there is no new Gu Langji to challenge Da Cuba, and Da Cuba has also completed the integration of the ultimate power. Only after defeating the air, it caused the ultimate darkness.


Naturally, under such a big premise, the mission of Sister Rose is also complete, so life and death have not made much meaning for her. After all, his belief is to guide Gu Langji, who can lead to the ultimate darkness, or the black eyes. In the setting of this result, it is also biography of the East Mazu. The purpose of the villain to the end is to destroy the world. As for what will happen after destroying the world, all the imaginations are open and not existing, because the last villain will be ended.


Therefore, in the case of destiny, Sister Rose really does not need to resist, because her purpose has been achieved and the mission has been completed.