Even Teacher Tony was conquered! This hair dryer, high face value can also blow dry hair quickly

Xueba Jun recently saw a news that because the teacher Tony of the hair salon did not go to work, many people began to study how to cut their hair at home.

During the Spring Festival, the haircut reached the top of the best -selling product list of major e -commerce platforms. This epidemic has forced everyone who would not even cut bangs into senior hairstyles.

Many people think that they finally get rid of Teacher Tony who do not understand people, and can cut a hairstyle they like as they want.

However, the reality is cruel. In the end, most of them can only cut themselves into aliens, and finally have to end with an inch or even bald.

As a primary school disabled party who has never won the first prize of handmade competitions, Xueba Jun really dare not make a joke with his head. He can only insist on washing his hair every night to keep his hair as clean as possible.

However, after blowing a few times, I found that the hair dryer at home is really not powerful. I didn’t feel much when my hair was short. Now I can’t do it for a long time after the hair grows.

I spent my hair every night enough to eat a chicken. I still have a strange hair dryer.

Xueba Jun searched on the Internet and found that a hair dryer was particularly hot recently. Not only was it favored by the new Teacher TONY, it was sold for 100,000 yuan a month, and the face value was particularly high.

Therefore, Xueba Jun decided to try this new net red hair dryer -glittering hair dryer.


When I saw this hair dryer for the first time, Xueba Jun couldn’t help thinking of a very famous sentence in our Internet industry: pretty is not like a powerful faction.

The color matching of black and white models is relatively conservative. There is a simple style of Nordic furniture. It looks very coordinated in most decoration styles. Compared Essence

But these two colors are not liked by Xueba Jun, because the hair dryer of Flash Grid has two more attractive colors: the concubine red and emerald green.

At first glance, when I saw these two color schemes, I felt that the hair dryer felt like the Forbidden City. The blue tile and red wall looked antique.


Looking at it from a distance, there is a kind of noble spirit from the royal family, which is simply the favorite of ancient rows of learning.

Beautiful and beautiful, the hair dryer of Flash is not relying on the face alone, people still have strength!

The oversized power of 1800W is comparable to the hair salon -level blowing experience. Even the large hair of girls can blow dry for a few minutes.

The two wind speeds and hot and cold wind temperatures are controllable, and they can easily dry their hair and shape at home.

At the same time, while blowing the hair with high -power hair dryers, it will destroy the hair quality. After blowing the hair of dry hair and easy to fry, the flash grid adds Blu -ray ion hair care technology.

While blowing the strong wind, it will also lock the water of the hair through the blue light ion to keep the hair healthy and smooth.

It is worth mentioning that this hair dryer is specially designed, so it will be quiet than ordinary hair dryers when blowing hair.

Think about it, and the ears of Teacher Tony in the hair salon are almost unable to hear things, and I have to sigh that the new product is good.

The point is, how much do you think how much should this hair salon -level hair dryer sell? More than 100?

Do not! The original price only needs 49.9!

It’s not over yet!

There are 30 yuan coupons now! The lowest only needs 19.9!


Is there a higher cost -effective one! Just buy it!

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Flash hair dryer Furnishing high -power dormitory for student network red style fans hair salon, cold and cold, not hurting

¥ 49.9