Put the cabinet, from the porch to the cloakroom, 4 combinations, the storage and aesthetics are doubled

In the face of so many spaces in the new house, you need to install a cabinet, but if you don’t want to pretend, should you be “tidy”? Today, let’s take a look at these four cabinets combinations. From porch to cloakroom, we will double the storage and aesthetics of the home!


The first: porch cabinet+card seat

When you get home, you do n’t want to see the messy shoes as soon as you enter the door. At this time, you can consider customizing a card -type cabinet in the porch. On the one hand, there is a place where the porch is stored, so there is no need to worry about its cleanliness problem. On the other hand, it is inconvenient to go out to change shoes.

2: Electric cabinet+cabinet

It is a good choice to have a cabinet in the kitchen for a small apartment. The cabinet of the correction of the top of the corner not only uses the dead ends perfectly, but also increases the storage space of the kitchen. At the same time, designing an invisible cabinet door to pack the electrical appliances, which enhances the design of the kitchen.


Third type: desk+wardrobe


The space of the bedroom is not very large, but the storage problem cannot be ignored. Traditional bedside tables are difficult to clean not only, but also average storage function. At this time we consider turning the bedside table into another functional area. Just like this suspended desk and wardrobe that turn the traditional bedside table into an extended suspended desk and wardrobe. In this way, the space of the bedside table is used to satisfy the function of learning storage.

The fourth type: wardrobe+washing closet


We usually expose it directly outside, so that there will be trouble with dust cleaning. Use the free place next to the wardrobe to customize a row of cabinets, and the middle part can be used to install washing machines.

There are many ways to combine the cabinet, depending on what functional effects you want, and where to install the cabinet in which location you want. In short, don’t be too deadly!


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