Top ten famous brands of air purifiers, ten major brands of home air purifiers

Top ten famous brands of air purifiers, ten major brands of home air purifiers

The top ten famous brands of the world air purifier, Bingzun air purifier is among the best! With the upgrading of people’s quality of life, the quality and personalization of home life are increasingly valued. In order to create a comfortable breathing environment, home air purifiers are keen on people. So which brand of household air purifiers is better? Here are the top ten famous brands of air purifiers.

1. Benshion air purifier

Bingzun Air Purifier BS-P8 sterilization rate is as high as 99.99%, released 23.5 million cubic centimeters of negative ions, formaldehyde CADR is as high as 554 cubic meters per hour, and the CADR CADR is up to 900 cubic meters per hour. class. The performance parameters of Bingzun Air Purifier are so terrible!

Bingzun air purifier uses five -heavy purification: 1. negative ions. The high -voltage electric shock generates ammonia ion, and the air is destroyed from the dust, bacteria, and viruses with a positive charged in the air. 2, sintering activated carbon. Solving activated carbon removing harmful gases such as formaldehyde, benzene, and tvoc, generating radioactive substances such as water and carbon dioxide, super strong filtering formaldehyde and benzene. 3. Antibacterial HEPA filter. Filter can inhale allergies such as PM2.5, second -hand smoke, pollen, pet hair. 4. Formaldehyde star filter. Effective removal of harmful viruses such as H7N9, bacteria, mold spores and fine particles greater than 20 nanometers. 5. Pre -filter. Ads to dirt such as hair, particles, dust, etc. to prevent respiratory diseases.

Second, beautiful air purifier

Midea air purifier uses a microp -formula activated carbon, which contains small gaps to adsorb various home pollution. The maximum purification amount of CADR is 550 cubic meters per hour, and the formaldehyde CADR value is 230 cubic meters per hour. With negative ion generator, it can degrade harmful substances in the air.

Third, Meier Air Purifier


The US air purifier uses a first -class coarse filter, EVA sponge filter, activated carbon filter, removing formaldehyde filter, HEPA filter and other five -fold filtration and purification systems, which can eliminate dust, bacteria, pollen, benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia gas Wait for harmful gases, 20-50 square meters.


Fourth, Huawei Zhichuan Air Purifier

Huawei Wisdom Selected Air Purifier uses UITRA CLEAN full -effect purification, which can purify harmful substances such as virus gas solution, formaldehyde, bacteria, haze, odor and pollen. The CADR value of the particulate matter is 600 cubic meters per hour, and the formaldehyde CADR value is 300 cubic meters per hour.

Fifth, Aiyoute Air Purifier


Aiyoute Air Purifier uses a micro-electrostatic technology, with a built-in water washing micro-electrostatic filter. It is suitable for 35-60 square meters of space. The formaldehyde value of the formaldehyde value of the air purifier is 240 cubic meters per hour, and the CADR value of the particulate matter is 500 cubic meters per hour.

Among the top ten brands of air purifiers, air purifier brands such as Dyson, Xiaomi, Gree, Haier, and Philips are also good.

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