Each girl has a double Jurassic heroine’s high heels, runs to death dinosaur, and runs to win life!

On the weekend, my sister went to watch “Jurassic World”. Dinosaurs didn’t pay much attention. They patronized the heroine’s high -heeled shoes. In the words of Venus, these shoes are perfectly perfect. You feel it!

This pair of shoes is accompanied by the female lead a Zuo to the end.

At the beginning of the movie, the director gave this pair of shoes an oversized close -up. The purpose was to tell you: Optimistic, this play is the protagonist!

After the two bear children disappeared, the heroine wore these high heels and trot in the jungle!

In this kind of jungle, most people wear sports shoes a few steps. The heroine is a trolm in the jungle wearing high heels, jumping!

All kinds of mud out of the mud, of course, this is not finished!

After the pterosaur flew out, the female lead wearing high heels ran faster than the Star Jue!

Sata runs that!

Every time I watch her running so fast, my sister -in -law was bold, for fear that it would break the heel!

Then the heroine wears high heels while driving, and she has to deal with the ranging dragon while driving!

Finally wearing this pair of boots to open the warehouse No. 9, leading to the overlord dragon!

The speed of adulthood dragon in warehouse No. 9 reaches 24-40 kilometers per hour, but it is a heroine who can’t catch up with these high heels!

Wading mountain climbing, driving escape, rescue people under the mouth, encountering love, walking the jungle, running over the overlord dragon! Are you sure that “Jurassic World” is really not the 124 -minute version of the luxury advertisement of this pair of shoes!

Of course, nothing is unknown. This pair of fashion most fashionable high -heeled shoes is Sam Edelman, a light luxury brand from New York!

In fact, the designer Sam Edelman himself has a lot of stalks. He has been engaged in women’s shoes for more than 30 years. The earliest brands such as Ralph Lauren and Candies have been doing it for a long time! Then he went to the sea to start a business, and the brands of Kenneth Cole and Esprit were also done by him, but unfortunately sold it later.

In 2004, the unwillingness of this unwillingness and wife Libby Edelman founded the Sam Edelman brand. As soon as it was sold, it was well received by many models. Victoria’s Secret Model Alessandra Ambr√≥sio and Gisele B√ľndchen could not be separated from it in summer!

and! Intersection Intersection Even Xingjue couldn’t help but put on its trot. It was enough!

Then the question is, such a pair can help you to win the overlord dragon, how much is the shoes that win your life, in fact, it is not expensive at all!

This pair of shoes on Amazon is only $ 57 to $ 100, and there are five colors!

Don’t envy foreign girls, we have this brand on Tmall and even Kaover, and it is not expensive!

Each girl has good shoes like double Jurassic heroine, running dead overlord dragon, running out true love,

Running out,

Run to win life!