“Outside underwear”, Pure Lust Queen Wear Guide

Some people say that judging whether a person is sold in the sales office, it depends on whether there is a bra top in her black suit.

When Bra has become a popular fashion in the past two years, it is unexpected.

According to statistics, in the 2021 fashion conference, the trend of underwear -style tops increased by 121%, becoming the first place in the upsurge.

From this year’s fashion show, we can see that almost all of the original vests have been replaced by BRA.

A BRA, with a shirt, suit or denim jacket, the soul cannot be tied with a button, and the layered skin exposure effect comes out.

It is said that wearing skirts is not easy to hide BRA. Since it is not good, it is exposed.

Fashion is inspired, and the stars are sought after.

Wang Ou’s white collision and black collision highlight the whiteness of the skin, and then with the design of the bra out, make her look sexy and cold.

Yu Shuxin’s BRA’s external style continues her sweet and sexy style.

You know, because of BRA’s special significance, it has not been able to enjoy people’s rational eyes like other apparel items.

“You go in, I’m waiting for you outside.” When a girl wants to walk into the underwear shop in the mall, I will hear the words of the male accompaniment next to me, as if it is a thing that is unsatisfactory inside.

However, as the concept of freedom of dress slowly penetrates into people’s lives and thoughts, girls have also gained more tolerance to choose bold and avant -garde wear.

BRA’s external wear can become a trend, which is not only inspired by the fashion show, but also a way for girls to reach a reconciliation with BRA: you must wear it, at least you can choose to wear comfortable and beautiful.


In many types of underwear, which standards that meet external wear are not currently concluded.


But in the scenes of the show and street shooting, we can see that these appearances of underwear are beautiful. It can be a simple model of solid color, or a design with lace, embroidery and other patterns. It is not obtrusive as long as it matches other clothing.

In addition to the beauty, the function of the underwear itself cannot be lost. A piece of underwear must first realize the requirements of people’s sense of comfort and soft support.

As a fashion trend, BRA is also forcing merchants and manufacturers to think about how to make a lingerie meet people’s more requirements.

In other words, only the “BRA leader” on the market can achieve a counterattack from the inside out and accept people’s attention.

Recently, a reporter from New Weekly visited a number of supplier factories of the Underwear Brand Metropolitan Beauty, and found that its conventional underwear of underwear was more advanced in research and development and design, and it also had relatively strict control in process technology.

There are many categories: lace, lace, cup materials, cup ingredients, etc. The workmanship is integrated, and the manufacturing is refined.


Body -shaped underwear has higher requirements for process design.


The biggest effect of shaping underwear is to rebuild and reshape the body curve, mainly designed for people with the body to adjust the needs. The shaping underwear will be completed through 60-80 or more processes, “restore women’s graceful posture with precise design.”

In recent years, the concept of steel -free underwear has been favored by more and more women.

However, even the most popular steel -free underwear brands on the market, the breathability and coating of its products are still criticized by many consumers.


VBRA has no size underwear. It is pushed to form a W -shaped tent with the side of the towering cable tiestity, replacing the rubber bone, stable and not running, and easily tighten the side milk of the side.

The brand’s supply chain also strives to achieve “fast”. The first batch of orders are put into production lines to produce all qualified products, which is within 25 minutes.

The “fast anti” capabilities of the supply chain system affect the progress of a product to a certain extent.


The product update is fast to get the opportunity to touch people’s fleeting consumption trends. BRA is only a starting point, and people’s requirements for underwear will be more diverse in the future.

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