Rugs on the living room coffee table? Design villa decoration better like this

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When the model room, I always feel that the entire room is warm and atmospheric. In fact, the sample room is not just the overall style of the house carefully designed by the designer. In this room, each detail is very careful, so that it will look very beautiful. Among these furniture, it is not just big objects that set off the beauty of the living room, but the carpet under the sofa and coffee table is essential.

1. Increase the sense of coordination of space

Many people will put a carpet in the living room. Now the carpet color and patterns on the market are also diverse, and the selectivity is very strong. After the house decoration, if a carpet is used, it can increase the coordination of the space. The grade to the entire space is not too monotonous, and it is easier to highlight the personality and taste of the owner. Some are simple and elegant, and some are luxurious and noble.

However, some friends expressed doubts about the unnecessary decoration on the coffee table, so they blindly chose to lay a too bright carpet under the coffee table, but in the end, it found that it not only destroyed the original style of the home, but also made the whole look very eye -catching.

In view of this, everyone may wish to flexibly choose whether to spread the carpet according to the actual atmosphere at home. If the villa decoration is in a dark state, or a variety of patterns are printed. At this time, even if you do not go to the carpet, you will not make the family look tedious.

If it is just a bare light -colored tone, tea is almost without any decoration. Then, if you want to enhance the overall atmosphere of the home, you can use a layer of carpet to bring a decorative effect to this area.

2. Floor protection

Now more and more people choose to decorate wooden floors when decorating the villa, but the cost of wooden flooring is very high, and the cost of maintenance is not low. And the living room is often used, and the tea may be moved frequently. If there is no carpet, the friction of the coffee table during the movement will damage the wooden floor, so the carpet can better protect the floor. This is also a way for rich people to save money without spending money.

3. The feet are very comfortable

Putting the floor or tile with a carpet can reduce the hard contact. Use a carpet to separate from the floor. Even if you step on it in winter, you will not feel cool, and you can store geothermal. Villas are decorated and rich people have always enjoyed life. Putting a carpet can increase the comfort of life and make people more comfortable and comfortable. Why not?

4. Vacuum

Although the house is often cleaned, even if the house is cleaned, countless small particles and flies float in the house. If the carpet is covered under the coffee table, the dust and the fluff will be absorbed by the carpet and it is not easy to spread. This can reduce the room in the room. The dust of the dust is more convenient to clean up with a vacuum cleaner.

Putting the carpet under the coffee table in the living room. The main reason is because of the above -mentioned benefits, but the owners who do not like to clean are cautious!

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