The daily water cup awards of office workers are arranged

It has faded the rainy rain, today

#合 合#

The awakening of the sky was awakened, revealing the hot sun and summer heat.

In the 996 busy life, seasonal change seems to be unclear.

But in the afternoon, the wind, the coolness of the evening, and the leisurely clouds seemed to be reminding us that this summer was nearing the end.



The inspiration comes from the more professional lifestyle of young groups. This issue brings more cups of pots to office workers to meet the needs of multi -occasion and multi -faceted drinking water.


On the way to work -Yan Double Drink Cup

In the morning and evening, a cup of mellow coffee/fruit tea can greatly alleviate the irritability caused by congestion and rush to “autumn tiger”.

Add an exclusive


The glass, replaced the disposable coffee cup and milk cup, everyone is an extraordinary healthy and environmentally friendly pioneer.


The dazzling Minghuang and cherry blossom flour are excited at a glance.

This rich glass dual -drink cup uses a golden ratio, and the car, hand holding, and putting in the bag are just right. 360 ° silicone seal, don’t worry about leakage. Silty-silicon thick glass, with a temperature difference of 0-100 ° C, cold drinks and hot tea.

Busy work -intimate Mark Cup

The workers who are doing their careers have long been familiar with [the mysterious power of warm water in China]. In the early autumn, dry and sensitive, and drink more temperature water.


Different from the traditional Mark Cup, this Fuguang Lounge Mark Cup uses the idea of ​​the insulation cup to use it to combine the advantages of the two to make the office drinking water easier.

The pearl shell is paired with 304 stainless steel inner tendon to ensure healthy water while drinking healthy water.

The cup body is lightly resistant, and the golden insulation of 40 ° C for 6 hours, waiting for you to wait for you to warm.

Exercise -Practical Sports Cup

Although young people this year, although they often use lying flat and social animals to tease themselves, they love life more than anyone.

Take advantage of your mood, take TA to exercise and travel. Go to the stadium to show vitality, go to the gym to sweat, go outdoors to challenge yourself, and release it once.

The rich glory sports cup that coexists with value and strength will be you to be a better witness.

PC health material, 2000ml large capacity, born for exercise; the cup body is thick design, faces the bumps; 270 ° precise thread seal, layer -layer leak -proof, and carried with confidence.

Home leisure -elegant cool kettle

When I get home from get off work, the first time I have greeted myself, there are long -awaited desktop wave dot hammer cloak kettles. Drink a cup of cool and white, the cute and beautiful home time officially started.

Tear off the fake smile mask, remove the exhaustion, make a cup of peach soda, turn out a movie, and return the time to yourself in a lazy night.

The combination of the hammer and cold water cup pot is not only a good helper for guests, but also a good thing to please themselves.

The unique wave dot hammer texture runs through the entire series, such as sparkling, elegant and neat; V -type eagle -style pot mouth, free water to collect water; comfortable handle, endless.

In a slow way to restore the exquisite life of office workers.

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