4 batches of laundry fluids such as “Ota” laundry fluid are unqualified

China Consumer News (Geng Ji’an, a reporter from Ju Haisheng’s Land Poetry Qin) Henan Provincial Industry and Commerce Bureau recently announced the results of the province’s 2015 circulation and care products sample inspection. A total of 41 batch samples were sampled. The samples are unqualified.

In December 2015, the Henan Provincial Bureau of Industry and Commerce commissioned a third -party testing agency with legal inspection qualifications to the laundry products sold by the distribution of municipalities in Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, and Luoyang (laundry solution, bath liquid, washing fluid, washing fluid, washing fluid, washing fluid, washing fluid Dipper) was conducted for random inspection.

This time, a total of 40 batches of products were sampled, 36 batches were passed after inspection, 4 batches were not qualified, and the qualification rate of the test items was 90.00%. The main quality problems in the existence of unqualified samples are as follows:

The three batches of laundry fluids are unqualified by the total active content indicators. The total active item content refers to the quality percentage of all surfactants displayed in the deduction effect in the washing supplies in the product. It is an important indicator to measure the decontamination effect of washing products. The mass of the detergent with high total activity content is relatively good. The lower the content of the total active substance, the worse the decontamination effect, and the worse the washing performance.

1 batch of shampoo microorganisms are unqualified. Microbial projects exceeding standards may cause infection to skin and mucosa tissue and harm to human health.

List of products of unqualified care products

Serial number

sample name

Sampling person

Nominal trademark

Nominal manufacturer


Production date/batch number/goods number

Comprehensive judgment


Unqualified item


New Mart’s natural soap (lavender fragrance type)

Dashang Group Henan Supermarket Chain Development Co., Ltd. Kaifeng Kaiyuan Store

New Mate

Shijiazhuang Xinyu Chemical Co., Ltd.




Total active object content


Ortaoshuixiang de -bacterial laundry fluid

Henan Zhengdao Sida Chain Commercial Co., Ltd. Shangjie Life Plaza


Guangzhou Licai Biotechnology Co., Ltd.




Xuan Yuting clean and bright color care laundry fluid

Xuan Yuting

Guangzhou Jingjia Home Clean Products Co., Ltd.

2 kg/bottle



Olive ยท silk soft washing and discharge

Henan Province Dazhang Industrial Co., Ltd. Old Collection Shopping Plaza

Han Yi

Guangdong Yawei Biotechnology Co., Ltd.



Total number of colonies






Total active object content

Total active object content

Henan Zhengdao Sida Chain Commercial Co., Ltd. Shangjie Life Plaza