Water and land can control the long -term kinetic waterproof sports watch of the Mido leader series

[Watch House Watch Tasting] The Oroba Corporal Lighthouse is in the only sea corridor in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, and it is solidly guarded and returned to Hong Kong for more than a hundred years, indicating the direction for the navigator. Meidu is good at discovering the inspiration of watch making from the building. In the 1940s, Meidu selected the representative building of the Eroba Corporal Lighthouse to create a world -renowned leader series watch. The watch watch is still fascinated by the fans. This article will introduce a long kinetic waterproof sports watch of Meidu’s new Ocean Star, the official model: M026.430.37.051.00.

Outstanding waterproof performance

Mido Watch Performing Series Long King Waterproof Sports Watch M026.430.37.051.00

The pilot series is a representative model of the USD. Since its introduction in 1944, it has always been known for its outstanding water prevention. Although this series of watches have been improved many times in appearance, the functionality has not been disappointed. Many buyers are the first choice of high -quality waterproof meter when they choose a high -cost waterproof watch.

水陆均可驾驭 浅谈美度领航者系列长动能防水运动腕表

During this year’s Basel High Watch Show, Mido grandly launched the reded leader upgraded watch, the Waterproof watch of the Ocean Star leader series, which was unanimously recognized by everyone. The new watch is adapted to the contemporary trend, and at the same time continues the classic and traditional design. It has a waterproof performance of 200 meters deep. The case becomes slim and lightweight. The 80 automatic mechanical movement, although the change is so much, the price is still kept within 10,000 yuan, which is really exciting.

水陆均可驾驭 浅谈美度领航者系列长动能防水运动腕表

Introduction to the new pilot watch watch


水陆均可驾驭 浅谈美度领航者系列长动能防水运动腕表

The new OCEAN Star’s Waterproof Watch is not only a professional waterproof watch, but also a fashionable leisure sports watch. Since the date of birth, the leader watch has been improved by five cases so far. Compared with the previous generation of styling launched in 2010, the new version of the design is more in line with the aesthetic requirements of modern people, and it is more pursuing a practical and beautiful balance. It is also clearer when reading.

Pointer and scale

水陆均可驾驭 浅谈美度领航者系列长动能防水运动腕表

This rose gold Ocean STAR leader series waterproof watch is matched with a full black dial, with a time scale between strips and Arabic numerals and the middle hollow pointer, and all over-the Super-Luminova® luminous coating to ensure that it is underwater regardless of whether It is day or night, which can clearly show time, bringing great convenience to diving. In addition, one -way rotating bezel provides safety guarantee for diving.

水陆均可驾驭 浅谈美度领航者系列长动能防水运动腕表

More classic traditional case design

This Mido OCEAN Star series of waterproof watches compared with earlier models, the shell size has not changed, and it continues to maintain a diameter of 42.5mm. The thickness is reduced to 11.75mm. It can be said that it is a thin design in the diving meter. The side of the case is beautiful, the lines are smooth and natural, and it is quite fashionable. It is a waterproof watch close to daily life. It is suitable for wearing whether it is underwater or on the land.

Early ears design with edges and corners

Spring waterproof watch crown

水陆均可驾驭 浅谈美度领航者系列长动能防水运动腕表

To remove this watch, you will find that the design of the ears and the crown is also very unique. The ears and corners are more clear. It is a bit tough and strong. While continuing the classic rotation design, the post -prolonged crown system also pays more attention to the processing of details and highlights the texture. Process.

水陆均可驾驭 浅谈美度领航者系列长动能防水运动腕表

New folding table buckle, equipped with diving safety devices

The watch is paired with a new folding table buckle and a diving safety device, even if it sneaked into the bottom, there is a high security guarantee.

Fine background decoration has the sign of the pilot series

The golden surface shell is designed with a dense bottom, which is decorated with the sign of the leader series, and is fixed with 5 screws to fully show the waterproof characteristics. The ordinary 80 -hour movement has increased the weekly display function and enhances practicality.

水陆均可驾驭 浅谈美度领航者系列长动能防水运动腕表


水陆均可驾驭 浅谈美度领航者系列长动能防水运动腕表

This Waterproof Waterproof Watch with a waterproof 200 -meter performance perfectly reflects the aggressive attitude of the beautiful and newest gesture. At present, this watch has been launched in China, and the official public price is: RMB 7,700 yuan. (Figure/Watch House Fu Liyan)