Essential unlimited product of migrant workers: enjoy Youle steam eye mask

Today, most people are using their eyes for excessive eyes, continuous mobile phones and computer bombardment, and staying up late, many people gradually start buying many eye protection artifacts to protect eye health. Here Infinite product steam eye mask -enjoying Youle Steaming Eye Mask.


Unlimited products enjoy a thin -piece heating technology*, the temperature during heating is about 41 ° C*. For the eyes, this temperature is not high or low, just right. Compared with other powder -like steam eye masks, enjoying the high safety of the excellent steam eye mask, it can avoid excessive temperature, burns the skin around the eye, or too low temperature and not achieve the effect of heat compress.

Unlimited products enjoy the excellent speed of the steam eye cover. The heat is fast. From tearing the aluminum foil bag to contact the air for 30 seconds, the eye mask starts to have a slight heat feeling. When using it, you can feel that the fine steam slowly “flows out”, gently “exudes” into the eyes of the eye, the entire eyes are wrapped in hot air, which is very moisturizing and comfortable. And the heat is lasting, which can continue to apply for about 20 minutes at a time.

Unlimited products enjoy the two models: natural and non -fragrant type and chamomile fragrant type. Naturally without fragrance, graphene is added. Graphene is an advanced nano -material. The thermal conductivity performance is very good. During the hot compress process, the 4-16 μm far-infrared light waves that are suitable for the human body can be released. The thermal effect of the far infrared slowly penetrates into the skin and achieves warm care for the eyes. “Negative ions” added with chamomile flavor. During the hot compress process, the released negative ion content is equivalent to 179 times the negative ion content of the indoor indoor at room temperature. With the faint floral aroma around the surroundings, it seems to be in nature, soothing tension, and release pressure.


This unlimited product is very suitable for all workers, independent packaging design, a box of 10 pieces, it is convenient to carry. It is very convenient to carry. It is very convenient to carry. You can wear Xiangyue steam eye masks to make a comfortable SPA for your eyes, and relax your body and mind and nourish your eyes anytime, anywhere.