What are you still worried about in winter? These three pants are kept warm and not bloated.



To say that the most warm bottom in winter, then it must be


Essence It can wear a woman’s generous and deductive demeanor, which is simpler and lighter than skirts. Whether it is a coat, sweater, or down jacket, how should such pants be selected?

Today I recommend 3 comfortable and versatile pants, let’s get this winter pants list together!

Straight jeans

Jeans, as pants that are inseparable from all year round, must be the first to recommend, especially

Whether it is versatile or thinner, it is satisfied with me.

If you want to wear the characteristics in winter, you must stack and dress, especially this

Three -layer stacking

Essence Wear a shirt version of cotton clothes on the outermost, which is a V -neck

Knitted vest


Wear one inside

turtleneck sweater

, The layered three -layer stack. Put it with one

, Remember to put it in the pants in the pants, it is very long!

This inner velvet

It is my rational type, not only can I modify the leg size but also keep warm. The gray knitted vest+white shirt on it is a very handsome combination.

If you want to wear a pair

Short boots

If you are, you can try the jeans

Roll up

The boots that expose the boots can also show long legs in addition to being cool.


Don’t be too tangled with the color, we tried

3 different colors

The vest, the effect is very good.

This is also



, But the color of the pants body is darker, and the effect of the legs is better.

In the warm room, just take one

Loose version of the brut

Inner slim


It is quite thin under the background of “outer pine tightness”.

Take another one in this shape

Thick scarf

On the day when the weather is good, shopping is still very OK!


Intersection Do you have a lot of question marks in your head? In fact, tofu pants are similar to tofu color

White pants

Essence In the general dull winter, tofu pants are worth having.


The first feeling of getting the hand is too comfortable, it is very soft, and it is still against the ball. After putting it on, I found that it is really a five -star of the legs!

I think the small fragrant wind jacket is especially suitable for tofu pants, because they are all feminine items. Interior


The same color has a strong sense of one.

Finally wear a pair of tofu pants on the feet and the same color

Wool shoes

The shape of the whole person is more fresh and gentle.



Tofu pants are too suitable for winter, keep warm and covering the legs, and the legs are relaxed. If the sweater on the upper body is short, the proportion of the body is too superior ~

When I received a sweater with a very strong sense of Christmas atmosphere, what pants were still worried? The final discovery is still

Most suitable.

Putting the corner of the sweater into the waist of the pants, this kind of “


“It feels very good.

And when matching this dark warm jacket, tofu pants become its “

Best partner

“Aren’t you ready to start a pair of tofu pants?

Tidam pants

Probably from the beginning of last year, it has become popular

Athflow wind,

Also given

When it comes to the fire, it is thinner to cover the meat, the most important thing is comfortable ~

Tight waist

The beam pants can be turned into

High waist

, With a short cotton suit, I feel that my long legs can’t hide again ~


Beam pants

It is worth having all girls. The loose pants are hiding meat, and the tight pants are not afraid of the wind.

This kind of plush jacket this year is really too hot. It seems that the lady who is shopping is wearing it, and it is very matched with beam pants ~

I often wear knitted skirts, but

Knitted leg pants

I am still wearing it for the first time. It is too good to be in winter. It is probably salt or sweet!

On both sides


The age reduction is still thin, perfectly combined with the loose leg version, it is a bit more

Sports and leisure

The breath. There is no sense of disobedience to put a sweater.

This kind of color -fighting leg pants are very sporty, still full of sports feel


The effect is the best.


sports shoes

It’s indispensable ~

In addition to these three long pants, what pants do you like in winter, you can leave a message!

Straight jeans

Straight jeans

Straight jeans

Straight jeans

Knitted vest

turtleneck sweater






Tidam pants