Why is “silicone” righteous milk?

Righteous milk

The simulation breast refers to the external artificial breasts replacing the real breasts.

Simulation milk is a silicone material, which has the characteristics of softness and durability. The design of simulation milk is very beautiful and humanized, which can meet the needs of most people. Guarantee the patient’s psychological confidence, body


, Enable patients to adapt to family life and social activities in a perfect image and improve the quality of life.

Maybe everyone will ask, why is it “silicone” milk, isn’t other materials? For example, “latex” that is particularly popular now?

Silicone VS latex

Silica gel

Non -toxic and harmless, excellent physical and chemical stability, and more breathable

The “silicone” we often say should be called “silicon rubber” in strict sense.


The characteristics of silicon rubber

Silicon rubber has the Si-O-SI chain structure (the same as the main structure of natural glass), which is non-toxic and harmless; with excellent physical and chemical stability, it can be used for a long time at -60 ° C to 200 ° C. Sexual media (oxygen, ozone, ultraviolet) has good resistance and has excellent tolerance for sterilization processes (steam, γ -rays and ethylene oxide).


Editor’s interpretation:


In simple terms, silicone rubber will not be damaged due to various strict sterilization processes during the processing process, and can withstand the temperature of minus 60 ° C to more than 200 ° C. Therefore Northeast of ℃, non -membrane milk milk is suitable.

Since silicon rubber itself has a series of excellent characteristics such as high temperature resistance, aging, high transparency, physiological inertia, good, biological adaptability, non -toxic, odorless, non -carcinogenic, etc., it is widely used in medical treatment In the product.

In the existing medical silicone rubber applications, short -term contact medical devices include human conductin tubes, infusion pipes, laryngeal tubes, organic silicon binders and lubricants, etc.; Long -term implanted medical care


Including artificial breasts, artificial joints, facial implants, and so on.


Poor heat resistance and oxidation resistance, moldy mold, allergic reactions

Latex is a natural milk white sap for rubber trees. This rubber tree is specifically planted to produce rubber or centrifugal production for rubber products. However, because natural latex is a non -polar polymer and contains unsaturated C = C dual bonds, its solvent resistance performance is poor, and the performance of heat resistance, oxidation, and ultraviolet rays is relatively poor. In addition, natural latex contains some soluble protein, which increases the hygroscopicity of the product and causes the product to mold easily. [6]

Latex Allergies is a kind of immune response to natural latex, such as latex gloves and various latex products. Because latex is composed of hundreds of proteins, lateral latex deselevation treatment is performed on latex allergic patients, or the standard component is extracted from the latex of allergic constitutions from the latex.

According to survey data of the American latex allergies, about 10%of adult asthma has deteriorated due to contact with latex in the workplace. Up to 18%of medical staff (especially the surgery department) are allergic to natural latex. About 680%of children with spinal fissure (related to multiple operations) suffer from latex allergies. About 3 million people in the United States are allergic to latex (about 1%of the prevalence).

Due to the widespread application of latex products in medical devices, home or medical gloves, carpets, and children’s toys, the prevalence of latex allergies has increased year by year.

The existence of these shortcomings of natural latex limits the application of latex, especially medical -related fields.

Seeing this, I believe everyone has understood the difference between “silicone” and “latex”. It is precisely because silicone rubber has a series of excellent characteristics such as high temperature resistance, aging, non -toxic, odorless, harmless, physiological inertia, and strong plasticity that silicone rubber has become an preferred material for simulation milk.


Salmonic safety of silicone milk

The design, production and sales of medical silicone rubber products are basically the same as ordinary silicone rubber products, but the materials, manufacturing processes, processing equipment, production environment, and product packaging requirements are much higher than ordinary products.

For long -term contact with the human body, even a small amount of harmful substances should be avoided, so


Choose high -quality silicone rubber materials and use product recipes suitable for the human body. At the same time, the production process also has strict quality control. It is not allowed to have impurities and cross -pollution commonly available in industrial products.

The silicone rubber material used in Selunyi milk will use PT as a biological auxiliary in the production process to make the purity of silicon rubber higher. Although it increases production costs, it can ensure that the silicon rubber material does not contain harmful substances, and more Safety.

Adhering to the product concept of “professional, safe, healthy” and the attitude of being responsible for users, Xuelun is committed to silicone and milk milk and milk




Mammary gland

The postoperative rehabilitation supplies have been developed for nearly 30 years and have more than 30 technical patents; there are strict quality requirements. After ISO9001: 2015 quality system certification, the product meets the EU CE standards; the product has passed harmful substances and allergic testing.

On November 22, 2017, the “National Organic Silicon Engineering Technology Research Center Medical Rehabilitation Materials Sub -Center”, which was jointly established by the National Organic Silicon Engineering Technology Research Center and Xuelun, was officially established. This is the depth of the actual needs of scientific research and industry. The integration is the support of scientific research institutions for the medical rehabilitation industry.

The establishment of the “National Organic Silicon Engineering Technology Research Center Medical Rehabilitation Materials Sub -Center” will bring new progress in the research and development and application of medical rehabilitation materials, accelerate the transformation of scientific research results to actual application; Come more professional guidance to escort the physical and mental health of sisters after surgery, and restart self -confidence life.

Recognize the regulatory channels, beware of counterfeiting

Recently, we have found on the market that there are fake -like milk products that are selling. These counterfeit products cannot meet the quality characteristics requirements of Shunlun, which is more likely to cause physical and mental harm to consumers. Here, we remind everyone: correctly identify Sherry’s milk, be alert to counterfeit products!

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