Ma Sichun became tender after falling in love! Wearing a black sweater with pink lace base, it has a sense of layering and dazzling

Is the woman in love zero? This is really inaccessible. But most of the women in love must be full in style matching! They all solve their best, choose the most suitable dress, and make their most confident and charming side show the front of people. For example, Ma Sichun after the Golden Horse Shadow. She has a face value, acting skills, and a good personality. She is in good condition after falling in love. Under the stylish style, she is getting tender 30+.

Attending the event, Ma Sichun chose a short black sweater and paired with a pink lace base. The basic model of solid color is added with pink elements, and immediately enrich the entire shape and full of layers. With the refreshing high ponytail and pink girl makeup, the whole shape is very eye -catching. In essence, this set of wearing contains many small ideas about colors and wear, which can be effectively used in our daily life. Today, I will give you a plate.


Black round neck



Leisure versatile but easy to flow in ordinary


Ma Sichun’s upper body is a short black round neck sweater. The round neck sweater itself has a strong street leisure, and it gives a sense of relaxed and free to put on it. The black model selected by Ma Sichun is super versatile in addition to leisure. Black sweater with other different items can wear a lot of possibilities. Having said that, the black round neck sweater is also easy to flow. From the perspective of color definition, black is colorless, and pure black wear is often too dull. Therefore, how to use the black round neck sweater to make a bright look, you need to think about it.

Black slim pants: highlight the advantages of long beautiful legs

As for the lower body, Ma Sichun chose a pure black slim pants. Black is a dark color, and visually has a good slimming effect. Therefore, black clothing can usually be thin and modify. In addition, this black pants wearing Ma Sichun also have a slimming tailoring, a close -fitting version, and a slightly stiff fabric, which makes the previously slender leg shape longer, highlighting the advantages of beautiful legs.


Black “cooked color matching” color matching coordination is not disobedient, and it is even more tall

In fact, Ma Sichun’s combination uses the “smooth color matching” technique. What is the matching color? In short, only one color or the same color system is used up and down. Here, Ma Sichun uses black to make the whole body match, unified, concise, and is very coordinated in color matching, creating a wonderful sense of harmony without a trace of violation. More importantly, such a combination can visually create a physical extension effect. It seems that the whole body’s body lines are more slender and taller.

How to put “a black” out of fashion?

Personalized stacking method to mention the level, inject multiple styles

As mentioned above, black is a dark color, and it is easy to give people a serious and dull feeling if it is not worn properly. At this time, some bright colors are needed to match black to weaken the dullness. And Ma Sichun chose to wear a pink lace high -necked bottom shirt. After the round neck of the sweater, the pink lace neckline was exposed, and the pink dot inner jacket was faintly visible. In this way, it greatly brightens the dark and darkness of the whole body, and enhances the level of overall dressing. Not only that, the injection of sweet elements can neutralize the calmness of black, and the fusion of multiple styles will make the whole shape fashionable and individual, and at the same time full of girlishness.

More sweaters fashion look ↓

Pink Oversized sweater+black leggings+feather woven bag

Ma Sichun’s body is used in the tight dressing rule of the upper Panasonic. The upper body is an oversized pink sweater with tight black pants on the lower body. Ma Sichun chose sunglasses and shoes of the same color as the pants, so that his feet became the extension of the legs, which increased and thin. The bag is a pink feathers woven bag, which echoes the top and coordinate with coordination. The overall sense is strong.


Red sweater+brown bag+light -colored jeans


The red hooded sweater belongs to the warm red red, bright and vibrant, and the light blue straight jeans blue in the lower body belong to the cold color system, which makes people feel refreshing. The collision of the warm and warm tone is not abrupt, but it looks very youthful, cute and stylish, and very eye -catching.

Green loose sweater+denim shorts+chain bag

Ma Sichun’s shape, the upper body is a loose version of the green sweater, and the color saturation and brightness are relatively high. The lower body is wearing a short version of retro blue jeans to show beautiful legs. With the green casual shoes under your feet, the overall wear through the blue -green tone, fresh and lively. The black checkered chain bag is used as a accessories, adding a point to the elegance to the whole set of wearing, and plays the finishing touch.

Gray Oversized sweater+black skirt


The gray Oversized sweater on the upper body is a hooded mid -length with a black pleated skirt. When I walked, the skirt was flowing with the wind. It seemed to wear a way to wear the “lower body disappearance” that female stars loved in recent years. This way of wear is especially suitable for women with slender long legs, and the effect of long legs is very good. At the same time, Ma Sichun also chose the handbags with black gold, making the whole shape cool and handsome.


After seeing Ma Sichun’s so many fashion styles, how do sisters get to use sweaters to make a layered sense, make themselves brighter? Hurry out the sweater in the closet and borrow some small ideas to make yourself tender and fashionable.