“Speaking of Guzai”, playing Hakka Hanle, watching Yukui promoting Hakka culture like this

On the afternoon of November 28, the party building of the Kwai Chung Office of the Dapeng New District in Shenzhen Leading the Guan Ai Growing Growth “Rongshou Talks Gu Zi, Promoting Hakka Culture” activity was held at the bottom of Kwai Chung’s Basin Basketball Court, attracting more than 200 residents and old party members and cadres to participate Essence It is reported that the Hakka Han Le introduced for the first time in this event will help community residents to solve the Hakka culture more deeply. The event was co -sponsored by the Party Mass Service Center of Kwai Chung Office, the Kwai Chung Office cared about the next -generation work committee and the Kwai Chung Community Party Mass Service Center.


“Talking about Guzai” is a local Hakka dialect in Kwai Chung, which is storytelling. The event was opened with the Hakka lion dance. The lively lions danced on the stage, and the superb skills performance won the applause of the audience.

On the afternoon of November 28, the Kwai Chung Office organized the “Rongshu to talk about Guzai, promote Hakka culture” activities. The picture shows the opening performance of the activity in the Lion Dance performance.

The event invited the vice chairman of the Writers Association of Dapeng New District and the deputy director of the next -generation work committee, the most beautiful Dapeng -Xue Dingkui told everyone a fun Hakka “Guzai” “Bear Chicken”, telling one. How can a little girl witness bravely break the trap under the monster pretending to be a grandmother and successfully escape.

The old dance team of the Party and Mass Service Center of the Kwai Chung Office brings you a soft classic group fan dance performance. The dancing group fan condenses the charm of poetry, books, and painting, exuding the fineness and ingenuity of traditional handicraft production. It is worth mentioning that this event also invited the Shenzhen (Phuket) Hakka Music Association, which has won the Gold Award of the Hanle Music Award, brought Hakka Hanle to the audience.中胡、扬琴、笛子、大阮、击乐等多种传统演奏乐器,和谐演奏汉乐经典作品《怀古》,风格典雅优美、古朴大方,让在场的观众如痴如醉,精湛的演出也让The audience feels the deep historical and cultural heritage of Hakka culture.

The old dry dance team of the Party and Mass Service Center of the Kwai Chung Office brings you a soft classic group fan dance performance

The event is close to the end of the child’s immature and pleasant Hakka nursery rhymes and the 70 -year -old resident of the Kwai Chung community. “”. “This activity is very meaningful. I hope that our Hakka culture can be passed on.” Said Aunt Zhang, a local resident who participated in the event.

“Holding this event is mainly to enhance the understanding of the Hakka culture in the community.” The relevant person in charge of the event said that he hoped that the event was to enhance the younger generation of Hakka people’s confidence and pride in Hakka culture, inheriting the love of the Hakka, the country, love the countryside The humanistic spirit of re -education, hard work, simplicity, and pioneering innovation, and promote the exchange and development of Hakka culture.


[Written article] Zheng Tingting

[Correspondent] Bai Fan Zhang Xiaoming


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