Sewing small military bags to wake up teenagers

Red Net moment Changsha, July 16th (correspondent Liu Zhen) In order to lead young people to know the history and love the party, the country loves the country, the red gene is rooted in the heart of the young people. On July 15, the Xianghu Community, Xianghu Street, Xianghu Street, Furong District, Changsha City. The family carried out the “Paper Patriotic Package and Wake -up Juvenile” activity for the husband’s welfare service center.

Under the leadership of social workers volunteers, the teenagers watched the excellent TV series “Awakening” of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party, and jointly revisited the years of the Communist Party of China, so that the teenagers present were deeply shocked. Aspirations, firmly have my own fist. Later, everyone sewed the patriarchal elementary school bag with their own young hands, and pasted the national flag on the small schoolbag. “Live for the people”, “Long live the motherland”, “strong in my country”, “I love you China”, and the vibrant works are presented in front of everyone.

This event exercised the hands -on ability of young people, deepened the young people’s understanding of the Communist Party of China, and let the party history study and education immerse themselves into the heart of young people in a silent way.