High -efficiency and reliable 3 -in -1 anti -aging artifact, there is a big discount today | AD

High -efficiency and reliable 3 -in -1 anti -aging artifact, there is a big discount today | AD

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Hello everyone, today is your knife again ~

I went to the medical beauty agency with my friends on the weekend. However, after the skin test, the nurse mentioned that she had started to have some on her skin

Static fine lines

There are also facial relaxation, you can consider

About Rela on Maggie

Improve it.

Although it seemed full of recognition at the time, the friends who came out of the door said straightforwardly. Although the Jaggie, which uses the RF principle, is particularly effective, can be controlled for a year and a half, but the price is also

Really expensive

Ah, and I heard

It’s painful


I believe many students have a similar feeling to us. It may also be because of this,

Household radio frequency beauty instrument

With similar principles, cheaper prices, and more convenient ways of use, a lot of attention has been received.

Some people often ask in the background, saying that there are more and more RF beauty instrument products on the market. It seems that it is very good to see which one is.

How to pick

Relatively speaking, I still recommend everyone to give priority

famous brand

Products, because you can get more ones



Clinical data

The effect and safety are naturally more secure.

One of them must be mentioned, that is,

Yameng Ace

I have told you several times before, including the owner.

This time it launched again

Upgraded version of ACE PRO

It is said to be better than ACE

More efficient, more accurate and comprehensive

Essence Is it so powerful? Let’s take a look together.

Ya Meng ACE PRO radio frequency instrument

I believe many classmates are no stranger to Ya Meng to develop

Large -scale commercial medical equipment

Started, there have been 43 years of professional research and development background, holding

More than two hundred patented technologies

For more than 40 years, Ya Meng has always paid special attention to consideration

Features of Asian skin

And then design solutions targeted.

Studies have shown that compared with Europeans, Asian skin

The epidermis layer is thin

, Pigment content is more. The dermis layer is thicker and the soft tissue is richer.

However, due to the wider facial contour, the support provided by the bones is relatively limited, the fat and muscles attached to the bones

It’s easier to relax, sag, and produce wrinkles

And also

More difficult to recover

Different facial structure of Asians and Caucasian facial structure

In response to this situation, Ya Meng proposed “

Layered anti -aging

“The concept, from two aspects of 方面 to achieve the effect of tiring, fading wrinkles, and brightening skin tone:

The shallow layer, middle, and deep layer of the dermis layer uses 3 bands to improve;

The epidermis layer, dermis layer, and muscle layer use red light, radio frequency and EMS currents to improve.

The picture is provided by the brand

RF upgrade multi -layered dermis layer



Anti -aging, Ace Pro is equipped with a new upgrade

“3 -band inverter radio frequency”

Compared with the previous generation, it has been upgraded from dual -frequency to three frequencies.

Newly increase

1.3 MHz’s radio frequency, with 1MHz -1.3MHz -2MHz RF, which covers the dermis layer in full, for the dermis layer

Deep, medium, and shallow layer

Perform a role.

Radio frequency energy will be converted into heat energy, thereby

Stimulate the regeneration of collagen

, Play


, Make the skin more

Full bomb


At the same time, Ace Pro’s

The heating speed also increased by 15%

The “preheating time” has been reduced, and the efficiency of use has become higher.

Triple energy layered anti -aging

Beyond RF, ACE Pro is still

Composite slow release current

Red light

At the same time, comprehensively improve the skin state.

The second -generation composite mild release current is acting from the dual -frequency current respectively

Different levels of muscle layer

, Can be able to stimulate muscle recovery elasticity once,

Strengthen the tightening effect

Students who have experienced micro -current functions know that it feels like a needle.

The advantage of the composite slow -release current is to make the current strength intensity

Light and heavy

, Avoid the continuous tingling sensation, just use it

A lot more comfortable

On the other hand, ACE PRO also has

630 (± 10) nm

Red light, can be in

Epidermal layer

At the same time, he showed his skills.

For the epidermis layer, red light is OK

Accelerate blood circulation

, Promote cell metabolism and help

Improve the dark yellow of the epidermis.

For the dermis,

Be able to cooperate



Work together, together

Promote collagen synthesis

Four Ring circles extremely efficient functions

Earlier, we talked about the improvement of ACE PR

engineering design

As a result, Ya Meng also considered.

Ace Pro’s radio frequency head used “

Four Ring Ring Extreme Composite Technology

“Through the fourth ring, 3 energy of red light, radio frequency, and current acts at the same time to different skin levels.

Compared with the previous generation, the coverage area


, Heating area


, RF and current energy


, The level of the dermis layer and muscle layer



Anti -aging in more efficiently

Round -shaped (left) is more uniform than bid (middle), point -like (right), and the picture is provided by the brand side

At the same time, it is displayed like a diagram. Compared with the point and strip design of the circular design of the ring -shaped design, it is more

Uniform and stable

The energy output, the area of ​​contact with the skin is larger and more fit, so it can make the skin the skin

Heat evenly



The effect of clinical verification is true

As mentioned earlier, a lot of principles and technologies, but as ordinary consumers, those who care about it still


It’s right. The reason is spoken, and it is found that there is no effect in the end.

As an old driver in the field of home beauty instruments, this reason is of course understanding.

Clinical Test of the Three Hospital

Yameng did at the third -party testing institution at the Third -Party Inspection Institution Affiliated to Sun Yat -sen University

28 Angel Effect Clinical Test

, Let’s test how the effect of the ACE Pro is.

Dermatologist Professor Lai Wei


The results show that after 28 days of ACE Pro, the subject’s face

The dermis layer intensity increased by 10.22%

, Skin elasticity, facial skin firming

obviously increase

It’s right.

Swipe left and right to view

For example, below is the dermis layer of the dermis layer of the germinated intensity image measured by a subject.

Collagen has increased significantly after 28 days

After 28 days, the number of new collagen (yellow dot) increased, and the pictures were provided by the brand.

One of the most direct changes in collagen is

Wrinkles are reduced

It can also be seen from the test results that after 28 days, the subject’s face

Decree pattern, crow’s feet, raised head


The number of numbers decreased by 21.06%, 29.10%, and 26.22%, respectively, showing that ACE Pro can have a good improvement in this regard.

Doctor of China and Japan Dermatology for pro -testing effect

The data of the clinical report alone may not feel the actual effect, so Yameng also invited

8 skin

Dr. Ke, Physician

I also made a 28 -day trial.

Through the detection of VISIA-CR, it can be seen intuitively that the user’s decree pattern, the fine lines around the eyes, and the facial texture

After 28 days, it was significantly reduced

The actual use effect will vary from person to person, but

Just around

The face of several testers can have such changes, and it does show

Ace Pro’s strength

Ya Meng is a beauty instrument brand that is earlier in China that is involved in the report of clinical medicine.

West China


After clinical testing, Ace Pro also undergone the test of the test. I have to say that this serious attitude of the brand has made me quite good.


Seeing the test results of the ACE Pro, people are looking forward to the effect after use, but not only that, when used alone, when used alone

Full details

It also makes me particularly good.

Ace Pro

Three gear

Also possess

Grade memory function

The small details are particularly intimate.


Intelligent temperature control system

Effectively activate collagen to generate the safety range of the epidermal layer at a safety range of 37 ° C -42 ° C. When used, it is

Warm feeling

, Don’t feel hot and exciting.

And it can be clever

Inductive movement speed

If the instrument is not moved by hand, it will control the output of energy,

Prevent scald

Essence Look, a mature beauty instrument has learned to control himself.

Share a owner of Yameng since the previous generation (> ∀

After half a face use 3min, it will

Self -automatic standby

, Save the kung fu on my own time, and I know that I should change to the side, and

There is enough time to supplement gel

Speaking of this gel, it is also worthy of exaggeration.

It is developed from the idea of ​​skin care products. In addition to repairing ingredients such as corner sharkane and regulator, as well as anti -aging ingredients such as vitamin A derivatives, it is also improving.

The texture is very refreshing, and it is easy to erase. It will not feel sticky and uncomfortable on the face. As soon as the water is washed, the gospel of lazy people!

Of course, the most afraid of using a beauty instrument is too lazy. If you don’t insist on using any high -tech.

But Ace Pro it

It only takes 6 minutes ok

Intersection Even a lazy person who can’t hold on to the fitness (yes, me) who can’t keep fit for half an hour a day can easily draw for 6 minutes.

Send a dumb, listen to the song, and watch an advertisement,

The daily anti -aging task is achieved!


Yameng’s newly upgraded ACE Pro continues the advantages of ACE, and better stimulates the dermis collagen regeneration from 3 -band frequency frequency frequency frequency frequency. Functions and characteristics can help achieve better anti -aging effects.

At the same time, whether it is the clinical trials guided by Professor Lai Wei or in the measurement of dermatologists, the effect of Ace Pro in improving skin firming, improving wrinkles and texture.

For students who want to do medical beauty but hesitant, Yameng ACE Pro is a good artifact that has a good anti -veteran.

Even for the old medical driver, ACE Pro can help the project last longer and better, and it can have a lot of use. It is not to say that it is not necessary to do other nurses of hot Maggie once a year.

The wireless design also gives a lot of freedom. It can complete a 3 -in -1 efficient care in 6 minutes. It is a safe and efficient choice for students who want to further improve skin care efficiency.

Moreover, this time Ya Meng also brought you

Great discount strength

Original price ¥ 5399, and the exclusive coupon is reduced by ¥ 1000,

Only ¥ 4399

You can also enjoy

6th phase exemption


Beyond the beauty instrument, there are also

A lot of gifts!

Moisturizing gel 80g x 4 (including an inner attachment), apply the mask X 2 boxes, customize the facial washing x 3 pack, storage bag x 1, apply a mask from the face cleansing before use to the mask, all for you, all for you Ready ~

Tell everyone quietly, Ace Pro

Just sold out and sold out just as soon as it was launched

, But we also won the benefits for everyone. In addition to so many discounts on the coupon, we can also enjoy

Preferred delivery

, Buy early and get home early, come soon

Receive coupons


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By the way, if you are already an old user of Yameng, Ya Meng can also provide you



The upgrade plan, please consult the shop customer service for details ~


















The picture is provided by the brand

The picture is provided by the brand

The picture is provided by the brand

The picture is provided by the brand

The picture is provided by the brand

The picture is provided by the brand

The picture is provided by the brand


Red light

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Quality product recommendation: anti aging gel