“Root Carving Electric Tools” to make root carving coffee tables, which root carvings are needed to polish electric tool root carving coffee table culture

The so -called root carving coffee table is the use of the shape of the old tree roots or stumps. After the series of process procedures, it is made and processed into a coffee table with decorative effects and practical functions. Some people are called root carving art coffee tables, root carved tea tables, and root carving tea tables. With its unique charm, the root carving teahouse integrates practicality, art, appreciation, and collections, and has won the love of celebrities and celebrities. It is the new favorite of the collection world. So, what are the electric tools for making roots?

[Root Carving Electric Tools] What root carvings are needed to polish electric tools, root carving coffee table culture

Root carving electric tool

Generally speaking, the tools of woodcarving creation, such as sawing (chainsaw, oil saw), wooden, chisels, carved knife, flat shovel, ax, wood diamond (electric diamond), wood hammer, plane, electric tools, etc., can be used Come on root carving creation. In addition, scissors (scissors for pruning), knife, brush, sandpaper (cloth), thick thin cloth, cotton yarn, rope and other basic appliances are needed. During special processing, such as fire grilling, cooking, and insect -proof treatment, some utensils are needed. Generally, families can be used for use, and they may not be prepared.

The materials used to make root carving are mainly root materials. In addition, there are some auxiliary materials, such as glue (water glue, latex), paraffin, paint (varnish, raw paint, paint slices), etc. When you need coloring, you must also prepare the required pigments.

「根雕电动工具」制作根雕茶几需要哪些根雕打磨电动工具 根雕茶几文化

Genjia Coffee Culture

A good roots of tea is a indifferent and elegant landscape and ink painting, a beautiful Tang poem and Song poem, the Taoist practice of the unity of heaven and man, the essence of the Buddhist Buddhist gate, and the spiritual insights and aesthetics of the world and nature we survive. Essence Choose tea tables with millennium ancient tree roots, with exquisite tea cups, supporting root carved stools, root carved back chairs, placed an ancient purple sand pot, in a natural and exquisite environment, smell tea, reflect on life, tea nature Give it to the fullest. Makes people taste “tea flavor life”, tastes forgotten and Guizhen, and tastes virtuous. It is clear that the spirit is clear, and the heavens and the earth are unique. Reaching the artistic conception of “not drunk and drunk”.

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