What is the main point of buying doors and windows, doors and windows, doors and windows, doors and windows.

What is the main point of buying doors and windows, doors and windows, doors and windows, doors and windows.

Everyone may have less to listen to the words of doors and windows in life. Although doors and windows are common, they are really not understandable for the objects contained in these proper nouns. In fact, the doors and windows hardware contains union, hinges, hand -pulling, window hooks, anti -theft chains, etc. Let’s introduce the main points of buying the door and window hardware accessories.

1. What is doors and windows hardware

Let’s introduce what this term means first. The collective name of various metals and non -metal accessories installed on the doors and windows of the building. Auxiliary effects start when the doors and windows are closed. The surface is generally plated or coated, which has the characteristics of sturdy, durable, flexible, economical, and beautiful. The doors and windows hardware can be divided into building door locks, hands, blocking, leaf, hinge, closed doors, closure, plug -in, window hooks, anti -theft chains, inductive open -door device, etc.

The doors and windows of the doors and windows are unity, hinges, hand -pulling, window hooks, anti -theft chains, etc. The ordinary union is used for charging energy materials. The door panel shakes or generates gaps, and the doors and windows have other products, such as the so -called hinge and other so -called hinges and other products of the doors and windows. Or damage and rupture. There is also the so -called push -pull rails of the track divided into dark whistle. The whistle is behind the door. The stability of the whistle is stable to prevent the automatic closing of the wind door and the product and closed doors. Each accessory is very useful.

The doors and windows have cat eyes. This cat’s eye is the so -called access control. Cat eyes can look in the anti -theft through looking out. Finally, the door lock, the door lock is divided into two -handed method outside the lock core, etc. The exquisite appearance of the lock core is used for high -end buildings. So what should be paid attention to when using doors and windows? Hardware doors and windows should be paid attention to the participation and assembly and distribution of each part. Pay attention to the hardware of the non -different materials cannot be used together. Touching the material of the doors and windows itself, the aluminum alloy should be matched with the type of doors and windows hardware aluminum alloy. Therefore, you must buy the same material when buying hardware accessories.

Second, doors and windows hardware accessories purchase points

1. Sealing strips

You can smell the nose if you have a heavy odor with your nose, and the normal PVC material can hardly smell it. You can also wrap the sealing strip as tight as possible on the profile, place it at high temperature or sunny places for a period of time, and see if the contact surface of the surface and the sealing strip is discolored and discolored. It is recommended not to buy some damage.

2, club

The good club is a good alloy or a cold -rolled steel stamping molding. It feels thick and smooth. It is easy to install the back door. It is recommended to use a piece of hinge with your hands to make the other slice down and see if the speed is even. If evenly, it is a good union.

See if the brand is well -known, almost all the hardware used by the doors and windows of the big brand uses cold -rolled steel for one -time stamping. The feel is thick, the surface is smooth, the load -bearing ability is strong, and the sliding door is free. Infinitive hardware is generally made of cheap metals such as thin iron skin. The door stretchs juvenile and even harsh sounds. Therefore, the brand’s hardware accessories are more secure.

After such a careful introduction, I believe that everyone must have a comprehensive understanding of the doors and windows. At least when you think of this word, you won’t just think of the door and window simply. The doors and windows are recommended to purchase the same material, so that they can cooperate with each other in daily use. If you do n’t know how to buy it, it is recommended to buy a brand with big -name protection.

In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about sawtooth long pole window lock cylinder, hope it can help you.