Aloe vera is used for beauty, you don’t know these methods now, OUT

Aloe vera is used for beauty, you don’t know these methods now, OUT

The benefits of aloe have known for thousands of years, 2200 BC. The land that can grow aloe vera is relatively small. Scientist Aristotle even suggested that Alexander Emperor conquer Socotra, just to get its huge aloe planting gardens. The efficacy of aloe vera is evident. But now, there is no need to fight, you can find the ingredients of aloe vera in each skin ointment, frost and rehabilitation mask. After saying so much, let’s take a look. What should I do? Can treat your skin and make your skin refreshing.

First of all, it must be said that aloe is rich in vitamin A, β-carotene, vitamin E and other antioxidants, which can make the skin look young and healthy, better prevent aging skin, and reduce the skin’s fine lines and wrinkles. It is recommended to start using aloe vera, because as long as aloe gels are used every day, you will be surprised by its impact on your skin. The problem that once troubles you will disappear.

Sunburn is also what we often encounter. If you are sunburned, then when you apply aloe vera on the skin of the sunburn, you will see that most sunburn gel will contain aloe vera. Here I want to remind that aloe does not have any added chemicals. You will immediately feel its cooling effect and reduce the effect of pain, and if you use aloe before sleeping, it will disappear red.

In addition to sunburn, burns are also a problem that we often encounter. If you like to cook, but you are afraid of being burned by oil or fire, you can put a bottle of aloe vera gel on your shelf. Some gel covers the wound, and uses a bandage to apply it for a night. The next day, you will immediately feel the cooling effect of aloe vera, continuously apply, and slowly reduce the sequelae of the skin caused by the fire.

In fact, it is not only to prevent aging and sunburn skin. As we all know, dandruff is a annoying skin disease, which is often caused by skin irritation, dryness, or fungal infection. However, it is magical that it can heal dandruff with a certain amount of aloe gel, which can not only keep the full water in the scalp. Also because aloe has antibacterial and anti -inflammatory effects, it can prevent dandruff and curls. It’s a good scalp health medicine.

If you think that aloe is only helpful to the skin, it is very wrong. According to the detection of scientists, it is found that aloe contains polysaccharides fiber, which helps to relieve pain, and at the same time can make the skin heal faster. When you are injured, you can use peroxide to clean the wound, then apply some aloe, and wrap the wound with a bandage. You will feel much the next day! Therefore, it is recommended that you always prepare a little aloe at home.

Not only that, when your hair is greasy or dry, you can apply some aloe gel on your hair because it can make the hair black and shiny. Of course, if you have the conditions, you can mix it with coconut oil. Invisible, it makes a night mask for your hair. In the morning, just wash it off with a little shampoos, you can see you smooth and soft. The hair is.

Of course, the effect of aloe vera is not only in the epidermis, but it is considered to help constipation because of its high fiber and moisture content. It can feed a variety of good bacteria in your digestive tract, and due to its alkaline characteristics, it can also reduce the inflammation of the stomach. Of course, things must be reversed. When using, pay attention to the number of aloe you consume, and look at your body’s response to it. If you have any discomfort or cramps, you should reduce your amount of aloe.

Have you ever been abandoned because of bad breath? Yes, don’t doubt, if you have bad breath, aloe will help you cure.

First of all, we must be clear that bad breath is usually caused by poor acid digestion. This indigestion can be reduced by an anti-inflammatory substance called B-Valley alcohol, and this compound is existing in aloe vera. When you want to cure bad breath, you can take a quarter of aloe vera gel and drink half a glass of water or fresh apple juice. Your bad breath will be greatly reduced.

We all realize that it is important to remove the keratin at least once a few weeks, because exfoliating can keep the skin fresh and gloss. Aloe vera can become the perfect helper of your DIY cut quality. At the same time, it can moisturize your skin, provide oxygen for cells, and make your skin glow and full of vitality. Instructions:

Take half a cup of aloe vera and mix with some brown sugar or baking soda to form a slightly tough texture. Apply on parts that need to be exfoliated, such as: knee, high heels, elbows, etc.

What is even more surprising is that if people who have been acne always have aloe, your acne will be greatly reduced, because its antibacterial, preservatives and anti -inflammatory properties will protect your skin and prevent harmful pathogens in you Causes inflammation on the skin. In addition, it contains polysaccharides to promote the growth of new skin cells, while sugar protein can reduce skin redness and help restore the skin. Treatment of your acne and acne aloe gel has a very effective healing effect.

In this way, I generally introduced the dozen use of aloe vera, I hope everyone can remember in my heart, because it really in our life and the body of the body. The most important thing is that its price does not have It is very expensive, and the general public consumes it, so Xiaobian really hopes that everyone can carry it with them, because you, burns and skin care we often encounter, carry with us, can make our lives better.

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