The brand introduction of the flower shirt is not only the “Maldives style”

The brand introduction of the flower shirt is not only the “Maldives style”

This period

It came to “repay debts”, because the leaves promised to write the trilogy of flower shirts: pattern knowledge, matching skills, and brand introduction.

Today we will make up for the third part,

Flower shirt brand introduction


When it comes to flower shirts, especially Aloha Shirt Hawaii style, many people’s thoughts immediately flew to the distant island, and when many media introduced it, they also crowned “vacation wind”, “put on it, where to go, where to go, where to go, where to go, where to go The name of Maldives “.

This is not surprising. The Ye Zi has already said in the previous article that it is a Hawaiian shirt of various floral shirts. It is the product of island culture. It has a strong tropical scene. The style influence.

But with the rapid advancement of fashion and the change of design, today’s flower shirts are not just the island wind. Even if it is the version of Aloha Shirt, it can have another feeling.

The following leaves have selected several brands for everyone. From the classic Hawaii style to the trendy street style, I believe that both in style and cost -effective can satisfy you:


Sun Surf

In fact, the good Hawaiian shirt brand does not necessarily focus on the Hawaii island. Because the birth process of this item has a lot of relationships with Japan, there are many well -known brands in Japan. Sun Surf is one of them.

In the 1950s, it began to make Toyo, a Japanese Toyo company in the Hawaii shirt, and established Sun Surf in the 1970s.

From analysis, seeking the most traditional printing and dyeing technology, to focusing on the Hawaii style of the 1930s and 1950s, Sun Surf strives to restore the most essential appearance of the Hawaiian shirt, so its shirts generally have a strong Vintage taste.

Its pattern inherits the inherent folk customs of Hawaii, plant flowers, beach fireworks, grass skirt dancers, surfing boys, etc. But at the same time, Sun Surf has also developed its own unique style pattern, such as Ukiyo -e -painting patterns with Japan’s East, as well as fashionable cartoon images.

In the previous article, the “Spider Essence” Hawaiian shirt that many friends were asking was Sun Surf. The flat -sleeved shirt version and cartoon spider pattern added a bit of fun.

The dyeing of the Sun Surf shirt is very worth mentioning. The color of the pattern is still based on traditional printing and dyeing skills. It is superimposed through multiple printing dyeing. The color is full and transparent. Shirts cannot be worn.

In terms of materials, artificial silk is one of the classic fabrics of Hawaiian shirts, but because it is difficult to find the most primitive artificial silk material, Sun Surf has developed its own unique fabric, not only soft and smooth, but also has excellent moisture absorption of moisture absorption. The function of sweating is very comfortable to wear on the body.

As far as various details are concerned, Sun Surf will even be more particular than many Hawaiian shirt brands. The pattern styles you can’t find in many places may be found here. Brand that is not to be missed.



Have you ever wondered what would be like “Hawaiian shirt+blue dye”?

Kapital is an expert in blue dyeing in Japan. Following the standard American retro culture core, it is well -known with various denims. However, this blue dye brand will not be so stubborn to keep his one acre and three points.

Although Kapital does not focus on Hawaiian shirts, the brand’s related styles are placed in many shirt brands, which is also worthy of a few more experienced.

Kapital’s blue -dye Hawaiian shirt is made of 100% full hemp material. Through the natural dyeing process, it presents a quiet and deep blue blue.

Here, the style of its pattern is completely changed, which belongs to the retro and simple Oriental ethnic style. Because of the different materials, the surface of Kapital’s blue -dye shirt should be more rough, so the style is much simple, and the hot summer of orthodox Hawaiian shirts The comparison of style is obvious.

In this blue -dyed Hawaiian shirt, Kapital is stitched into different yellow materials in it. The contrast between color and material is bold and exaggerated, which is extremely impactful. The brand explained that the lightning pattern was inspired by the Thunderbird totem of the American Aboriginal people, but the leaves felt like the tail of Pikachu.

Look down

A lot of cute.

Kapital’s Hawaiian shirt has a common style in addition to the blue dye style.

The material here is no longer numb, but a common artificial silk. Sometimes the brand will mix into the silk to further increase the effect of light and soft texture. Mainly style.



That’s right, there are many Aloha Shirts that can be selected by this American Street Old Artillesty Stüssy, which can be comparable to Supreme.

In fact, among the many tide brands, Stüssy is one of the brands that have been exposed to Hawaiian shirts earlier.

In 2017, the brand preheated for its own International Stüssy Tribe activities, and united the Indonesian creative brand Potato Head to launch an exclusive series shirt. Although there are not many styles, the pattern design is quite good. It is based on the orthodox tropical island scene scene. The multi -color interweaving also makes this shirt more trendy.

In addition to the co -branded, the recent 2019 spring series or summer series, Stüssy has related Hawaiian shirts to release items.

From the oriental cranes, to the tropical brown leaf forest, to the deformation grass, and the realistic scenery picture, Stüssy seems to take the common style of the Hawaiian shirt.

Naturally, compared with the old Hawaiian shirt, the trendy style of Stüssy does not have much advantage in the fabric and pattern details. In contrast To be higher.


Freak’s Store

Freak’s Store is a Japanese fashion store brand, and it is not a well -known trend unit.

But recently, Ye Zi noticed that the brand launched a shirt series called “Art Shirt”.

The brand is based on standard Hawaiian shirts. The patterns have selected Van Gogh’s “Screaming”, “The Open Cafe at Night”, and Johnis Weimir’s “Girls with Pearl Earrings” and other world -renowned paintings.

The entire “paving” of Van Gogh’s work on the shirt has a stronger sense of space, and “Girl wearing Pearl Earrings” is embellished with a small image around the shirt.

Compared with other magnificent Hawaii shirts, wearing these great works on the body undoubtedly has a higher degree of recognition, and it can also create a distinctive street art style.

This series will be available in August, but now the official website of Freak’s Store has accepted the appointment. Don’t miss it if you want to wear an artistic point.


Unused x van Gohh Museum

Similar styles also have the following joint series.

Unused is also a fashion brand from Japan, mainly based on classic Japanese leisure style.

This time it combined with Van Gohh Museum, and chose Van Gogh’s two paintings “Peony Flowers and Blue Feiyan Cao inserted in a small bottle” and “See from Vincent’s Studio”, in order The full version of printing is presented on the shirt.

The elegant “oil painting texture” combined with the loose and wide Hawaiian shirt silhouette, which brings a more lazy artistic atmosphere, there is a unique relaxed feeling.

This series has been on sale, and your favorite friends may wish to take a look at the official website of Unused.



In the movie “Romeo+Juliet/Postmodern Passionate Passion” when young, Little Plum was wearing a gangster -style Hawaiian shirt and his unruly and affectionate image, which really complemented each other.

Recently, from Los Angeles, it is also one of the most popular emerging trend brands, Pleasures, and released a shirt series called “Gangster Button up”. Black, blue, yellow, and three colors are made of 100% artificial silk, which is easy to breathe.

The loose version of the structure, the increased open collar, and the gangster graphics of “murderous”, perfectly restore the cynical “rogue style” that Little Lizi performed for us in the movie.

If you want to pay tribute to the little plum, this shirt is believed to be a good choice.



Finally, this is a niche brand that Ye Zi personally likes. It belongs to the standard ordinary shirt style. The pattern pattern is also obviously different from the classic style of the Hawaiian shirt.

BRUTA, established in London 4 years ago, was originally opened with a shirt and is still the main focus on such products. Its shirt is regardless of men and women, with obvious neutral temperament, and the overall design is very elegant and fresh.

BRUTA, which has British ancestry, is based on the aristocratic style. At the same time, the French post -Impressionism is added, mainly based on exquisite hand -painted embroidery patterns.

The brand is good at drawing inspiration from different historical periods and different regional cultures. Flowers and plants, geometric graphics, Indian Totem, Taciti Island style … These can be seen from it.

Different from large prints, BRUTA’s shirts are mostly “small” small -area embroidery embellishments. They are simple and clean, and they will not be too complicated after literature and art. But when you take a closer look, these simple strokes are full of noble artistic atmosphere, and more and more interesting.

If you are not used to the men with a screen printed shirt, Bruta will be out of boring but can easily control.

Well, the above is the flower shirt brand introduced by the leaves for everyone.

Of course, because of the problems of length, it can’t be included. Like Hawaiian shirts, there are Kahala, Aloha by King Smith, etc., have always been a very well -known veteran brand, and there are related styles in fast fashion for everyone to choose from.

But for flower shirts, Ye Zi believes that it is also a item worth investing in.

The quality of the flower shirt can be clearly discerned from the material to the pattern dyeing. A good flower shirt is not only low -cost, but also can bring more “story” to your dress style.

The above is the introduction and description of Factory customized modern design dress 100% rayon printed fabric, I hope it can be helpful to you.