Save 295 million yuan in a single single, JD 618 “bottom -up shopping” saves money to appear

Save 295 million yuan in a single single, JD 618 “bottom -up shopping” saves money to appear

JD 618, which is about to enter the climax, explodes the “bottom -up shopping” list. On June 12, a user auctioned in Jingdong with 1.9 billion yuan in Jinan Zhonghong Plaza, which was “the most drew.” According to the evaluation, the asset valuation reached 2.195 billion yuan, which means that this order alone “saves” 295 million yuan.

Jinan Zhonghong Plaza is located on the north side of Jingyan Road and the south of Jiefang East Road in Jinan City. The “Eastern CBD Core Field” of Jinan City is a well -deserved landmark -class building. He won the title of “Jinan No. 1 Building” with a height of 318 meters.

On June 11, Jinan Zhonghong Plaza’s asset package was launched in Jingdong auction, which was finally sold for 1.9 billion yuan on the 12th. As of the transaction, it attracted a total of over 34,000 people to watch. According to the evaluation, Jinan Zhonghong Plaza valuation reached 2.195 billion yuan, and the asset packages include the land use rights, real estate, parking spaces, construction projects and on -site construction materials of 16#, 17#, and 18#. Its certificates are 62,768 square meters of land. There are 3 super -high -rise commercial buildings, 1 generation of foundation pit and 2 subsidiary commercial skirt rooms. Essence

The auction of “picking up” in JD is already a keen choice for many consumers. Since the beginning of 618, it has repeatedly shot a variety of “commodities” including new energy vehicles, real estate, and helicopters since the imaginary bottom prices. A few days ago, Jingdong’s bankruptcy auction once auctioned 7,860 new energy vehicles under the name of Chongqing New Energy Vehicle Financing Co., Ltd., with a total transaction price of 31.27 million yuan, which means that each new energy vehicle was only 3978 yuan.

There are many large projects such as Jinan Zhonghong Plaza, and they are also frequent visits to Jingdong auction. For example, on the day of JD 618, the land use right of 85210 square meters of Ordos was taken away at a transaction price of 280 million yuan. On June 8th, JD Auction took two single helicopters at a ultra -low starting price of 6,180 yuan, attracting many netizens to try. In addition, there are many new and strange lots such as Mossan diamond, silver jewelry, and Beijing A photo, industrial flat sewing machine, single -needle vehicle, automatic vending machine land forestry, special equity session, yacht, etc., which has attracted many “bottom -to -bottom copy. The attention of people.

Not only the “explosion” of Jingdong auction, but even the daily consumption field, there are many “strange behaviors.” For example, a netizen purchased 5 durians and 66 packs of snail lion powder online during the pre -sale of Jingdong 618 to win “the most flavorful bottom -up person”; Take off the shampoo and buy a 6 -family medical examination package at a time.

This year, JD 618 is full of firepower, and it has renovated people’s cognition again with high -value low -cost and excellent service experience. It is consumers who buy goods and choose the service of price protection. After shopping, the price reduces the price within a certain cycle. It can make up for the difference in accordance with the rules. It can be described as a “bottom price” at any time, making “bottom -up shopping” the norm.

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