Which kind of wok is healthier and durable? It’s about health, don’t choose wrong

Which kind of wok is healthier and durable? It’s about health, don’t choose wrong

A good pot can improve the happiness of cooking. The types of pots on the market are rich and diverse. There are several types of wok alone. As far as the most usable use rate is concerned, which kind of wok is healthier and durable?

1. Iron pan

The iron pot is divided into cooked iron pot and raw iron pot.

Cooked iron pot lightly heating fast, convenient spoon, suitable for stir -fry, raw iron pot feels crumbling, is

A few times the iron pot,

In addition, the heat conduction ability is poor, it takes a long time to heat it, it costs time and gas, which is generally suitable for soup and stewing.

If you are too lazy to maintain everyday, your arm strength is small, then it is best to choose a cooked iron pot.

2. No sticky pot

The name of the non -stick pot, as the name implies, is a pot that does not stick to the pan,

Suitable for fried egg -fried fish pancakes.

The reason why the non -stick pan is not sticky is because its surface has a special layer of coating: Teflon

Coating or

Ceramic coating.

3. Stainless steel pot

Stainless steel is a pot containing a certain alloy composition. The material of the stainless steel pot is available

304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel, of which 316 stainless steel is better.

Which pot is good?

1. Comparison of convenience of operation

Non -stick pan > Stainless steel pot = iron pot

Stainless steel pot and iron pot: relatively heavy, high requirements for heat, if you don’t master well, it is easy to smash the pan, suitable for people who cook often

Non -stick pot: Because of the non -sticky attributes, it is convenient to operate and it is not easy to burn the pot.

Convenient cleaning,

And most of the non -stick pots are light, and the kitchen Xiaobai can also come in hand.

2. Maintenance requirements


Non -stick pan > Iron pan > Stainless steel pot

Stainless steel pot: As long as you don’t bump strong, there is no problem with daily use, cleaning, and drying.

Iron pan: After use, it is necessary to dry the water in the pot in time, otherwise it is easy to rust.

Non -stick pan: require more requirements when used. For example, you cannot clean it with wire balls. If the pan is hot, you cannot rinse directly with cold water. The maintenance requirements are high.

3. Life life comparison

Stainless steel pot > iron pot > non -stick pot

Iron pan: good maintenance is very durable.

Stainless steel pot: more corrosive and durable than ordinary pots, and long service life.

Non-stick pan: Short life, do not use it if the coating is dropped. Generally, it must be replaced for 1-2 years.

Be careful not to buy when buying a pot:

1. Aluminum pot

The aluminum pot is light and labor -saving, it will not be burnt or sticky, the heat transfer speed is fast, and the price can be accepted by most people.

And at high temperature heating, it is prone to toxic substances.

And aluminum elements will also be precipitated during the heating process, and too much intake will be threatened to our health.

It may affect bone and nervous system health.

So reduce the use of aluminum pot daily.

2. glass pot

The glass pot is high, and it is convenient to observe the state of food during the cooking process, but the shortcomings of the glass pot are also obvious.

The first is the seepage,

The color of the seasoning is easily adsorbed on the glass, and the pot gradually becomes gray.

The second is sticking the pot. As long as the temperature is high, it is easy to paste the pot. The third is that the pot is sinking.

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