Don’t get angry, the mask will fall off

Don’t get angry, the mask will fall off

Original: Bean Ma – Reverse Warm

The first white hair was found six years ago at the door of the operating room. What my mother found, there was just one, very white, very long.

It seems to have grown overnight.

The baby is still so young, she is still so young, but she has a disease that is not very common, just like being named by the god of fate. Although the heart is strong and believes that everything will return to normal after the operation, the white head is sold out of the heart.

That white hair, my mother helped me pluck it.

One operation, the trajectory of life changed. Actually, everything is the best arrangement, I believe it. So, no matter how bad your current situation is, believe that a bad state may be a good start.

Six years later, after changing the habit of more than ten years, he began to tie up the ponytail again.

Early that morning, when I stood under the mirror headlight, I suddenly saw a small half of a shining thing shaking overhead, what? The reason for the light, right? From a different angle, it is still flashing. Isn’t it dazzling? But our 700-degree invisibility has already been worn! Closer, closer, isn’t it a small half of white hair standing majestically on the top of the head where the scalp is already visible?

Suddenly, I felt sad.

Oh! NO!

There is very little hair left, and it is still a little white, is this like words, like words? (Anger period)

Can I not pull out? (Agreement Period)


Forget it, it’s also a hair, keep it and charge it! (Acceptance period)

It turns out that these five periods of medical psychological activity are suitable for most emergencies.

They all have white hair, we have to hurry up and maintain our health. Jujube goji berries, sesame cinnamon, astragalus ejiao…

The face is round and round, but there is still a lack of qi and blood, and the clinical manifestations are: when the baby is roared, it is pale, breathless, dizzy, and the head is blank, so that the mouth does not choose to speak.

So as Sister Thirteen said:

The best way to stay healthy is to leave the baby alone!

In order to maintain health, and even more to save life, we must stay away from the place of right and wrong – the baby’s desk. Out of sight is clear.

The hip-wrapped little silk skirt can’t be worn, one, cold, two, fat, three, can’t be found. But we can change into affordable XL coral fleece cotton pajamas. As for red wine, forget it, as soon as you drink wine, you have to use meat to order, and you will accidentally drop too much, and the next morning you will be infinitely regretted and annoyed and affect the mood of the day. But it’s still okay to have some green tea in a glass bottle. Candles, forget it, big myopia eyes are not good, and you will have to suffer yourself when the light is too dark and bumped.

What about masks? Yes, we have this, more than that.

After washing, immediately take out a piece and put it on.

OK, perfect.

I was about to lie on the sofa for a short period of self-hypnosis, and the voice began to come: Mom, mother, how to do this question? Mom, mom, where’s my book? Mom, mom, I’m done, it’s ready to sign! Mom, mom, what to wear tomorrow……….

In an instant, the old mother, who was already preparing to be a fairy in mid-air, was dragged back to the mortal world abruptly. I wanted to disperse anger, but unexpectedly, it was difficult to open my mouth, and my facial expression was very limited, it turned out that the mask was attached, and it was difficult to get angry.

Didn’t the beginning say that everything was the best arrangement, wasn’t Newton also smashed by an apple to discover the law of universal gravitation? Therefore, the bean mother came to the law of monotheism, please put on the mask to help the child with homework.

First, it can limit your speech rate because there is very little room for mouth movement.

Second, it prevents you from using too much force, because if you push too hard, the mask will fall off. Our diligent and thrifty old mother will definitely not let the mask full of essence just put on and fall to the ground such a waste of money.

However, there is no exclusion of the third situation, that is, the ghost fire has reached the extreme, so regardless of what saving is a virtue such a nonsense, tearing off the mask and a violent storm There is also a raging storm.

All right! Old Mother Ben is going to put on a mask! Remember, don’t get angry, the mask will fall off!

Dou Mama, a hospital nurse, has dreamed of being a teacher since she was a child, telling stories to children, and now, it is half realized. Huang Doudou, a second-grade girl, likes to dance, draw, and I heard that I want to be a teacher when I grow up, well, having a dream is the most beautiful thing. Hope we all have a beautiful dream and strive to make it happen!

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