This kind of net red pants will not be used, don’t be cheated.

The first two days were surf waves on the shopping platform. I saw such a picture, let me guess it is selling.

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Is this selling?

The gourd is actually

Antibacterial underwear!

Dead, my glasses almost broken!

What didn’t think of bacteria is that a small panties have to harvest the IQ tax.

Uncover the mystery of antibacterial underwear


Search “underwear” in the online shopping platform, it will automatically jump out “antibacterial” and “antibacterial”.

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And the favorite of the merchant is


This highly technique of technology.


Let’s take a look at how it is very normally.

This starting starts from gynecological diseases.


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First, the bacterium science has been many times,

Cervical erosion is not ill!

Second, “80% of female diseases in women are related to underwear.” If the underwear will speak, it is estimated to shout: “Sorry, this pot is not moving!”

Gynecological diseases are not just gynecological inflammation.


If the underwear is wrinkled, it is reminding you that there should be new.

Finally, the protagonist debut: graphene

Grillhene is high-tech nanomaterial, very scarce, expensive, more expensive, more expensive than gold!

This is true,

High quality graphite is sold, and a gram of five or six thousand dollars start.

In order to prove the presence of graphene, when the inner case of the inner case, graphene will come out.


In order to facilitate everyone to understand the absurdity of this point, I simply say the graphene material.

Graphie is a carbon atoms connected in SP2 hybridly into single-layer two-dimensional


Honeycomb lattice structure

The new material is the thinnest in nanomaterials.

Too professional, right?

It is under microscopic, long such, honeycomb lattice structure.

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That is to say, the place where the underwear is amazing is that it can clearly see the structure of graphene and the microscope function of graphene with the naked eye.

Such excellent underwear, don’t 998, as long as 49 yuan, I also buy two get one free.

Say the scarce, say good to the gold is still expensive.

The last kind of this underwear, if any, is the big opening of the lion.

You know, 2 years ago, a health company launched a graphene underwear and up to thousands.

The outrageous thing is that it is now a strip of underwear to hate the relationship with graphene.

The graphene material is indeed applicable to the field of textiles, and the industry’s professionals will be affirmed for antibacterial, breathable, and other functions of graphene materials.


The antibacterial mechanism of the graphene material is still in the research stage, and there are still some difficult problems without breakthroughs.


Back to the antibacterial, breathable function of the underwear, pass through

Other more comfortable, cheaper materials can also be achieved.

Even as long as you change the underwear, you can achieve superiority of graphene material.

Dong Guoji, Vice President of the Jiangnan Grothene Research Institute, said:

“One of the easiest ways to make money in this world is the speculation concept. Gravitational wave is good, quantum, graphene, the reason why it is favored by health care products, because

High-tech placebo is very market.

Even if these undergings really use graphene material,

There is currently no scientific research to prove that it can treat or even cure gynecological diseases.

With the so-called high-tech as the head and even claim that the underwear that can cure the disease is not reliable, everyone must be vigilant.

Next, the bacteria teach you how to pick up the reliable pregnancy underwear.

How to choose during pregnancy

Select according to the changes in the abdomen during pregnancy.

Source: October Care Design Group

Remember 2 basic principles:


Preferred in solid color, light color: light panties rarely fade; it is easy to observe the color of the secretion of pregnancy.



Give precedence, cotton, must be soft and breathable.

Wash and drying during pregnancy

■ Change to wash!

Small panties are intimate with the body all day, and various bacteria will add sweat and have suffering from life.

Therefore, you must change it, change it once a day, clean it with a special basin, and don’t take it together for a long time, because the panties are bacteria.

■ How to wash?

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After the laundry disinfectant is soaked for two or 30 minutes, then use the laundry to hand wash or machine, ventilate in the sun, and dry it.

■ When should I change?

According to the time judgment, it is not accurate. Some people think that 3 months should be eliminated. The bacteria feels depending on the inventory of your panties. After all, the frequency of use of 3 and 30 is different.

So more scientific methods is,

The panties are colored or deformed, they will be replaced.


Like someone, there are many major things to do, and its mission is to obstruct, external protection external genitals, and the bacterium emphasized:

Functional underwear is not reliable! It is impossible to treat disease by one underwear.

So I put it on it to cure the ghosts that can cure, don’t believe it, the old man is practical to wear underwear, sincerely in short pants, don’t pay Imposes!

Finally, [Forward] The article gave more people, treat the underwear to get along the evening!


I am October bacteria, I love this world!

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