Shoes and boots on the list promotion hot search, is it good news to the shoes?

I like online buy discount shoes? You are definitely not alone.

Hugo Net learned from foreign media recently report that according to Connexity’s Hitwise department survey shows that 1/300 search is inquiring coupons, promotions, and discounts, and people most often look for promotions for shoes and boots.


Connexity’s advanced search and marketing analyst John Fetto said: “People are searching for promotional information, shoes and boots are the highest search heat. In August, the promotional shoes are the highest, and they are boots in November and December. The most search volume. “

According to the data, the search proportion of the promotion information last year increased by 40%.

Although the shoes of people like search promotional information is good news, but it also caused some worries. The more investigations have found the promotion and discount information, the more consumers, the more you want to have a discount every time. This consumption expectation may cause shoe enterprises to lose profits.

In the last year’s shopping season, a wide range of promotions make many clothing companies and shoe companies’ profits, which is also a negative impact of excessive promotion to enterprises.

According to data, people are most often searching for Messi department stores, Kohl, JC Penney and Target coupons. (Compiler / Hugo network Zhangkai Yan)

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