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The communication link now has a mobile phone, and almost everyone has a mobile phone. Some is still two phone numbers or two mobile phones, family and public places have virtually VIFI, call, send WeChat, chat QQ, and email is very convenient. Even the old man who uses smartphones will also take advantage of the elderly machine, which is convenient for buying vegetables and jump square dance.

Everyone said that the electronic product is updated quickly, and the mobile phone just used for a year is slow, and the card is not working. With my 70 years later, the development of communication tools can reflect the achievements of China’s reform and opening up.

First, I came into contact with the phone from the language textbook and the little people. I want to be a true guy. When I occasionally go to the post office, I will talk to the phone line from the window, and you can listen with your hand. My mysterious items talking far away. Don’t say it, just look at both eyes, the postman wearing a green uniform will not be impatient, after all, people are eating “commodity grain”, and only the public will have the opportunity to use a telephone.

At the beginning of the 1990s, a black telephone in the school communication room was placed, and the guards were part-time to take a ring, and the transceiver Zheng Shifu took the tube, and it was the kind of hand. According to Zheng Shun, sometimes I can’t pick up a call for a week, as for calling, shaking for a long time, shouting for a few days, and I don’t necessarily find people, listen to it, basically a piece.

When reading college, it was in 1993, and there were many friends and family friends, if there is an urgent matter, occasionally play public calls, you have to contact the person to have a phone. At that time, the phone was mostly turntable, dialing a phone number, Silla, six or seven or even more than ten times, but after all, it was straightforward, more advanced than hand. You usually have to play the abdomen before calling, and even write it on the note, there is something to say, you have to pay four cents a minute! In order to spend money to the ultimate, the timer jumps to 40 seconds, put the finger on the phone fork spring, jump to 55 seconds, then say “Goodbye”, can hang up at 58 or 59 seconds Weigh the master, you can show off for a few days, it seems to be very cheap. If you say a word, the timer skips for 59 seconds, it will be annoyed, not willing to waste it in that dozen seconds, I have to find the topic to talk about 55 seconds. Now the mobile phone is a monthly package, the call is more than 300 minutes, no one cares about the call, mainly seeing there is time and mood. If you talk to the timer, you will think that parents will be a small ghost, but at that time, a vegetarian dish is four cents, which is equivalent to a one-minute phone bill, and the students come from rural, soil. Tattoos for us to go to college, not for you to save.

Every dormitory, there is a private telephone, and the friends and family of the students can play this phone, remember to pick up a call to two cents, but the happiness and superiority are full. The big master of the big master has a good voice. After the meal and the rest day, I can often hear the “×× 宿 舍 舍 ××× lower”, the called classmate will go downstairs .

There are internal phones in each office, and the field call can be turned in, but the phone cannot dial the outside. I at the time, I would be responsible for the early exercise, often use the telephone and various services of the Student Association Office, and contact the printed notification of the school printed factory, and it is also possible to have a mobile phone addiction. At that time, it was already very proud. Our class is close to the Office of the Group, and our counselor is in this office, and occasionally, the classmates who have been shouted from the counselors, they are full of happiness. I also want to enjoy this kind of happiness, I have “conspiracy”: I am in the school student office, I will call the counselor office in the office, I am looking for my death, but I can’t let the counselor heard me. The sound comes. So I found a non-class afternoon, I walked out of the classroom in the eyes of the dead party expecting, and pinched the nose to make this call and met the phone, met the little humbleness of the dead party. Of course, the death party also pays the price, spending a lot of money, bought a meat and shared me. I am afraid that the counselor is calculated in the autumn, and I will dare to decrypt when I graduated.

In 1997, in 1997, the pager (also called BP or pager) has begun to appear. Of course, it is only limited to people with higher income, and ordinary teachers are almost unused, and the big bricks of the bricks are the symbol of boss identity. Generally, it will be held in your hand. I remember that the cover of “College Students” magazine is a girl wearing glasses. There is a paging machine on the belt. It is very charm, the magazine is a snapped up of students, especially girls. It is a bit now the meaning of.

After graduation, I was in Jinan, I participated in four and a half months of training. In the training team, there was a paging machine in the waist, and the only one of more than 170 students in the team, and he often invited the small supermarket to play public calls. According to familiar with his comrades, this brother is a graduate of Shandong University, although it is unspeakressed, height is more than six points, and the five senses are also general, but there is a business talent. During the school, the part-time business has made a lot of money, the pager is convenient to do Business bought. The comrades often open his jokes: I delay a big boss in China. This buddy is not anxious, continue to pass the call back, seeing that it is in the military creative heart, typical operation of the competition shopping mall!

After working, I went to the troops. Although the office was a three-story small building built in the 1980s, it is a wooden door wooden window, but the red telephone on the desk is attracted to me. Although it is a military telephone, it is necessary to operator The type of transfer, can’t play it, but can receive a foreign language, it is already amazing! The farmer’s children have been an officer, and they still sat in the office with a telephone, like a dream. Think about it, in this era of contact mainly by the letter, how comfortable to receive a foreign friend in the office or through the telephone office! It is important to know that most people’s dreams are communism of “downstairs, electricity phone calls”, and have achieved the goals for the predecessors of the predecessors, how can they be unprotten?

At that time, the troops were reported to the upper level every day, and the military line telephone could not complete this task, and only the local line. This place is not only in the countryside, and it is also a rare thing in the county, which is in our group-level unit troops, and only one local call lock in the leadership office drawer, then the string is installed in the leader. In the office report, the leadership office is influential. The cadres are called the briefcase to the leader in the leader every afternoon. Of course, I can also take the opportunity to play a few private calls, then control the time, a few minutes, the leader Not too concerned. But too much, you can’t do it. The famous cadres are in dancing. Everyday I want to talk to the foreign girlfriend, the public telephone consumption is too high, and I will move my brain. Under the guidance of “master”, use a spare On the telephone line of the phone, the phone bill on the telephone line, the skyrocketing phone bill gave the leader, and the list of calls was printed and the truth was big. The cadres were later found to transfer to the mountain gougroup, and there is a warning. !

At that time, our village had only a bookstore on the phone. After a weekend, he went home because of the urgent matter to call, he had to ran to the bibli, and the key to remove the key from the belt to liberate the phone keyboard. This is a specialized small wooden box, the microphone is outside, the keyboard is blocked by the wooden box, and the usual phone can only be hit. The listening book says that his teenage-naughty son also called the brain, using the gap of the wooden box cover, this kid has completed the button with a sweater, and successfully dial it out, it can be seen that the phone at the time. How big is the charm! It’s “fire anti-theft anti-theft call”!

Listening to a leader who has learned radio reports said that the radius of the radius of the film and television drama, they can disconnect the phone. This difficulty is too big, I tried it several times at the time, I have never succeeded. Don’t say the phone call, the office phone is put on hand, sometimes you will call a phone call – “Package” phone “package” is not finished, too lazy to dial it.

About 2000 years ago, most of the grassroots leaders used a pager. Although I want to buy one, but the cost of salary for more than half a month, I am quite awkward – the university graduated, and there is more place to use money, this is not a necessity.

A comrades led by the troops in the local banks, gave the middle-level cadres, and there were still several paging machines to give us leaders. The leaders gave us the person in charge of several departments. I don’t know how much double envy. Hateful eyes. Rapida will make the pager number, of course, don’t forget the classic small table word “There is something you call me!” Usually don’t go on the belt, there will be no news, there will be take a look at the time, no showing off ingredients No Letter – – The soldier is still useless, which is like a symbol of cadres.

Of course, it is also the trouble of happiness. The troops have provisions. It can’t hang the items on the belt. When the summer belt is tied, it has to put the paging in pockets in the pocket, and the drums can be very uncomfortable. Sometimes I am preparing for a lunch break or a holiday, I haven’t gotten it yet. The pager will have a public telephone to the gate to the gate. Feeling that you are like a kite, the pager is the line, the kite fly higher and is also touched, less free.

In the age of mobile phone, the paging machine does have a huge market, not just a place, the unit is also widely set up a pager, the organ cadre is almost a paging machine, five or six hundred yuan of Hanyi machine, you can accept short text information Just like mobile phone text messages, it is convenient for us.

Although there is a paging machine, the military cable cannot call the local call, and the phone call is more troublesome. Before I got married in 2001, I spent more than a month’s salary for more than a month, I took a Siemens mobile phone, enchanting “S” shaped flow line design, antenna external, and the screen is not as big as the match size, only the clock, Call and SMS function, this is already a more advanced communication tool at that time, which is equivalent to carrying a radio station with you.

I can’t let go of the purchase of the phone. After all, the call is too expensive. At that time, the mobile phone did not only had a monthly rent, and the call was also charged two-way charges. Just starting to pick up 4 hair every minute, then call 4 hair on the phone 2 hair, and use it in the field. 1 SMS should be 1 cents, New Year’s Eve national mobile phone users’ light text messages are hundreds of billions. Sometimes a month is more than 100 yuan, almost 1/10 of monthly salary, is clearly a high consumption item. Some people play, and the mobile phone can be affordable. So a very interesting phenomenon, a lot of mobile phone users often have an IC card, see the familiar phone number first hang up, then find public calls back – high charges Let mobile phone seconds into pagers.

A two people have used mobile phone to consume some high, so after getting married, I bought a pager. It is still “ultimately”. It means that only pays the purchase of pagers, and the paging service will provide paging service for life, this for consumers It is a strong temptation – 201-year-old young people, let people serve for four or fifty years or even longer, this is the big pie falling down! I remember that I spent more than 300 yuan very refreshing, like a big cheap. It should be the sentence “from Nanjing to Beijing, buy it is not as good as the fine.” The pager uses for a year. With the popularity of the mobile phone, the lover will automatically exit the pager user series, “ultimately” became “Finally,” is a soap bubble.

At that time, there was no habit of querying information, otherwise I won’t spend this money. In fact, since 2002, my country’s paging industry has experienced a short bleak business stage, has been ranging from the economically developed South to the north of the economy – the small county of our lives should be ranked. Take a look at its developmental clipping. In the middle of the 1990s, the paging industry was in the peak state in Shenzhen. In 1997, there were 82 paging companies in Shenzhen and 1.8 million users. By the end of 2002, there were only 21 left and less than 400,000 users. In the same year, 90% of the hoping table in Tianjin had a market. There is also a small story here. It is said that the last BP user in China is disappearing in 2003, because the user has signed the use period contract with Unicom when buying the BP machine (China Unicom buying machine), Inner Mongolia Only he was in use at the time. The company intends to give up this business and go with him to negotiate economic compensation, but the user does not agree, so In Inner Mongolia Unicom has continued to put into the tower for him, this matter has created the last paging of China.

I remember that I was in 2003, Xiaolongtong was happily in Zhangzhou. In order to expand the business, we will carry out the network to send phone business for each cadres of our troops. Everyone is also very welcome. Looking at the report that the small Lingtong businesses have been launched in Zhejiang in January 1998, and then gradually gradually developed in the country, and in February 2004, in the last big city in Shanghai, Xiao Lingtong has been widely opened. At the highest peak, Small Songtong’s users reached more than 90 million households in 2006. Its advantages are obvious, the first is to use the cost of use. The monthly rent of Small Songtong is much cheaper than the mobile phone, and the most critical is one-way charging, listening to the phone free. Secondly, the radiation of the phone is small, much more than the mobile phone, and is very suitable for some specific crops or people who are more sensitive to radiation. The third is that the technique of operators is existing and can be put into production soon after the introduction. The fourth is that some innate features of Small Lingtong technology have reduced the difficulties of some networking. However, since the transmit power of the phone and the base station is relatively small, there is no signal at home; each base station is small than the mobile network, it is difficult to use normal use of the intensive area of ​​the conversation; can only follow the connection time, not suitable for mobile internet Demand. The big era of the development of the telecommunications industry flourished, and quickly declined after reaching the peak. It seems that in the past two years, Xiao Bingtong is difficult to find, but that is the first time to use the flip mobile phone, the crisp sound of the closed line is always enjoyable.

Gossip Communication Tool

Around 2005, our troops have also installed program-controlled telephone exchanges, office and dormitory installed program-controlled military cable, direct dialing in the whole army, and the outside telephone can also be easily turned in, no soldiers are on duty. Return to the phone.

Siemens mobile phones have been used for a few years, and the battery is charged more and more effort, and often automatically shuts down, I have to change the Guanli mobile phone. This mobile phone is good, self-with navigation software, you can instant navigation without accessing the Internet, I have blindly drive to Tengzhou, lotus mountain, Linyi, Rizhao and New Thai. Later, several mobile phones such as Vivo, Samsung, Oppo were used. The screen is getting bigger and more functions. The phone bill is getting cheaper, first eliminate the two-way fees, and then canceled the roaming fee, then fashionable mobile phone Traffic Internet access, start using “Package”, do tens of dollars for three or five hundred minutes per month, a certain traffic. It is more and more time to watch the phone every day, and the memory is getting bigger and more, the more it is, the reason is too powerful, and the software is too powerful. Just like a house, I have only put a bed to sleep, spacious and refreshing. Now it is a guest, and it is a kitchen and restaurant, of course, it is crowded.

Recalling the development speed of the phone, people can’t help but stand up, from April 1973, the famous Motorola engineering technician “Martin Kupa” invented the first mobile phone in the world, indicating the arrival of the mobile phone era. Then, the mobile phone enters the rapid development of the era, flip phone, folded mobile phone, slide mobile phone, built-in antenna mobile phone, built-in MP3 mobile phone, built-in camera mobile phone ….. all kind mobile phone appearance is dazzling. In this process, the phone does not matter in the shape or built-in function, hardware matching is almost every moment every moment. After the arrival of the smartphone era, the changes in the form gradually slowed down, but the built-in hardware and functions were still evolved, and the mobile phone in the more than 40 years of development makes people tongue.

Single said the evolution of mobile phone operation functions, lock screens are sliding unlock, long press unlock, face unlock, password unlock, speech unlock, fingerprint unlock, gesture unlocking method.

The call has the display of calls, visual calls, multi-party calls, encrypted calls, harassment, intelligent answering, dial tone setting, contact sorting, contact hidden, smart dial, voice dialing and other functions.


Information has network SMS, multimedia SMS, dialog mode, encrypted SMS, timing SMS, SMS delay, integrated social function, cloud backup, animation expressions, voice reading, blessing SMS, etc.

Camera campaign, beauty function, 100 connectivity, panoramic photo, 360 degree, gif animation, photo cut, photo cloud synchronization, shift photography, light field photo, QR code identification, face recognition, smile, smile Passerby removal, one button takes pictures and other innovative functions.

In the past, someone summed up the door to visit the “Idea Money”, namely: ID card, mobile phone, key, wallet. Now I will find that I can find a police station to find a police station. The fingerprint lock does not need the key, the mobile phone WeChat, Alipay function replaces the wallet, even mobile traders, the old man who sells green vegetables, the old lady has two-dimensional code to scan code payment, true I have to use the wedding and so on, you must use the cash to give gifts. You can use your mobile phone to get withdrawal, just download a mobile banking app. The mobile phone is powerful to go out and only one mobile phone. Especially during the epidemic, it is more inseparable from the mobile phone, enter the mall. The staple app is completed. Some people tend to lose their money in this year, it is not possible to lose mobile phone, and can not easily change the mobile phone number. There are too many binding APPs. If you have a password, if you lose your mobile phone, change your mobile phone number, These things are incurred.

In addition to the original features such as calls, SMS, display time, one mobile phone, alternatively or part replaces film, camera, camera, recorder, alarm clock, letter, newspaper, magazine, post office, library and bookstore, notebook, pen , Wallet, fax machine, navigator, electronic dog, bank, ticket office, supermarket, Internet caf, game hall, cheap station, encyclopedia dictionary, AP3 music, red envelope and other functions. Download the software of playing, playing chess, friends, and chess functions. In addition, the mobile phone takeaway, shopping software makes people feel dizzy, but also wants to recognize that some app is indeed cheap, using a lot of money. Some people say that if you pay with your mobile phone, you don’t have a few banknotes. I don’t feel, only the bank card overdraft or flowers need to pay attention to money, how do you spend so much money this month?

The mobile phone is too powerful, and it is powerful to almost kidnapped people and social circles. I don’t see, how many children are obsessed with mobile Internet access addiction, how many people have become a low-headed accident, how many gatherings are not scattered, how many meetings are repeated because of mobile phone ringtones, and have been repeatedly interrupted … If you are too disturious, you may lose yourself, be a slave, play mobile phone, engage in antique collection, playing floral bird fishworms, etc. Even a lifetime can not complete this shift. The distance is beautiful, if it is, if it is, if it is, “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “

Migrant manufacturers have now constantly developing their own exclusive features on the basis of native systems, making the user experience of their own products more characteristic and differentiated, and will also attract users to pay. We look forward to seeing more innovative functions in the near future, and feels the comfortable and perfect user experience brought by more convenient operation.

Mobile phone, there is no just as a communication tool for humans!

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