Temperates, sports tights are not completely selected, winter sports shaping must

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For a small sister who wants to lose the fat in winter, no matter where the movement is going to do, you need to do a half-time, you must do your homework, such as the right sports equipment, reasonable movement, appropriate exercise, etc. . Speaking of sports equipment, of course, there is less sports underwear and sports tights. A few days ago, I shared the purchase of sports underwear, then this article came again to talk about the purchase of sports pants.

First, why need sports tights?

Shaped perfect body


Sports tights have a certain version in design, in line with the human curve, for the lady who wants to reduce the formation of fat, can shape well, perfect body.


However, there is often a misunderstanding, many small sisters think that wearing a tights can pull out a curve, which is incorrect. The effect of sports tights is in the body is to have a tight-fitting, and it is “tightening”. When exercising, the effect of lifting muscles is used, and the leg curve is modified, with some local damaging training, it can make a better shaping body, rather than forcibly pulling his body out of a so-called “perfect curve”.

2. Promote muscle blood circulation


During exercise, under the wrapping of sports tights, the muscles of the leg, buttocks have a lifting and oppression, which can increase blood flow rate to promote blood circulation, and more efficiently reduce fat.


3. Reduce the siltave of lactic acid


After the aerobic movement is performed, a large amount of lactic acid is produced in the muscle, and the siltave of lactic acid is the main cause of muscle soreness. The silicate of lactic acid can be reduced under the oppression of the sports tights, alleviate the muscle soreness brought by lactic acid after strenuous exercise.

4. Reduce the inside of the thigh


When running, screaming, dynamic bicycle, etc., the legs are frequently moved, which may cause severe friction in the inside of the legs, causing the skin of the crotch, which is what we often say, especially for legs or fat This is even more. Wearing sports tights can greatly mitigate this situation.

Second, how to choose sports tights

1. Selection of fabrics


The primary requirements for sports tights are finished and perseverance, so they require good skin-friendly skin, with better elasticity, and have better moisture absorption.

The fabric used in more common sports tights is polyester fibers (polyester), nylon (nylon), spandex, cotton, Leka, modal and other materials.


The entry-level sports tights uses polyester fiber fabrics, with a small amount of spandex to provide good elasticity, polyester fiber fabric is wearing a fabric as a skin, but better than cotton, but not as nylon.

The sports tights in the middle section uses the nylon with spandex. In the wearing experience, the nylon is more soft and more skin-friendly.

High-end sports tights use Lyca, Mogal and other fabrics, even supplemented with Coolmax materials, more comfortable, moisture and wicking effect.

2. Size selection


Sports tights mainly include elastic pants and compressed pants, both of which are slightly different in size.

Elastic pants indicate that the fabric is selected, the elasticity is enhanced, you can consider buying a small size, but pay attention to the principle of “tight unreason”, you can wear the kneel after wearing, if the squat is difficult, consider buying a big size .


The compressed pants have declined on the elastic force, so the compressed pants can choose the same size of the same size of the same size of the shaped trousers to function as the effect of compressing the shaping.

3. Color selection

Sometimes you may have to wear sports pants outdoors or gym. It is recommended to give priority to solid color, dark sports tights, don’t start light or close to your skin tights to prevent body image.


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