I spent more than a hundred dollars to buy the iPad station a decade ago

Speaking of things but also from that field conference a decade ago.

January 27, 2010, at the Apple press conference in San Francisco Yerba Buena Arts Center held, Joe closer when he was CEO of Apple to the presence of you throw the question:

In between smart phones and laptops, whether there is a third living space of mobile devices?


It is manifested in a number of key tasks must be better than laptops and mobile phones, otherwise there is no reason for being.


It is the Internet? They not only run slower, it is also equipped with low-quality display, and running bloated PC software, so they do not do anything better than a laptop, but the price is cheap only.

Therefore, we do not think the Internet is the third device, but I think we got this equipment, then, we want the first time to show it to you,


We call it –iPad.


Then, wearing a black pullover and jeans, Jobs turned to the sofa, casually with one hand easily picked up on top of the iPad, and confidently declared to the crowd: This is what it looks like.


So saying, the audience applause, this is a historic moment, following the iPhone, Apple has a new revolutionary product was born.

Presumably friends have found a lot worse, in front of Tony introduced ten years ago, is the first generation iPad just come out when the scene.

As a kid actor Tony was also not really a fruit powder, but after seeing this magical tablet, think this is the coolest thing in the world, iPad naturally became their dream of digital products.

But since then it’s $ 499 starting price is too expensive, payment did not spend chant, IOUs can be phased, so until recently, Tony was a lucky coincidence got his wish to start up iPad.

Yes, poor faithful not wrong, Tony hands of this iPad,

It was a decade ago Apple has released the first generation iPad

, Whether it is iPad mini, Air or Pro, had to call loudly ancestors –


Tony Why buy such a age-old iPad it,

After all still a little curious about this iPad is a revolutionary product called Apple 1 to the present perspective in the end how.


Of course, now just over one hundred dollars of the price of cabbage this year will be able to round out the need to spend thousands to dream that big, it is the real reason Tony getting an iPad 3G cellular secondhand version 1.


Sure enough, one thing had sold no matter how expensive, and so the party will eventually usher in the final victory ah. . .

Keke, pull away, we went back to this iPad.


Although a decade has passed first knew it from Tony, but at that moment to pick up the iPad, the kind wishes come true delight because it did not reduce the depreciation of even a minute, but became much more vigorous.

“If the work of art as delicate.”


, Tony began to take its first impression.


If you ignore the proof that Happy Valley border,

Whether it is the first generation iPad body material or industrial design is without a doubt ahead of time the whole era


, Covered exudes Father Joe pursuit for perfection.

For example, one piece metal body design back shell of the iPad 1, is still in use on the iPad newest; and now iPad Pro side that is almost exactly the same angular frame iPad 1’s.

said with no exaggeration,

This design allows the iPad looks that is not obsolete in ten years later.

If the difference between the faithful little observation, you will find at the first generation iPad is still in contact with the metal frame of the screen to do a regular chamfered so that it really looks like the front of the screen embedded in a piece of metal in general.

It is later than the release of the iPhone 4 also has the use of these designs.

Everyone says iPhone 4 is Apple’s most classic products, Tony would think that is the iPad 1 Apple epitomize work, so that we can see its shadow in a number of Apple’s future product releases.

Tony still remember when the first generation iPad just released, equipped with the system or the iPhone OS, and later Apple released the iPhone 4 when it was renamed iOS, then the system has been updated to iOS 4.

And now this first generation iPad,


The operating system will always stay in the iOS 5.1.1 version


Downgrade channel low version of the system has already closed, high version of the system even if we want to upgrade can not upgrade.

But also because of this, this first generation iPad UI interface was able to retain the integrity of the early Apple materialized design.

For example, in its own memorandum, fans can see the difference memorandum to the left of the directory is wrapped in white stitched leather, yellowed wallet brown kraft paper were clamped to the right of the memo.

I saw that it was not like most of the common life of the leather notebook?

Look at the Game Center, Apple’s Game Center interface whole have made the table look, as every game like chips are placed on both sides of the table, the middle position is displayed with points.

Before the game began, there were already competitive in the interface of the taste.

This is the “materialized” the essence of design lies,

The reality of things moving in the screen, thus giving a familiar and warm feeling

That we saw the interface, we know roughly how to use.

Before iOS system also did not start the transition to flat style, almost everyone on this UI design to take for granted, after a few years would be hard to imagine the popularity of the flat world.

And this iPad, like being forever fixed in that era, people will be able to have a one second thoughts back to Apple’s Steve Jobs era belong to the magical ability.


Unfortunately, however, due to the iOS 5.1.1 system is too old,

App Store now almost all mainstream software is no longer compatible with iPad 1, only a few applications support download older versions.

So then, Tony resolutely decided to give this first generation iPad jailbreak.

Speaking jailbreak iPhone 4 with this concept is popular in the country just to follow up the iPhone fire, iOS jailbreak just as Andrew Root, can achieve some incredible features.

In addition to downloading plug-ins, IPA format install cracked version of software is also paid was a major reason many people choose to escape,

This in turn feed a number of Apple and third-party Apple store assistant.


Tony were downloaded PP assistant, 91 assistant and assistant Ace, Ace assistant and found that only support the old system jailbreak, now only 91 assistant Brush options, while PP aides had to stop taking iOS.

To know the time, but co-PP assistant Pangu, the world premiere several times iOS jailbreak tool for iPhone Fun for the hundreds of millions of Apple users to open the “Freedom Gate”, and sometimes fame.

Now it is down iOS products, can not help but lament the times really have changed. . .

After the completion of the prison, and from Tony iPad push lightly down on a bar netizens selfless sharing out the old version of the software, then re-import the installation by Elsevier assistant, finally stuffed it 16G of storage space.

Fruit Ninja, Temple Run, Angry Birds, fishing up, Zombies, Asphalt, Vice City. . .

In the former king of glory, peace and other elite MOBA hand travel has not come out, iPad Thanks to these ancient and classic stand-alone game, gradually formed its “strongest entertainment flat” image.


Have to say, iPad is inherently suited for gaming.


It has a beautiful IPS display, multi-touch technology is unmatched by others, of course, most importantly,


This is Apple’s first use of self-developed A-line chips in their own products.

For iPad, Apple specifically designed the chip, the development of battery technology, has introduced a software package, these technologies integrated together, and ultimately was able to create such a thin and robust tablet.

A series processors now Apple is simply a money detector, kicking performance Qualcomm, Samsung punches, and even began to seize the market of desktop processors,

And this first generation iPad, this is the beginning of all.

Every so often, Apple will surprise us with the launch of new products by the way:

Appear before the iPad, there is no shortage of Mac, iPod and iPhone predecessors; after the advent of iPad, have also have Apple Watch, AirPods and other waves of approach.


However, these Apple products, only this once ridiculed as “will only be used when the toilet” tablet, thriving in this decade, there has been no rival can match with it.


Tony use Apple’s first product is the iPad2, exactly what it accompany me through junior high school to college for five years, as I opened the door to the world of the Internet, I see a lot of bands did not understand things.

Everyone has their own copy of the rankings, the first generation iPad, no doubt, is the eyes of the Tony-tech products Top 1.