How does Xinjiang Aksu paper peaches processed? The girl can open one hand, and the oil is crisp.

Send a few pounds of Xinjiang Aksu 185 paper skin walnuts, she didn’t expect to use her hand to gently pinned, take it in the hand to turn to the ground, I want to use what kind of processing method, can Let a girl you can do with a single hand and you can open it, and the fruit is full, crispy oil, very delicious!

Walnuts, such as paper, is from Xinjiang’s “gift”, and Xinjiang’s unique natural environment is not open. Tianshan Mountains snow irrigation, day and night temperature differences, sufficient light, can make walnut trees healthy.

So, what processing method is used in Aksu 185 paper pecans in Xinjiang? The girl can open one hand, but also the oil is crisp.

Paper walnuts are the latest cultivation varieties in the walnuts. It is the best quality in Xinjiang Aksu, Xinjiang, so it is a temperature 185 paper pecan, which means that 1 kg walnut can peel out 850 grams of walnut nuts, walnuts are like paper, out The reason is very high, everyone habits are called Xinjiang Aksu 185 paper walnuts, do not use any processing method to make the husk thinner, a variety of walnuts, 100% do not need a walnut pin, and open it with hand.

Xinjiang Aksu paper pecans, slow growth cycle, fruit hangs on the tree, etc., it is necessary to wait until the green shell naturally fell is completely mature.

It is not a simple and easy thing to recover the peaches, you have to take bamboo poles, big a little tree to climb on the tree or climb on the ladder and fight the walnuts. Experience is really not standing on the tree.

Xinjiang Aksu paper peaches will be screened from the tree. It is not a solid every walnut. After all, it is naturally growing. There is a natural heart, it will not be full or the empty shell is selected, and ensure that every walnut is full as possible. And fresh.


Compared with ordinary thick shell walnuts, the paper parslore waste is less, and the fruit is full, not suffering, and the radiance is high, so it is more popular on the market.

Our family’s paper walnuts only passed the shell, cleaning, and naturally drying, no bleaching, no smoked sulfur, the epidermis looks brought yellow, but naturally and healthy, safe and secure,

After the pinch, it is full, no bitter, and the mouth is sweet.

The paper leather walnuts will be able to eat immediately, the original taste is healthier, there is no more processing, except for direct eating, it can be made into pastries, and it is mixed in yogurt, and it is a variety of ways to eat.

The walnuts are less than the nut family, plus it is going to have a Spring Festival, and it is very convenient to keep it. After the mail package, you can link below.

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Western Mei Nong 185 primary color unpaid paper leather walnut 3 catties 5 catties optional

¥ 49.9


Gently pinched with hand, you can open the Xinjiang Aksu 185 paper walnuts, it is worth every taste!