Gossip iPad mini6, small size Android flat

Many mobile phone manufacturers have launched a tablet to build their own ecological platforms, and the new products of the Blue Green Factory should be fast.However, the current market is still relatively rare.

Today, Lenovo saves the company’s real machine spy photos of Y700 game tablet:

The new machine will use the 8.8-inch 2.5k LCD full screen, the resolution is

2560 * 1600, support 120Hz refresh rate

.That is, this screen western width is not four-sided, and it is not very coordinated.

对标iPad mini6,小尺寸安卓平板来了

The rear single-camera, the lower left corner of the fuselage is printed with the LEGON iconic LOGO.

Metal box, also made a brushed process.Equipped with a trunk,

对标iPad mini6,小尺寸安卓平板来了

Support JBL sound and Dolby Panorama

.It also supports 3.5mm earphone holes and memory card extensions.

The new machine will be equipped with the Snapdragon 870 processor, and performance performance is naturally not worried.8 inches of small-size tablets, excellent gripping, plus double linear motors, can be said to be another game god machine, to target iPad mini6, selling price should be around 2k gear.Do you look forward to the small size Android flat?