After the car, the toilet change jacket wants to “hide the sky”, but it was sold by white trousers.

Changjiang Daily Dawu Client November 1st, the toilet rear, the toilet change jacket wants to “hit the sky”, who knows by his white trousers.


On October 26, the “Xu Kui Work Stations” of Wuhan Public Security Bureau Jiang’an District Bureau received the discrete clues from the police station. The electric vehicle of the residents under the jurisdiction was stolen on October 9. The suspect did not find it. “Xu Kui Work Stations” police, why took people to the surrounding carpet survey tracking.

It was found that there were video display: At 11:23 on October 9, a man dressed in blue jacket, white trousers, a mask, and sunglasses appeared in the new source building, and a electric bike.

The civilian police came to track, and the man had a bike to the east side of Jinqiao Avenue.

The police changed the investigation direction, and the investigation of the man’s way was investigated. I saw that the man came out from a public toilet from Xima Road, but did not find him into toilet. The police inferred that it may be “乔” in the toilet.

The police immediately conducted a video comparison of people entering the public toilet, and found a man dressed in orange jacket, white pants, and the suspect’s trousers. The police follow-up to discover the man’s foothold in a community in Panlong City, Huangqi District.

At 9 o’clock on October 27, the man was arrested. The man explained, his surname Wu, on the day, he came to the case from the home of Huangyi District, and saw an electric car did not lock, and he could have moved his mind. In order to escape the police, “camouflage crime”. After the pirated electric car was sold by him, he sold the car to receive the car. After returning home, he will discard the clothing used by the camouflage, thinking that it is still found by the police.

At present, the criminal suspect Wu has been criminally detained by the police, and the money has been saved by him.

(The correspondent Xiao Jiru Liu Yu Changjiang Daily reporter Xia Jing)


Source: Changjiang Daily